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Google's Search Market Share in China Just 3%

Google's Search Market Share in China Falls to Just 3%
Search Engine Watch
While Google is the behemoth throughout most of the world when it comes to search engine traffic and search share, China is definitely not amongst the countries with high Google usage. In fact,Google ranks fifth of all the search engines in China, and ...

When You Search Google, Only 13% of the Screen Has Real Results
But an entrepreneur has pointed out that the search engine's site design doesn't cater much to showing organic search results these days. Aaron Harris, the cofounder of Tutorspree, explained in a blog post that he looked at "the amount of real estate ...

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Schools of SEO Success Thought, Threats to Google's Search Engine Dominance

Four Schools of SEO Success Thought
Search Engine Journal
Clients of mine understand that SEO is truly something that requires effort on both sides, and potential clients hear it all the time. Unlike many other industries, there are many different ways to define “success” in Search Engine Optimization. Below ...more at link above

Threats to Google's Search Engine Dominance - FB, GOOG, MSFT ...
This article will discuss the search engine market dominance of Google ( NASDAQ: GOOG) and what I find to be its biggest threats. I think the biggest of these ...

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Why it's so hard to compete with Google Search

AltaVista is dead. Here's why it's so hard to compete with Google.
Washington Post
Today, the U.S. market is dominated by just two companies: Microsoft (whose technology also powers Yahoo's search engine) and Google (whose technology also powers the AOL and Ask search engines). Internationally, Yandex and Baidu have significant ... I think you’d have to ask them but it seems like they’re spending on the order of $10 million per year on it. There were a ton of search engines in the 90s. It was a much cheaper problem. Also, before Google came along [the incumbents] weren’t very good. Altavista was the best one before Google came along. (read more at link above)

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Google Search Engine Market Share Holds Steady in June

ComScore: Google's Search Engine Market Share Holds Steady in June
Wall Street Journal
Google Inc.'s (GOOG) leading market share of the search engine market in the U.S. was flat in June from the prior month, while Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) share edged up slightly, according to market researcher comScore Inc. (SCOR). Google's share of the ...

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Google search displays only 13% organic results

Google search displays only 13% organic results – the rest is ads and junk
Despite Microsoft's increased efforts to dethrone Google, the company still controls a majority of the search market. Hundreds of millions of people use Google to search the Web on a daily basis. One entrepreneur has argued that Google's search engine ...

RKG Digital Marketing Report: Google Search Spend Up 18%: 26% Of Organic ...
Across its client base, which includes over 40 of the top 500 online retailers, RKG found that Google search spending grew nearly 18% year over year as average cost per click rose 10%. Although smartphone traffic continues to be a net drag on total CPC ...

3 SEO Tactics That Still Work
If you combine such observations with what you read in the webmaster guidelines from either Bing orGoogle, you might infer that a lot of old-school SEO just isn't necessary anymore. While there are indeed multiple paths ... Some might even suggest ...
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Farewell to Altavista

Farewell to Altavista: Yahoo kills old search engine as it looks to the future
Washington Post (blog)
The firm announced late last month that it would be closing Altavista, prompting a mix of reactions from consumers, many of whom didn't even realize that the pre-Google search engine was even still around. Visitors trying to get to the Altavista page ...

Results Only Fraction of Google Search Display
NBC Bay Area (blog)
Born 10 years ago, the Google Internet search engine has grown into the electronic center of human knowledge by indexing billions of web pages as well as images, books and videos. On 15 September 1997 Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two 24 year-old ...

Tech News: Google Search Displays Only 13% Organic Results; CEO says ...
Google search displays only 13% organic results. Google is the company that controls the majority of the search market. But One entrepreneur has argued that Google's search engine isn't as efficient as it should be. CEO says BlackBerry on right path ...

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Phanteguin: panda, penguin, phantom

Phanteguin: A Phantom & Penguin One-Two Punch From Google
Search Engine Watch
May was a rough month for webmasters, SEO professionals, and business owners. ... And when you speak with someone who's been hit by Panda, Penguin, or Phantom, you can hear the anger, frustration, and fear in their voices. ... Note, I've seen a drop in ...(read more at link above)

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Dark Google and Dark Social

What are 'Dark Google' and 'Dark Social?' A webmaster's mortal enemies | Digital Trends: "Rosetta SEO director Stephen Pitts says dark social is the offspring of dark Google. “It’s the same root cause as dark Google,” he explains. But while dark Google is hidden search traffic, dark social is hidden traffic that stems from people sharing links." (read more at link above)

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Russia's Mail.Ru Drops Google Search, Launches Own Search

Russia's Mail.Ru Drops Google Search, Launches Own Search ...
By Jennifer Slegg
There is a new international search engine on the scene. Mail.Ru, which is also known as, has been serving Google search results for several years but has now dropped Google in order to serve search results with their own new ...
Search Engine Watch

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Integrate Social Media and PR Into Your Local SEO

You're Dead… If You Don't Integrate Social Media & PR Into Your Local SEO ...
Search Engine Land
Trust has become Google's financial lifeline. With the majority of the search giant's $50.2 billion revenue in 2012 coming from ads, Google wants people to keep coming back. And they are coming back — because they trust Google's search results. Once ...

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SEO Tutorial: How to increase your Google rankings?

SEO Tutorial: How to increase your Google rankings? - SiteGround
Google has the most dynamically changing algorithm to consider for search engine optimization so often when we talk about SEO factors, we mean factors that ...

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Google vs Bing - User Search Behavior

Google vs. Bing, User Search Behavior and More | SurveyMonkey ...
Google vs. Bing, Search Behavior and More: Insights Learned From SEO & Surveys. Over the last few years, it's become ... read more at link below

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Microsoft's Bing Boards allows users to curate search results

Microsoft's 'Bing Boards' allows users to curate search results | PCWorld: "Microsoft’s push to make its Bing search engine more social will take it in a new direction—actually letting a select group of users curate results. Microsoft’s “experiment,” known as Bing Boards, will allow a small group of food and lifestyle bloggers, experts, and social influencers to cultivate their own selection of search results on a given topic. The Board will be a visual collection of images, videos and links that tell the story from the blogger’s point of view, Microsoft said. These results won’t replace the search result that Bing normally returns, but will sit alongside them within the middle column of Bing’s search results, Chen Fang, program manager of Bing Experiences, said in a blog post. . . ."

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