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Google+ Local to Replace Places

Google+ beefed up with Zagat, which is now free for all
San Jose Mercury News
Google+ Local is replacing Google Places and offering the crowd-sourced reviews of restaurants and other businesses to users of the Mountain View search giant's social network as well as other features, such as Google Maps.

Google Plus Local: Next step in search engines?
CBS News
She chatted with "CBS This Morning" co-hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose on the day Google launched Google Plus Local which is, in effect, a location-based social media search engine available on desktops and mobile devices.

CBS News

Google fuels local search with Zagat reviews
By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Google today unveiled a tool that promises to make it easier for people on the run to find the perfect restaurant. Google+ Local is available as a tab in Google+ and can be integrated into Google search, and the Google ...

Google to Use Zagat to Refine Local Search
New York Times (blog)
By GLENN COLLINS Eight months later, Google is announcing that Zagat will become the cornerstone of a new free service, Google Plus Local, intended to enhanceGoogle's growing, potentially lucrative local information offerings.

New York Times (blog)

Daily Report: Google to Make Zagat the 'Cornerstone' of Local Search
New York Times (blog)
By THE NEW YORK TIMES | May 30, 2012, 9:10 am Comment Google announced Wednesday that it is planning to make Zagat, the restaurant-ratings publisher that it bought last year for $151 million in cash, the centerpiece of a new free service, GooglePlus ...

New York Times (blog)

Google+ Local Does More Than Google Places
By combining local information with social networking, Google hopes to make Google+ more relevant for users and businesses. By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek Continuing its effort to augment its services with social capabilities, Google on Wednesday ...

Google: Search Activity Rising Following Revamp
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Amir Efrati Google said it has seen a noticeable increase in activity on its vaunted Web-searchin the two weeks since the company began one of the biggest search transformations in its history. People doing Web searches now see a big box of ...

Google Dictionary Features Image Search Result For Every Word
Huffington Post
The Google dictionary is no mere picture book, even though it's composed entirely of photos fromGoogle image search. London-based artists Heyes and West crafted the image dictionary from webpage code that pulled the images from the Internet and laid ...

Google adds Zagat reviews to push local search
Turkish Press
Google on Wednesday added the Zagat restaurant review content to its Google+ social network, as it rolled out a new local search feature that takes on services such as Yelp. The Internet giant added a "Local" tab to its Google+ social network to allow ...

Google search usage surges after changes
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY It appears Web surfers have embraced the changesGoogle has made to its popular search engine. Unveiled two weeks ago, the revamped search called Knowledge Graph uses the right side of the screen to display more visual ...


Google Talks More About Google Places & Google+ Local
By Chris Crum · 1 hour ago · Leave a Comment Earlier today, Google announced the launch of Google+ Local, a new social local search experience that will spread across Google+, Google Search and Google's mobile search. It uses Zagat ratings and Google+ ...

Goodbye Google Places, hello more Google Plus
By Doug Gross, CNN Google Plus Local is the Web giant's latest effort to incorporate its social site into its other products. (CNN) -- Google Places is gone, replaced by a new feature that combines itsGoogle Plus social site and renowned restaurant ...

Meet Google+ Local, Zagat-Fueled Competition for Yelp
The Atlantic
The feature is an effort by Google to capture the local-search market. Google vice president Marissa Mayer told the New York Times that 20 percent of all Google searches are for local information, and that figure shoots up to 40 percent for searches ...

Google finally does something with Zagat, adds reviews with launch of Google+ ...
The new local search adds restaurant ratings to Google Search, Maps, and as a new tab in Google+. Google will also be updating its Google Maps app for Android and iOS to add in new Google+ Local results. As for the design, you'll notice that Google's...


Google+ Local Puts Zagat Acquisition to Work
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Google today rolled out an update to Google+ that incorporates the company's September acquisition of Zagat. Google+ Local is the company's newest social integration, and creates "one simple experience across Google," Avni Shah, ...

Google+ Local to Replace Places as Google Makes a Play for More Mobile Ad Dollars
Search Engine Watch
Users can access enhanced local listings via a new Local tab in the left sidebar of Google+, by performing searches on the fly on their mobile (currently supporting Android, iOS coming soon), inGoogle searches, and through Maps.

Google Seeing Increase in Search Activity Following Changes
Marketing Pilgrim
Google has certainly been stirring the search soup as of late with the Penguin update and introduction of the knowledge graph. All in all, it's a good thing that the search giant is not sitting on its hands and waiting for something to happen but ...

Google's revamped search engine sees lots of action
As the Web giant rolls out its "next generation of search" to provide users with more relevant query results, early indications show that search activity is rising. by Dara Kerr May 29, 2012 9:17 PM PDT Follow @darakerr It's been two weeks since Google ...

Google+ Local combines searches and Zagat reviews for new online venture
The Guardian (blog)
Google+ Local, an online review feature that made its debut Wednesday, appears to be the search giant's in-house version of popular online review sites. Like online review website Yelp, for which Google put up a reported $550m in an unsuccessful bid in ...

The Guardian (blog)

Google Says Knowledge Graph Has Led To More Searches
Search Engine Land
Searches are up in the two weeks since Google launched Knowledge Graph, its database of facts that adds context to a variety of search results. Although the company didn't share specific numbers, Google Fellow Amit Singhal told the Wall Street Journal ...

Search Engine Land

Google+ Local Replaces Google Places, Adds Zagat Rankings
Today Google launched its new Google+ Local service replacing the version of Google Places used by consumers with features that include the rating system developed by its New York-based Zagat subsidiary. The service curates recommendations on places to ...

Google Looks to One-Up Facebook With Google+ Local: A More Social Google ...
Fox Business
The change has been swift: Search Engine Land reports that as of this morning, some 80 millionGoogle Places pages were converted to Google+ Local pages. (Hey- does that mean that Google+ can now say it has 180 million active users?) ...

Microsoft is number one
Ars Technica
by Nate Anderson - May 24, 2012 7:39 pm UTC Who complains loudest about Google linking to infringing content in its search results? The movie and music industries, of course, who absolutely delight in taking whacks at the search engine.

Ars Technica

Google Sending 51% Less Traffic To Facebook Pages Since Launch Of “Search Plus ...
Search Engine Land
This January Google launched “Search Plus Your World (SPYW),” a service that drastically customized search results based on social connections while bolstering visibility of Google+ products. While the new changes absolutely increased visibility for ...

Google sets Zagat free
Reuters Blogs (blog)
By Jennifer Saba This morning, Google took the wraps off how it plans to use Zagat, the popular restaurant guide known for its burgundy pocket books. The Zagat restaurant listings are now incorporated in Google + and its local service and, ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Google+ Local Reveals Google's Plan For Zagat
By Chris Crum · 2 hours ago · Leave a Comment Google has announced that it's rolling out Google+ Local, which it bills as “a simple way to discover and share local information”. Google is finally revealing just what it's going to do with it's Zagat ...

Google Searches Surge After Knowledge Graph Launch - Search ...
By Danny Goodwin
This has been a big month of changes at search engines, with Bing revamping its results to highlight website snapshots and social data beside its organic results, while Yahoo just rolled out Axis, its attempt at visual search. ... SES Toronto will be packed with sessions covering topics such as pay-per-click (PPC) management, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site ...
Search Engine Watch

Google Dictionary Features Image Search Result For Every Word
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The Google dictionary is no mere picture book, even though it's composed entirely of photos fromGoogle image search. The 1240-page printed volume, created by Felix Heyes and Ben West, features the first Google image result for every ...
The Full Feed from

Google Developing New Dimensions for SEO Methods | DT Blog
By Anum
The feature of Google Panda was introduced last year and its main objective was to remove those websites which had low quality content and which are placed on the front page of its search results. With this up-gradation, various ... However, consulting the officials of Google search engine, it has been revealed that Google is working in creating new algorithms for those websites that are practicing too much of the search engine optimization factors. These websites will be penalized as ...
DT Blog

Google Places Pages Are No More – But What has Changed ...
By Mike Blumenthal
Effectively Google + has become a destination for local search and a shared local experience. And tasks that were accomplished on the Place Page like reviews will happen on Plus instead. This explains the missing review buttons on mobile ...
Understanding Google Places &...

Google gets more local and social with Google+ Local | Tnooz
By Dennis Schaal
Google is making search more local and social by adding a Local tab to Google+ and also integrating information from your social networking friends plus Zagat restaurant and hotel reviews across Google Search, Google Maps and mobile. ... Google's initiative, which had to be in the works for an extended period, follows Bing's integration of social networking feedback into its search results pages a couple of weeks ago. Google, of course, has its own social network, Google+, while ...

Another step on the road to a better search: Google Knowledge Graph
By Todd Vandenbark
Now when you search using Google, it looks at the terms in your search and identifies the things in it. Based on previous searches on your topic, the Google search engine may offer a new box with a collection of “See results about” links ...

Hook, Line and Sinker: How to Use Link Bait to Improve Search ...
By John
Quality, organic links bring value and quality to your site, boosting Google's search engine rank for you website. Building backlinks, however, can be a challenge. Thanks to revisions to Google's search engine optimization rankings, ...
Search Engine Optimization -...

Google Video Custom Search integration into a site -
Hello, I have a scientific video site and i would like to intergrate google custom search into my site since its search engine is not working very efficiently. - New Projects

Local—now with a dash of Zagat and a sprinkle of ... - Google Blog
By A Googler
It's integrated into Search, Maps and mobile and available as a new tab in Google+—creating one simple experience across Google. Local information integrated across Google From the new “Local” tab on the left-hand side of Google+, you ...
The Official Google Blog

The Anti-Google Search Engine — Slaw
By Omar Ha-Redeye
Google is understandably concerned about losing its market dominance. In December 2011, Microsoft's upstart search engine Bing surpassed Yahoo and become the second most used search engine worldwide. The only way Google can ...

Craigslist Won't Let Me Google Search - Dear Rich - Yes
By The Dear Rich Staff
Dear Rich: Craigslist just sent out a bunch of cease and desist notices to people who display Google
results in their sites using Google's 'custom search engine tool' where the results are craigslist listings. Many of these sites (such as my own ...
Dear Rich: Nolo's Intellectual...

Google Panda Update makes search harder | LinkedIn
Google Panda Update makes search harder. ... Google have recently made a big update to theirsearch algorithm, calling this update Google Panda, designed ...

Google: Search Activity Rising Following Revamp - Digits - WSJ
Google said it has seen a noticeable increase in activity on its vaunted Web- search in the two weeks since the company began one of the biggest search ...

Lumia Now Overtakes Droid On Google Search
According to the latest Google search statistics, it appears that the search term ' Lumia' has now overtaken 'Droid' on the Internet giant's search service, reports ...

Google Panda Radar & Search engine |
Google's search algorithm "Google Panda" which in turn made ​​many publishers to think seriously regarding to theirs material published and the.

Google Search app updated… Seriously? Who uses this? | Prjct ...
Why would someone use a discrete app to use Google? For those who are confused about Safari or iOS' integrated search, Google's app has been updated and ...

Google's search engine results are free speech

Google's search engine results are free speech and I don't care
ZDNet (blog)
By Steven Shaw | May 29, 2012, 4:00am PDT Summary: Think the United States government has a chance in hell of beating Google's legal team? Think again. Have you heard: the latest and greatest tech-law debate concerns whether Google searchresults are ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy
Business Insider
Google houses an incredible amount of information about how to get your site up, running and ranked in the dominate search engine. Between the Support pages, the information tucked away in Webmaster Central, the forums, and the content they share on ...

Google Image Search jewels rendered in pixelated leather
Industrial design studio Mike & Maaike poaches the world's most expensive necklaces through Google and renders them in pixelated leather. by Amanda Kooser May 29, 2012 11:09 AM PDT Follow @akooser Mike & Maaike is a new kind of jewel thief.

Google Panda Update Advice Appears In Webmaster Academy
This was largely considered to be the types of things Google is considering when it comes to the Panda update, which is supposed to be about surfacing quality content in search results. There's another section specifically about content quality.

Google now gets 250k copyright takedown requests EACH WEEK
Von Lohmann made the comments as he announced that Google is to start disclosing the number of requests it receives from rights-holders asking it to remove links to allegedly infringing material that appears in its search index.

Google dictionary: Artists illustrate every word in the Oxford dictionary ...
Toronto Star
In the book, every word in the Oxford dictionary — over 20000 of them — has been substituted with the first image that appeared on its Google search in 2012. “About 15, 20 per cent of it makes sense and the rest is a mixture is unpleasant medical ...

Toronto Star

Google Gets 250000 Copyright Requests a Week
The internet giant said it has experienced a 'rapid' increase in the number of takedown requests and added that it is “not unusual” for it to receive requests to remove more than 250000 individual web address links from its search rankings in a week.

Chrome OS's new clothes
Install Flash now Video description: Google decides that Chrome OS will be more appealing if it looks more like a desktop and less like a browser. Here's a taste of the biggest update to Chrome OS since it launched. If at first you don't succeed has ...

Google asked to remove more than a million websites from search results
Von Lohmann made the comments as he announced that Google will start disclosing the number of requests it receives from rights-holders who ask that links to allegedly infringing material be removed from its search index. Google's updated Transparency...


Google's Knowledge Graph: Will it Change the Face of Search?
Business Insider
The first thing that struck me was this: when Penguin was rolled out last month, much of the buzz indicated that perhaps Google's search for more authoritative pages meant that the search enginewanted to see more “Wikipedia-like” sites top-ranking.

Why Google Should Be Worried About Facebook
Google has built its ad network by linking advertising up with related searches. This makes a great deal of sense and works quite well. Google uses its own services like Gmail, Android, Picasa and more to try and glean information about people in order ...


5 Google AdWords Features You Need to Know About
Google has released new AdWords features this year with the goal of helping improve performance, make management easier, or show additional data. Will these new features help or hinder your campaigns? Explore the details and decide how the changes may ...


Google Penguin 1.1 Pushed Out As Some Sites Report Recovery
Search Engine Watch
by Miranda Miller, May 29, 2012 Comments Late Friday, heading into the long weekend, Google'shead of webspam Matt Cutts announced a Penguin data refresh now known as Penguin 1.1. Every so often, Cutts throws webmasters a bone via tweets framing ...

Google Chromebook is faster, attractive, quick to boot up
By Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY Google is mum on how many Chromebooks have been sold since launching the cloud-based computers with laptop-makers Acer and Samsung nearly a year ago But the machines haven't exactly gone mainstream.

After Google Penguin, Travel Sites Need to Get Serious About Inbound Marketing
Search Engine Watch
by Jeff Slipko, May 29, 2012 Comments Google's Penguin algorithm update has impacted several travel affiliate websites. What did all those travel sites have in common? A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that depended heavily on a non-diverse ...

Australia won't start new Google Street View probe
After examining an FCC report, Australia's privacy commissioner has decided against launching a new investigation into Google Street View. by Don Reisinger May 29, 2012 7:33 AM PDT Despite earlier reports saying that it might do so, Australia won't ...

Google tries to win more converts to Chrome operating system with new laptops ...
Washington Post
The cool reception to Chromebooks has raised questions about whether Google misjudged the demand for computers designed to quickly connect to its dominant Internet search engine and ever-expanding stable of other online services, ranging from email to ...

Google Receives New ISO Certification for Business Apps
Marketing Pilgrim
While everyone is wringing their hands over whether or not Facebook is a real business, Google, the 'competitor' that is most often mocked when held up against Facebook, is doing things that only serious businesses do. Rather than toss and turn over ...

UK artists create a visual Google search dictionary
By Tyler Lee on 05/29/2012 03:23 PDT It is safe to assume that we've all searched for images on Google before. Unless the image is particularly vague, chances are that results of the image search along with its thumbnails should appear on the first ...


Google Publishes DMCA Takedown Request Data for Search Results
American University Intellectual Property Brief
So, why is Google doing it? As Jeff Ward-Bailey suggests, Google is likely making the data available so that Congress and the public can better evaluate the continued efficacy of the DMCA. Despite a rapidly growing number of takedown requests,Google's ...

American University Intellectual Property Brief

Prefer To Fantastic Search Engine Optimisation Article Marketing? Key's Out!
The Bakersfield Voice
The search engine spiders and human visitors. The key facet of SEO writing is people to check out websites yet again and convert potential clients into long lasting customers. It's regularly discovered that Search Engine Optimization companies provide ...

French court rules Google isn't liable for YouTube bootlegs of TF1 TV shows
By Jon Fingas posted May 29th 2012 4:02PM France typically hasn't been kind to Google. Today, though, it's cutting some important slack. A court has ruled that the search firm can't be held liable when YouTube members upload clips of their favorite ...

Using the AdWords “Auction Insights” Feature to Improve your Marketing Efforts
Search Engine Journal
Google have assured us that no actual account data will be shared with your competitors. The only information that the report shares is information that could already be obtained by running Google searches manually or with a scraping bot.

Search Engine Journal

Memo To Larry Page & Sergey Brin From AdWords Advertisers
Search Engine Land
Times were simpler then. There was no Bing, no Facebook. No Google+, YouTube, and no Google Images. These were pre-IPO times, when all you had to worry about was Google organic search and the new baby, Google AdWords. No wonder everyone is smiling and ...

Search Engine Land

Is Google Admitting That Negative SEO Is Possible?
Some webmasters have noticed that Google has updated the wording it uses to address this question on the help center page. There are various forum discussions going on, as Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable has pointed out.

Google confirms Gmail outage
By Edwin Kee on 05/29/2012 10:36 PDT Internet search giant Google has confirmed and acknowledged that a small percentage of their Gmail users did experience an outage. Just how small? We are looking at less than 0.11% of Gmail users out there,...


How To Influence Your Site's Listing In Search, According To Google's
By Chris Crum
Last week, Google introduced Webmaster Academy, billed as a tool to “help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.” Google's Matt Cutts tweeted about it again today: Follow @mattcutts Matt Cutts @mattcutts ...

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy
By Lisa Barone
Google houses an incredible amount of information about how to get your site up, running and ranked in the dominate search engine. Between the Support pages, the information tucked away in Webmaster Central, the forums, and the content ...
Small Business News, Tips, Advice...

Google Mobile Places App Update Increases Search Speeds And ...
By Julian Horsey
Over the weekend Google rolled out a new update to its mobile Google Places application. Which has brought with it a number of new enhancements, together with a much needed increase in searchspeeds. Allowing your to find what you are ...
Geeky-Gadgets The Social Search Engine Microsoft Hopes Will Beat Google ...
By Uri Halevi shortens your path to relevant search results by creating a feed of results both from Bing's search engine and other users, like you, who searched the same keyword. You can see the action these people took after receiving the same ...
All My Faves | Blog | @allmyfaves

Android Alert: Enjoy Using Google Wallet? A Factory Reset Could ...
By Chris Chavez
While there aren't too many merchants that accept NFC payments (that's soon going to change) there are probably even fewer devices that come with Google.
Android Phone Fans

Sprint Community: New Search Engine --- Google on
The search function is now powered by Google! The Google Custom Search tool will provide a familiar experience for anyone who has used Google ...

Google Search App For iPhone Hits v2.0, Features A Completely ...
When asked to look something up online, more often then not, you'll be told to Google it, such is the prowess of the web company in the search department.

Google searches get smarter - Economic Times
SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Wednesday began making its search engine smarter in a major upgrade that looks beyond query words to figure out what people ...

Google speeds up mobile search for places

Google speeds up mobile search for places
That's because Google updated its mobile search to offer a more streamlined approach to delivering all the information you're looking for on a place in one page with one click. With the latest tweak to mobile search, Google displays all the basic ...

Google searches go Gaga in Indonesia
The Sun
Google Insights says searches for the American pop star have seen a five-fold increase since early May when news she was to play in Indonesia first broke. ThoughGoogle does not release absolute numbers indicating how many times a certain phrase was ...

The Sun

Google Street View case may see further action in UK
The Street View saga continues tor Google. Following the FCC investigation in which the search company was fined $25000, a UK watchdog has said that it intends to look further into the issue. Google agreed to audits by the Information Commissioner's ...


Wyzowl web Video: Increase Conversions by up to 85%
MarketWatch (press release)
When it comes to marketing, there is no better investment than video. Web video improves SEO:Google love to see video content. YouTube is an untapped goldmine for marketers: it is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Should Facebook Make a Smartphone?
It has already surpassed Google to become the online destination where users spend the majority of their time. Nearly a billion people around the world rely on Facebook to share photos, status updates, check-ins, and just stay connected with their ...

That car in your street was a Google Street View search engine
Rumours that Google was gathering private data turn out to be true – but does it matter? By Philip Johnston I downloaded an app on to my smartphone yesterday that calculates where my tax goes. Now that is a sentence I never thought I would write even ...

Lady Gaga's Appeal Grows in Indonesia Despite Scrapped Concert
Wall Street Journal (blog)
According to Google Insights for Search, search queries for the American pop star in Indonesia have increased more than five-fold since early May, when news of Lady Gaga's concert first started making waves among conservative factions in the country.

Has Google Become a Buy?
Search leader Google had a good week on many fronts. The company facing its fare share of uncertainty lost almost 7% of its value since the new year, as investors have grown increasingly skeptical that it can contain costs and continue to deliver ...

'Making changes to Google search is like mid-flight jet engine maintenance'
Hindu Business Line
Mr Ben, who did his schooling in Bangalore, says that making changes to a search engine which gets billions of queries a day is kind of like changing out the engine of a jumbo jet while flying at 30000 feet. Google does this through carefully designed ...

Hindu Business Line

Google refinements may have changed how things found
Appleton Post Crescent
In an effort to provide a more secure browsing experience, last fall Google introduced encryptedsearch using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for users while they are signed into their Googleaccounts. It simply means that instead of the standard “http://” ...

Google Search local results updated for Android and iOS
The Google Search app has just been refreshed for iOS and Android devices. From now onwards, local results will not just display maps for a specific area, but images, reviews and other details as well. Once a place is entered into the search box, ...

Google Project Glass Project Photos, Video Revealed
Google's Project Glass video will make you do backflips--literally. The company posted photos and a video highlighting the glasses' capabilities. Ever since search engine giant Google announced Project Glass, an experimental set of glasses that can ...

Campaigns dig through online data to target voters
The Associated Press
Voters searching Google for information about Mitt Romney may notice a 15-second ad promoting the Republican presidential hopeful the next time they watch a video online. The 2012 election could be decided by which campaign is best at exploiting ...

Facebook Is No Google
Seeking Alpha
Ironically, I feel that the very same comparisons to Google (GOOG) that got us to this point are the very same analytics that will drive Facebook shares towards zero. In the buildup to the largest IPO since Google, traders were hell bent upon another ...

Google Wraps Up Motorola Mobility
Multichannel News
By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 5/28/2012 12:01:00 AM Google is now the proud owner of Motorola Mobility — but with the patent-driven takeover complete, it remains unclear what thesearch-engine giant eventually plans to do with the cable ...

Do you really know to search Google?
BANGALORE, INDIA: Do you really know how to search Google? If yes, try A Google A Day and find out your true Google search skills. Your skills will be evaluated here and you will also come to know your Google search accuracy and methodology.

Google warns users of internet shutdown on July 9
Times of India
Search giant Google has issued a warring to its millions of users that they could lose the ability to connect to the internet in July due to a computer virus. WASHINGTON: Search giant Google has issued a warring to its millions of users that they could ...

Google reveals which rights owners have requested links be removed
Google has published a report outlining all the requests it received to remove links to infringing content from its search results between July 2011 and May 2012, with Microsoft filing the most requests (536716) and the UK record industry's very own ...


Google Street View: Watchdog Eyes Search Giant After Reports Execs Knew Of ...
Huffington Post UK
The UK privacy regulator is considering taking action against Google, after a US government report said senior executives knew it had gathered emails, photos and other information while building its Street View mapping product.

Google streamlines mobile search for stores and restaurants
The Verge
By Kimber Streams on May 28, 2012 11:47 am 11Comments Google has updated mobile searchfor Android and iPhone to condense location listings into one easy-to-find spot, strengthening some of its most used mobile search features as smartphone ownership ...

Rumors of a Facebook smartphone surface again
Boston Globe
This past week, Google completed its acquisition of the hardware maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which could lead to the search giant's making its own smartphone. But another software titan might be getting into the hardware game as well: ...

Boston Globe

ICO will look into Google's Street View cars intecepting private data
By Lee Bell INTERNET SERVICES FIRM Google might face further action in the UK for its Street Cars harvesting data from unsecured WiFi networks. It emerged today that the UK data privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is looking ...

Google sends ground troops to Houston: Teams fanning out to try and explain ...
CultureMap Houston
By Tyler Rudick When Google launched in the late 1990s, the company differentiated its search engine from then-competitors like Excite and AltaVista with a streamlined, virtually empty webpage. No ads, no graphics . . . just a simple logo and a search ...

Google, Motorola and the future of Android
Know Your Mobile
It could also be extremely disruptive, potentially creating lots of problems for Google's existing partner, despite the search giant's claims to the contrary. For this reason it's easy to see why theGoogle/Motorola merger has come under serious ...

Social Network Silos Won't Help Google
Internet Evolution
We all want to do our best to help Google out. It's touching really. Here's a multi-billion dollar multinational company, sprouted from a snazzy search engine, cobbled together by a pair of grad students, and the rest of us are losing sleep over it.

Google tweaks search for places on mobile
On Friday, Google made a slight change to its local information results in mobilesearch, offering more details instantly and a new layout to help users make decisions faster and easier. Now, when you search for, say, “restaurants in Dublin”,...

Google streamlines mobile search for stores and restaurants – Know ...
By Kimber Streams
Google has updated mobile search for Android and iPhone to condense location listings into one easy-to-find spot, strengthening some of its most used mobile search features as smartphone ownership continues to increase. The new update ...
Know All That!

The Google Art Project for Educators | Education at the Rubin
By Marcos
General web searches and exploring Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are not the same as searching through scholarly databases (try searching for Himalayan Art using Google Search, and then try it onGoogle Scholar). As museum folks ...
Education at the Rubin

Google Knowledge Graph by Mindshare - WPP
Google search results have a new feature, Knowledge Graph - a continuing evolution of the search engine's mission to serve more relevant results and move from being an information engine to a knowledge engine.
WPP Reading Room

What Indians Search for on Google | TechWelkin | Technology ...
By admin
TechWelkin has done a bit of research in finding out what Indian have been searching for usingGoogle search engine. This data was collected on May 28, 2012 at 12:00pm IST. The figures are based on searches made from India during last ...

Google Will Kill me? - Webmaster Forum
By MohsinSAG
After Google recent updation I and my others SEO friends not feeling comfortable about SEO because our all technique are now working properly. We are working in right way but the work not effecting to Google search engine ranking.
Webmaster Forum

European Commission Serves Google an Ultimatum – End “Abuses ...
By Don Young Jr - Daily Deal Media
google, daily deal media Sometimes I think we forget exactly how massive Google (GOOG) is. The chrome plated search engine has more than 80% of the global market share and is being accused of promoting its own products, essentially ...
Daily Deal Media

The Google Search app for iPhone is now completely - Google+
The Google Search app for iPhone is now completely redesigned to give you faster results, beautiful full-screen image search and a simple way to access…

Beware Overzealous SEOs: Google Panda 3.5 Targets Over ...
In layman's terms, it helps websites become visible by earning one of the top spots in the earliestsearch engine results pages. Google has established rules and ...

What is meant by google panda? - Yahoo! Answers India
Google Panda is Google search ranking algorithm which is updated from time to time, this makes use of updates in algorithms that uses artificial intelligence to ...

Google Penguin for non-SEOs
The engineers at Google constantly tune their search software to provide ( hopefully) more accurate results. Most of these tune-ups are pretty small, and go ...

Man sues to make 'Google' ordinary word

Man sues to make 'Google' ordinary word
CNET (blog)
An Arizona man says that "Google" now simply means "search on the Internet," so he sues to have Google's trademarks canceled. Oh, and he does own and by Chris Matyszczyk May 27, 2012 10:44 AM PDT Have you ...

App for finding apps helps with the clutter
Worcester Telegram
•Google Docs now has a “research” tool that lets you search the Web without leaving the program. And you can add footnotes. To try it out, click “tools” in Google and choose “research.” •GoogleMaps can be viewed offline. Search for your destination ... 

Microsoft to Google: Cut links from search
CALIFORNIA - Microsoft has asked Google to remove more than 500000 links from its search index last month, new figures published by the search giant show. The majority of the links direct people to websites selling pirated Microsoft software, ...

Small changes to Google products could save you a lot of time
By Leslie Meredith Google has been busy adding new features to some of its biggest products, including its Chrome browser, Search and Google Docs. The additions are small improvements, but familiarizing yourself with the changes and putting them to use ...

How Google Helped Hampton Bay Lighting to Grow 300% in Four Weeks at ...
PR Web (press release)
Hampton Bay Lighting Website Increases 300% in Google search. When was first launched it grew from a few visitors to about 1000 per month in about two months. However with Google's Panda and Penguin updates this saw the initial ...

PR Web (press release)

Microsoft's Take-Down Link Requests Still Reside in Bing
Tom's Guide
Google's results didn't pull up the infringing page, but Microsoft's Bing did. There are several possibilities for the differences between the two search engines. As Softpedia suggests, Microsoft may be issuing the same take-down notice to both Google ...

Yahoo's New Axis Browser: An Early Look
Of course, one knows there are plenty of skeptics out there thinking: "Now THAT's exactly what Yahoo needs to do: Compete head-on with two of the most successful IT companies in the world (Google, Microsoft) in the browser business, for goodness sake.


Google Search Antitrust Probe: EU Willing to Settle
Midsize Insider
The European Union's Competition Commissioner offered Google a "quick resolution" to the EU probe of Google search practices. The unspoken implication is that investigators are unable to build a strong antitrust case against the search giant.

Google Snoop View: Search engine giant 'knew' its software could steal emails ...
Daily Mail
By Emily Allen Google knew software for its Street View fleet could secretly collect personal data including emails, pictures and text messages from unprotected wi-fi networks, it has been claimed. Documents seen by America's Federal Communications ...

Daily Mail

Pairing with Google for a snapshot of success
The nonprofit charity will become the next local operation to have its inner workings featured in Google Business Photos. The new program offers 360-degree visual interior tours that can be found in Google Maps, Google Places and Google Search when ...

3 Hard Lessons to Learn From Penguin: Be Relevant, Be Balanced, Keep it Real
Search Engine Watch
by Guillaume Bouchard, May 27, 2012 Comments Google's most recent Penguin update has caused a storm of controversy since it began cracking down on search engine enemy No. 1: “unnatural” links. The Panda update targeted low value on-page optimization ...

Google Knowledge Graph: Wikipedia on Steroids or the Web's Demise?
Further establishing itself as the Borg of the Web, Google is adding a Knowledge Graph capability to its search engine, which will roll out in the US first and then worldwide. Simply put, Google will now try and answer your question right on the search ...

Can Online Video Marketing Rescue Businesses from Googles Panda & Penguin Updates?
Broadcast Newsroom
A large proportion of the online community became unsettled last year when Google released theirPanda update. The update upset the order of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) impacts a websites search ranking. The release came out to eliminate ...

Reams of Data in Google's 'Transparency Report' - UPDATE
AVN News (press release)
Yesterday, according to the Google Transparency Report, the company filed 153 separate requests, identifying many thousands of individual URLs, on behalf of three companies—Intellectual Property Promotions Association, RK Netmedia and

Do-it-all search pages do the fetching
Brisbane Times
You could look up a web page using Google and Bing, but you still had to go and fetch it. A screenshot of of Microsoft Bing's Snapshot, right of search results, where one panel gives details about items related to shopping or travel and another lists ...

Brisbane Times

Is Yahoo! Finally a Buy?
Not a breakthrough, I realize, but an interesting addition. At the very least, it makes hunting for information more aesthetically pleasing. Trending searches. Much like Twitter or Google's (NAS: GOOG) Trends, Axis shows the most popular searches.

Malicious software may cut web access if not removed, Google warns
The National
The internet search giant Google has been alerting users to the threat of DNSChanger with the message "your computer appears to be infected" on machines affected by the software. "After successfully alerting a million users last summer to a different ...

Yahoo seeks to shake up search, Web browsing
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
Much like Google's Knowledge Graph, Axis draws its results from a custom-built index. Most of the data in the Axis index resides on Yahoo's own services. If Axis can't find answers there, it presents links from Bing's search index.

Larry Page: With A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible, People Can Do Almost ...
Singularity Hub
by David J. Hill May 27th, 2012 | Comments (0) Larry Page, Google's CEO, talks about the bets the company took and how to ambitiously dream big. In a talk titled “Beyond Today”, Google's CEO Larry Page infused Zeitgeist 2012 attendees with a healthy ...

Singularity Hub

Jury decides in favor of Google in Oracle's lawsuit
By sarah1 Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google, saying that the search giant had violated their patent rights in the development of Android mobile operating system. The complaint has now been rejected by a federal jury, which examined the case.

Clean your computer by July 9 or lose internet access: Google warns
Emirates 24/7
Unless users with infected computers clean up their devices by then, they risk losing internet connectivity, search engine Google is warning as part of a new campaign to rid the world of the dreaded DNSChanger malware. Starting this week, Google says ...

Browser wars flare in mobile space
Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! are all in the struggle, along with the Norwegian-made Opera browser and the open source Firefox software from Mozilla. The motive behind the wars is not just bragging rights. The company that controls the mobile Web ...

Kansas students' work featured in 'Doodle 4 Google' exhibit at Wichita Art Museum
By Jason Dilts Kansas student artwork will be on display this summer in Wichita Art Museum's new “Doodle 4 Google” exhibit. The pieces were part of a national contest. Tucker Brown of Baldwin City was the Kansas winner in the Doodle 4 Google national...

Yahoo joining better browser battle
BY MICHAEL LIEDTKE AP SAN FRANCISCO — Joining the battle to redefine the Internet search, Yahoo is taking aim with a new browser enhancement it calls Axis. It alters browsers made by other companies to display search results in a more convenient and ...

Opera is Facebook's best browser play
IDG News Service
It would also put Facebook in the middle of a browser battle with Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome) and Apple (Safari). Some of those companies -- like Microsoft -- have partnered with Facebook, while others -- such as ...

Budget Freight Shipping Company Now Offering "Quote in 5 Minutes", says SEO ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
According to SEO Service Group, the form just takes 5 minutes to complete. "A new feature of the website is the simple online quote form. Visitors simply enter in their details and requirements such as type of delivery needed, ...

Apple Tops This List. Again.
Tech blue-chip IBM overtook search giant Google to take the No. 2 spot, pushing Big G down one notch to No. 3. The fourth and fifth place finishers were unchanged, with fast-food eatery McDonald's valued higher than software giant Microsoft.

Browser wars flare in mobile space
Bangkok Post
An employee stands next to a giant screen for "Chrome Experiments" in the Google France offices in 2011 in Paris before its inauguration. Google stepped up its effort earlier this year by releasing a full version of its Chrome browser for mobile ...

How Google stole your secrets and an iPhone caught a thief
The Drum
Google is the world's largest and most successful search engine, accessed by millions every minute to find information. Unfortunately, while you've been using it, it has been at it behind your back, searching for your inner secrets.

The Drum

IForce Ecommerce Annouces Upcming Ecommerce Program Scheduled for Sept 2012
PR Web (press release)
The program will focus on recent algorithmic changes introduced by Google through its Panda and Penguin updates and its impact on search engine consulting and web development for the coming 12 months. Mr. Prince will discuss anticipated Google future ...

Some Effective SEO UK Google Penguin Recovery Tips (press release)
There are many online identities which have been severely hit by the recent Google Penguin updates. However, if you are one of them, do not get panicked. In this article, we are going top discuss some SEO UK tips which will help you recover from the ...

Jim Hillibish: High tech changes lives
Canton Repository
Google is becoming increasingly intrusive into that space we guard as our private thought processes. When you're worth half a trillion, you assume you own everything. Their new feature completes your search query for you, literally putting words into ...

Wanted: techies
Crain's New York Business
Yes, the search-engine colossus will get first crack at hiring these much-needed engineering students. But for once, what's good for Google is good for everyone else. That's how desperate New York is for tech talent. The lack of engineers and ...

The Worst Big Tech Stocks of 2012
Part of Google's sell-off could be due to investor worries over its ability to keep growing search in the years ahead. Google's cost-per-click has been erratic in recent quarters, sometimes seeing big declines. My take on the issue is: So what?

Act Natural. The Penguin is Looking
Business 2 Community
By Steve Masters, Published May 27, 2012 The roll-out of Google's Penguin update on 24th April has created a plethora of new content as search marketers and webmasters try to understand the changes, complain about them or report on their experiences.

Business 2 Community

Google Penguin Updated To Version 1.1 | WebProNews
By Zach Walton
Google's Amit Singhal: Penguin A Success. Early this morning, Google Fellow Amit Singhal was interviewed by Danny Sullivan at Chris Sherman on stage at SMX London, the sister conference ofSearch Engine Land. Singhal discussed a ...

Larry Page: With A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible, People ...
By admin
In a talk titled “Beyond Today”, Google's CEO Larry Page infused Zeitgeist 2012 attendees with a healthy dose of optimism and a call to make ambitious bets, be better organized and work harder to accelerate technology and improve people's lives. Larry Page: With A ... Under his direction, Google has been becoming more streamlined by letting go of about 30 projects and picking out about four areas of focus: Google+, search, mobile, and integration across services. You can watch ...

SEO NES: Yahoo Folding its Hand? | SubmitEdge News - SEO News
By sarah
What it all means for SEOs is that Google is still king, and while Bing is queen, the queen is wielding more power. Yahoo on the other hand went from king, to queen to joker in a decade. Yahoo is not asearch engine to focus on any longer.
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Google Now Searches JavaScript - Slashdot
mikejuk writes "Google has been improving the way that its Googlebot searches dynamic web pages for some time — but it seems to be causing some added ...

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