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Most Popular Internet Article Ever (Featuring Obama & Justin Bieber)

The Most Popular Internet Article Ever (Featuring Obama and Justin Bieber)
As any SEO (search engine optimization) expert will tell you, one of the best ways to get content to show up in Google search results is to use popular keywords and phrases—the things people search for most. So if you want to write an effective blog ...


Google Mother's Day Doodle Points to Weird History of Holiday
PCWorld (blog)
By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld May 13, 2012 7:31 AM Google's Mother's Day doodle is cute and cuddly, a contrast to the story behind the holiday as explained on a link provided through the Internet search leader's homepage. Unlike some of Google's ...

Mother's Day 2012 Google Logo Will Warm Your Heart
Huffington Post
Check out the slideshow (below) to see this year's doodle, plus Google's Mother's Day logos from years past. Search Engine Round Table notes that several other search engines are tipping their hats to moms everywhere. Bing, Yahoo, and others ...

Bing fires at Google with new social search
KPRC Houston
Microsoft is launching a major overhaul of its also-ran search engine Bing on Thursday, aiming at a weakness it sees in market leader Google. The most prominent new element in Bing'sredesign is "Sidebar," a social search feature that scours users' ...

Google's cuddly Mother's Day doodle
In honor of Mother's Day in America and several other countries, Google has two of the letters in its logo hug a third. by Chris Matyszczyk May 13, 2012 7:32 AM PDT Mother's Day doesn't fall on the same day everywhere. Somehow, the card companies that ...

MOTHER'S DAY GOOGLE DOODLE: Embraceable animation salutes mom's day (*even if ...
Washington Post (blog)
By Michael Cavna TODAY, EVERY TIME you search for it, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Googlecelebrates Mother's Day with a warm animated Doodle that bears multiple viewings. You could call it “Arms and the Mom.” Or ”Mother O' Invention.

Bing to duel Google's browser with Facebook-friendly format
The Durango Herald
It represents Microsoft's most dramatic shift in Internet search since the software maker introduced Bing as a “decision engine” nearly three years ago. Microsoft Corp. is counting on the new format to loosen Google's stranglehold on the lucrative ...

Panda & Penguin Friendly SEO: A Business Guide to Recovering From Google's ...
Business 2 Community
By David Mercer, Published May 13, 2012 Many legitimate business websites and blogs have been hit hard (disappeared from search results) by Google's Panda & Penguin algorithm updates because the SEO companies they hired used spammySEO techniques or ...

Business 2 Community

Emphasis on Fresh Content Remains as Google Updates Its Algorithm with 53 New ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
After the reign of Panda, Penguin is now taking its turn. Things have certainly been kept hopping in the search engine optimization industry as Google, the Internet's premier search engine and general overlord, maintains a running stream of algorithm ...

Google's Mother's Day doodle delivers hugs and kisses (blog)
By Suzanne Choney Google's Mother's Day gift to moms everywhere is a sweet, short animation on its search home page. You'll see the middle "g" in Google as the mom, complete with pearls around her neck, and the two "o's" in Google as the kids running ...

Bing bids to boost market share
The Australian
MICROSOFT has launched a multi-million-dollar marketing assault for its Bing search engineand is targeting Generation Y in a bid to boost its market share into double digits and steal audience from Google. Bing executives hope a massive marketing ...

Mother's Day 2012 Google Doodle Celebrates Moms With Animated Logo
Search Engine Watch
Google's tribute to moms in Australia, North America and other parts of the world for Mother's Day 2012 is an animated play on their logo. On landing on the Google homepage, visitors are greeted by the second “g” in Google as the mother, ...

Bing teams up with Facebook and LinkedIn in latest redesign
The Microsoft search engine Bing is gradually rolling out a major redesign that integrates results from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites in new ways intended to help people get more out of the Internet. On Thursday, May 10, ...

Don't Search, Just Absorb: The Dawn of the Couch Potato Web
Huffington Post
"The implicit searching on your behalf -- without you initiating it via a query -- is absolutely where we're going," said Stefan Weitz, director of Bing, Microsoft's search engine. "Today the trigger is 'keyword' plus 'enter.' But tomorrow the trigger ...

Hold The Phone — How The Future Of Web Advertising Is Linked To The Call
We're all now familiar with how adwords campaigns on Google work. You buy keywords commonly used in search terms, such as “plumber in X town”, and send people to a response mechanism, usually a web site. But increasingly that response mechanism is not ...


Google search market share growing, Yahoo not!
May 13th, 2012, 1:56 PM–Google's search market share still growing, and will continue due to Android's success. Yes, Google is still the search engine market leader, sorry Microsoft. According to a report posted by All Things D last week, the Mountain ...

Google to buy Meebo
The Driod Guy
Google is in the process of buying Motorola Mobility, one of the biggest acquisitions of the company, and even though it is not yet complete, Google is also looking for purchasing another company. And this time, its Meebo. I know most of you have not...

The Driod Guy

Bing's Social Integration To Take On Google Search
CrazyEngineers VoiCE
... Bing's latest interface redesign on Thursday, highlighting the social integration feature which includes search results from popular networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, giving it a social edge over Google's unparalleled search engine.

Social Networking war: Microsoft Bing Facebook alliance against Google Plus
Northern Voices Online
Microsoft Bing and Facebook have ganged up against Google and its social networking platformGoogle Plus. They want to beat Google at its own game Microsoft has just made its search engine more social. Now Bing has a new design that is friendlier to ...

Facebook CEO turns 28, IPO could be $100B gift
The Associated Press
As the site grew rapidly and caught the eye of big media and rival Internet companies, Zuckerberg consistently rebuffed mouth-watering buyout offers, including from Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. "Simply put: we don't build services to make money; ...

The Associated Press

Google honors moms with animated Mother's Day doodle
GMA News
Internet giant Google on Sunday joined the world in honoring mothers around the world with an animated doodle on motherhood. Visitors to Google's homepage ( were treated to an animation where two "children" give their mother a hug and ...

Google's Share Of Search Market Unchanged
Newsroom America
By Newsroom America Staff at 3:04 pm Eastern Google Sites led the explicit core search market in April with 66.5 percent of search queries conducted, which was largely unchanged from the previous month, according to comScore. Google Sites market share ...

Federal Appeals Court: NSA Doesn't Need to Admit Secret Deal with Google
Big Hollywood
by Ken Klukowski 4 minutes ago post a comment If a key US intelligence agency enters into a deal with a major email and search-engine provider, and you request confirmation of this deal, the government doesn't have to answer you one way or the other.

Big Hollywood

Happy Mother's Day From Google Doodle
Google is celebrating Mother's Day with a new animated Doodle. The Doodle, which replaces the search engine's official logo on its homepage, first shows the lowercase g in Google, wearing pearls. A large door opens, with her two children, ...

Weekly Tech Business Recap: Google TV, Bing Overhaul
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
By Mark Lawson A Google-powered (NASDAQ:GOOG) Internet-enabled TV is expected to intro in the US in two weeks by LG Electronics (LGEAF.PK). The product represents as assertive drive to counter Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) much rumored iTV, which will feature ...

Google to boost more Nigeria's content online with training for journalists
By Oladipupo Akinwunmi WorldStage Newsonline-- Google Nigeria, the leading global search engine company at the weekend opened a three month training programme for journalists in the country. Speaking on the training at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), ...


Mother's Day Google Doodle: G Turns A Mother This Time To Embrace O Twins
IBTimes India
The search engine giant Google is celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday in its customary simple style with a new doodle showing a mother embracing her children. The Mother's Day has been celebrated worldwide every year. However, it is being observed on ...

IBTimes India

Google rumored to be in talks to buy Meebo for $100M
Google tried to break into the social networking world dominated by Facebook with Google+, but it's not yet been able to carve out a large presence. Now, it might be making a move very soon that could help it gain users. Google is in talks to purchase ...

Report: Yahoo CEO to step down amid resume miscue
The Associated Press
Though, Yahoo is one of the Internet's most-visited websites, the company has struggled to grow in face of competition from the likes of Google and Facebook. The company's difficulties have irked investors. Thompson took the helm as Yahoo's fourth ...

The Associated Press

Android economics: An introduction | asymco
By Horace Dediu
It's an extension of the existing Google business model: Revenue is obtained from Search, AdSense and the applications that enable these two. In the case of Android there is also revenue from app sales (Google Play a.k.a. Android Market) ...

Happy How Google wishes happy Mother's Day? | The News Tribe
By Daniel Clark
Washington: Millions of mothers are being treated with cards, presents, flowers, chocolates, and visits from their grown-up offspring to celebrate Mother's Day while visitors of Google's searchengines homepages in many countries will see the ...
The News Tribe

Bing fires at Google with new social search - :: Future of Journalism
By Steffen Konrath
ClickOnDetroit :: Microsoft is launching a major overhaul of its also-ran search engine Bing on Thursday, aiming at a weakness it sees in market leader Google. The most prominent new element in Bing's redesign is "Sidebar," a social search ...
:: Future of Journalism

Google Penguin Update Punishes WordPress Theme Creators ...
By Chris Crum
footer links have made that much of a difference to a site of our size, content and reputation, unless Google has been absolutely, utterly inept for the last 4 years (and I doubt that that's the case),” he adds. ... The whole thing speaks volumes about what many have been saying about Penguin's effects on negative SEO practices – the kind that Fishkin has challenged the web with..... Today, i'm going to write a post on my blog recommending Bing/Yahoo for searches instead ofGoogle.

Maximum PC | Bing Scoops Up 30% of the US Search Market
By Justin Kerr
bing The geek community at large seems to be pretty loyal to the Google brand, however, out what seems like nowhere, Bing is finally picking up steam. According to a Hitwise report, Bingnow accounts for 30% of all U.S. web searches, and most of their gains seem to have come at the expense of Google. Bing has managed to grow its US search ... I'd bet the increase is because of Bing being the default search engine for a lot of people. Google is the best because they hire the best.
Maximum PC - News

Generate News For Any Topic In Google Docs
By Young
You can check out Content Strategy Generator Tool, which is a Google Docs (or Drive) script for you to get the search results from Google News, Twitter, Yahoo Answers and some other sources together in one spreadsheet at a time, free of charge. ... Google News,; Bing News (best match),; Bing News (most recent),; Digg (most dugg),; Digg (most recent),; Reddit (top),; YouTube Top Rated,; Topsy Latest Tweets (past day),; Topsy Latest Top Trending Tweets,; Blog Catalog,; Yahoo ...
Free Nuts

Get google search images using curl in php - Stack Overflow
Search on google with car keyword & get car images with paging. How to get that images using curl in php without saving & downloads? I find one link, ...

IE9 Google Search Broken - Google Product Forums
I have a friend who cannot search for anything using Google in IE9. This is not the search box in a tool bar, its the actual Google search box at

Why do some Google search results have no ads? - AdWords ...
We are a graphic design and communication company, and one of our AdWords keywords is " exhibition ". However, no ads (or very few ads) show up along the ...

Google search | Facebook
Google search - Description: Google Search or Google Web Search is a web ... Google searchwas originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997.

Google Search Special Features | Technology Updates
Google Search Special Features, In addition to the main search-engine feature of searching for text, Google Search has many special features that are activated ...

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