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What You Need to Know About Brand Building vs. SEO

What You Need to Know About Brand Building vs. SEO
BY AJ Kumar | January 30, 2012| There's no doubt you should aim to both build brand awareness and improve your company website's search engine optimization (SEO). But how should you plan your marketing efforts when the two priorities don't always align ...

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)Google's Matt Cutts, senior engineer at Google, discusses how Google searches work

How to Harmonize Google+ With Your Other Social Platforms
Search Engine Watch
Search Plus essentially aggregates data from your Google+ network (when you're signed in) and delivers personalized results (from your Google+ network), which get bumped up to the top of yoursearch engine result page (SERP). So if you search for SEO, ...

Social Media, SEO and Hiring Top Priorities for Small Businesses in 2012: Report
Social media, SEO and email marketing were all ranked equally important, notably over tools such as direct mail, coupons/daily deals and traditional print advertising. "While 2011 was clearly still a rebuilding year for many small businesses, ...

Why These 3 Ranking Factors Matter (but Nobody Seems to Care About)
Search Engine Journal
While factors like local relevance, link building and trust seem to get all the attention these days, there are some ranking factors that you need to learn how to use effectively if you want to become a top-notch SEO. The following ranking factors have ...

SEO and Web Design Brighton services offer exceptional results
Online News Today
Irrespective of who the client, Mays Digital Seo Company Southampton service strives to supply a resource of proficient quality, one that happens to be search engine friendly and also set to thrive. The reasons behind Mays results is partially in the ...

SEMRush to Add Google AdSense Advertiser Report
Search Engine Watch
by Miranda Miller, January 30, 2012 Comments SEMRush will officially launch their new AdSense Advertiser Report as part of their SEO toolkit on Feb. 1. The report offers downloadable data on AdSense publishers as well as metrics for individual text ads ...

4 SEO Basic Rules Your Website Needs to Follow
Business 2 Community
By Jichél Stewart, Published January 30, 2012 Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a critical component of doing business on the web. If your site or business isn't among the first 100 to come up in a search, potential customers simply aren't going ...

Twitter handle can boost SEO efforts
Vertical Leap News (press release)
Putting a lot of thought into a Twitter handle can help boost search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, a writer for has claimed. Journalist Francis Santos explained: “It can… be a powerful weapon that gives your presence plenty ...

Community-powered investment search engine goes live
PR Web (press release)
Vidivici brings together a new kind of social networking with a sophisticated analytical search engine. Its aim is to identify for each of its users the trades they need to make to maximize the overall return they can expect to see from their ...

U2 vs Google: Manager Blasts Search Engine
The Quietus
Paul McGuinness, manager of U2, The Rapture and PJ Harvey, has used a panel discussion called 'Why copyright still matters online?' at this year's MIDEM music conference to launch a stinging attack on Google, which he branded a "monopoly".

The Quietus

Klout Myth Busters: Thoughts From the Experts
Search Engine Journal
I highly suggest that those that are doing SEO, social media and also those looking to hire an employee to run social media read the following Q&A closely. Should people be concerned with their Klout score? If so, why? Probably not, unless you're very ...

Search Engine Journal

Why Every Real Estate Marketing Plan Should Implement SEO & How to Easily ...
SBWire (press release)
Josh Schoenly of Retechulous, LLC reports, “SEO can be one of the most effective ways to build a long term stream of free automated leads for your business. Now, this evidently is not the easiest practice in theory, as it takes a significant amount of ...

Stay Relevant and Get Noticed with Your SEO (blog)
I've seen too much material created for search engine optimization that really stinks to the point of being unintelligible, stuffing keywords into sentences. It's uncomfortable to write like this for me, and perhaps for you, because it just feels odd ... (blog)

8 Quick Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR
Search Engine Land
Only you can truly know what happens to your account's profits as you change your ads to bring more visitors to your site. Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land

Yandex Joins Bing, Yahoo In Using Nokia-Navteq Map Data
Search Engine Land
Yandex recently lead a $30 million round in independent search engine Blekko. Yandex operates in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey and has a presence in Palo Alto, where its Yandex Labs is based.

10 new specialist qualifications for the digital industry
Econsultancy (blog)
There's a whiff of triumph in the air: ten new specialist qualifications for the digital industry, each seeking to provide the skills needed to become a confident practitioner in disciplines as diverse as Analytics, SEO, UX, and Social Commerce.

Econsultancy (blog)

What Black Hat Content Marketing For SEO Looks Like | Business 2 ...
By Chad Pollitt
The only exception is if the content is muddying-up search engine results pages with garbage links for the brand. ... Trying to avoid the hard work of content marketing and SEO by deploying black hat cheat tactics is not a good idea. Sure, these ...
Business 2 Community

SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2012 | Lakeshore Branding
By Guest Blogger
All website owners aim to land on the first few pages of search engine results, and that's why varioussearch engine optimization strategies are being implemented. After all, SEO is designed to enhance the search rank position of a business or ...
Lakeshore Branding

"Must Do It" Checklist To Get SEO On Page Score 100% - Traffic ...
This is purely intended for search engine like Google. It has nothing to do with yahoo, Ask, and Bing. There is no exact science about this! It is merely a prediction gained from my experiences as anSEO provider for my clients. I've got this ...

What is SEO - Understanding Search Engine Optimization Basics |
Jan 25, 2012 - We recently came across an awesome SEO infographic created by Search EngineLand, a must read online hub for the latest news and ...

The Future of SEO Campaigns with Jon Henshaw & Taylor Pratt ...
Eric: All right, this is Eric over here at SEO Book and today I'm fortunate ... Obviously you guys are essentially the creators of an all-in-one SEO tool set which has ..... and you are eligible to receive oursearch engine success SEO newsletter.

Reach and Frequency: SEO Secret to Brand Building on Google?

Reach and Frequency: SEO Secret to Brand Building on Google?
Search Engine Watch
by Mark Jackson, January 29, 2012 Comments For those of us who have been in search engine optimization (SEO) for a number of years, we can recall the days when SEO efforts were measured by a ranking report, alone. That is to say, you might pick your ...

Two Weeks In, Google Says “Search Plus Your World” Going Well, Critics Should ...
Search Engine Land
However, both Facebook and Twitter also have good reasons for wanting to be better included in Google's search engine. Similarly, Google's search engine would benefit by having more social content within it, as well as a better understanding of social ...

Google choosing between advertisers and searchers. Guess who is losing?
The “search engine” part of Google, the part we love, is constantly under assault as Google tries to adapt and keep its business growing. Now, with the introduction of Search Plus Your World earlier this month, Google has shown us it may believe it has...


Tracking Your Link Building Efforts
Business 2 Community
By Warren Wooden, Published January 28, 2012 Google is by and large the best source of free traffic available on the web today, and in order to take full advantage of that traffic we have to pay attention to certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ...

Webstagram, An Web Search Engine
Ghacks Technology News
Webstagram is a web viewer and search engine for photos taken by Instragram users. You can just dive into the popular or hot listings on the site, or use the search to find photos taken by a specific user or by tag. Each photo that you see on the ...

Ghacks Technology News

Google's Google+ gambit: The madman theory
... 2012 12:19 PM PST Let me tell you a story about Richard M. Nixon and the cold war--and yes, I promise that it's relevant to a blog post about Google's controversial move to integrate its Google+ network deeply into the Google search engine.

Rebecca MacKinnon: Inside China's censorship machine
National Post
Baidu, the homegrown search engine, enables people to locate all the content on the Chinese-language Internet that their government permits. The social networking platforms RenRen and Kaixinwang substitute for Facebook. People can blog on platforms run ...

National Post

Myth: Agencies are Bad News
Business 2 Community
Agencies will try to sell you on SEO best practice and end up getting you black listed. Agencies will give you bad advice and then ask you to buy them dinner. Agencies are like the ones presented in the show Mad Men. I have heard people I know and ...

Googlisation-globalisation synergy
Jamaica Observer
This is not surprising, since recent editions of dictionaries have included the word "google" as a verb, more specifically a colloquialism initially meaning "to search for with the Google search engine" but now in common use to refer to an Internet ...

Google forges ahead with search, privacy changes despite regulatory scrutiny
The Hill (blog)
By Brendan Sasso - 01/29/12 06:15 AM ET Google is forging ahead with changes to its search engine and its privacy policy despite the risk of a crackdown by government regulators. Earlier this month, Google began highlighting content from its social ...

Web Police? Google Knows Best.
By Vijay Dandapani That Google is referee & judge to any and everything dependent on its search engine has long been a source of joy to some and frustration to many leading to a long running anti-trust review by regulators.

Google Mind Meld
They run an Internet Research group with things like Market Samurai, Rank Tracker, and a bunch of other 'White Hat' SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. According to the letter signed by the CEO, Eugene Ware, they got the rug pulled out from under ...

Kardashians most searched-for famous family in UK
Digital Spy UK
Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are the most in-demand relatives on the internet, according to a survey by search engine Ask Jeeves. The Daily Mail reports that the eldest siblings – who also share the screen with brother Rob and matriarch Kris ...

Google May Hire 1000 Workers in Ireland, Sunday Times Says
Google Inc. (GOOG) may hire 1000 workers in Ireland as it expands its operations in the country, the Sunday Times reported, citing a property planning documentation from the US search engineoperator. A spokeswoman for Google said that the company ...

Why Your Content Development Efforts are Missing the Mark
Business 2 Community
By creating and publishing content to the internet, you are on your way to improving your SEOrankings since your targets will have a better chance of finding you in the search engines. 4. The creation of good content will help your sales teams tell ...

Free Android app helps travellers find New York hotel availability and rates ...
The Australian Eye (press release)
The free app, NYCHotelNetworks, gives users a smart phone-optimized way to search on's travel-oriented search engine. It has been well-received thus far, holding a five-star rating on the Android Market.

ON THE WEB: Create online videos to expand digital marketing
Las Cruces Sun-News
Well here's something that's even more important to small businesses trying to compete with similar businesses on the web: Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world, trailing only Google. What's more, Google often indexes videos ahead ...

Tsongas backs 'targeted' approach to online piracy
Wicked Local
But opponents say the bills are poorly worded and too broad, potentially exposing lawful US websites to being blocked, sued or cut off from funding if any of their thousands of users links to or uploads copyrighted material, or if a search engine shows ...

U2 Manager Calls Google "Monopoly", Spotify "Promotional Medium" #MIDEM
McGuinness also criticised Google for not doing more to strip links to pirated content out of itssearch engine results. “It amazes me that Google has not done the right thing. The experience of people when they go on Google and look for U2 music or PJ ...

Copyright Industry Calls for Broad Search Engine Censorship
By admin
Torrent Freak January 29, 2012. At a behind-closed-doors meeting facilitated by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport, copyright holders have handed out a list of demands to Google, Bing and Yahoo. To curb the growing piracy ...

Scribd Download and Doc Sharing Boosts SEO | Search Engine ...
By admin
Search Engine Optimization, SEO Guides, SEO Marketing. Scribd Download and Doc Sharing Boosts SEO. January 29, 2012 | No comments. Ever heard of Scribd and what Scribd download and upload services can do for your website?
Search Engine Optimization, SEO...

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Controls - Slashdot
The copyright battles going on right now are not all about SOPA, PIPA, or even the wider-reaching ACTA: suraj.sun snips thus from TorrentFreak: "At a ...

15 Essential Free SEO WordPress Plugins - DesignModo
There are many SEO WordPress plugins available that can help with the SEO. The Search Engine Optimization WordPress plugins are used widely by millions ...

Free PDF Search Engine
Daily new PDF ebooks documents ready for download, All PDF documents are Free.

SEO in 2012: The Top 11 Things You Need to Know | The CUnet Blog
2011 was a year of very dramatic change in the world of SEO, with the most ... 17th, 2012 at 5:05 pm and is filed under CUnet, Search Engine Optimization.

Marketing buyers beware: Tread lightly in considering SEO

Marketing buyers beware: Tread lightly in considering SEO
But how does SEO work, and why is it dangerous to rely on the help of a so-called SEO expert? SEOstands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the process of making your website search-enginefriendly, so that search engines like Google can easily ...

Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Censorship
At a behind-closed-doors meeting facilitated by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport, copyright holders have handed out a list of demands to Google, Bing and Yahoo. To curb the growing piracy problem, Hollywood and the major music labels want ...

Lies Writers Tell To Cripple Your SEO Copywriting
Business Insider
If you truly believe that you can't put finger to keyboard until you have something truly original and remarkable to say…you're going to spend a lot of time NOT writing content to help your search engine optimization efforts.

Clear and Compelling Video Thumbnails Can Boost SEO Rankings
Multichannel Merchant
Here's why that's important for your SEO rankings, and how to make sure you're doing video thumbnails well. It hasn't been easy for online merchants to maintain SEO rankings on Google in recent months, thanks to Google's ongoing updates.

Google privacy row: Who does search engine think you are?
TNT Magazine
Google has given a glimpse into the kind of information it has stored about its users, which enables it to tailor advertisement profiles. But Google's detailed personal profiles, which are created by harvesting the history of its account holders, ...

TNT Magazine

SEO Chicks Competition - Win a ticket to SES London!
Search Engine Watch
SEO Chicks have launched a competition for the next generation of search marketers. Have you been in SEO less than a year or have a desire to join the industry? If so, this is the competition for you. All you need to do is create a blogpost or a video ...

emfluence SEO Strategist Corey Morris to Speak at Search Marketing Expo SMX West
PR Web (press release)
emfluence SEO Strategist and Search Marketing consultant, Corey Morris will be speaking on the SMX West panel “Solving Problems & Seeing Success In Google Places” Tuesday, February 28 in San Jose, CA. Search marketing and more from emfluence - a full ...

10 Pinterest Ideas With SEO Benefits
Business 2 Community
One reason for that growing interest is because Pinterest offers brand owners several SEO benefits and grow traffic. These ten content marketing ideas will help you to optimise your Pinterest content – not only for SEO but also for social media.

Google confirms Panda 3.2 update
Kingpin Webmaster News
Webmasters and SEO experts around the world noticed changes in their sites' rankings last week, with some sites dropping further down the results. Some sites that experienced lost rankings when Panda was introduced found that their rankings and ...

'Search Your World' Makes Google+ a Bigger Element of SEO Strategies says Punch
PR Leap (press release)
Alex Smith, an account manager at Digital PR agency Punch, said: "We always knew that Google+ would eventually lead to search engine results that were customised for each individual depending on the preferences of their extended network of contacts.

Google Panda 3.2 Update, Bing Loves Regional Sites & New Google Webmaster ...
I asked a question that got me in trouble, I asked, is on page SEO dead. Google added public alerts to Google Maps. Microsoft pubCenter has a bug where it shows some payments as undeliverable. Google has a new consolidated privacy policy, ...

Inside China's censorship machine
Vancouver Sun
In fall 2009, I sat in a large auditorium festooned with red banners and watched as Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, China's dominant search engine, paraded onstage with executives from 19 other companies to receive the "China Internet Self-Discipline Award.

Ginzametrics SEO Software Integrates with SEOmoz Data | Bill Hartzer
By Bill Hartzer
Ginzametrics, an enterprise-level SEO management and analytics software tool, is now integrating with SEOmoz's Site Intelligence Service API. ... Tags: Search Engine Technology ... Search this Dallas Search Engine Optimization Website ...
Bill Hartzer

Beyond Keyword Research: Why You Should Be ... -
By Kristy Ng
Utilize consumer behavior when conducting keyword research and setting SEO strategy. Capture customers and interest at all ... - Search Engine Optimization SEO & Internet Marketing Company · About · Services · Conversion ...

Search engine DuckDuckGo breaks its own traffic record, expects ...
By Joe Meloni
Search engine DuckDuckGo breaks its own traffic record, expects growth to continue. DuckDuckGo tweeted on Wednesday that it broke its traffic record on Tuesday of this week, only to set a new record high on Wednesday. Google+ Friday ...

Barefoot Running University » The Best SEO Tip In The World, For ...
By Jason
Search Engine Optimization- it's the art of making sure your blog or website's content is displayed at or near the top of relevant phrases people type into search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are a lot of people selling SEO expertise.
Barefoot Running University

Write Current Content and Explode Your SEO – A SPN Exclusive ...
By Karl Walinskas
I've seen too much content composed search engine optimization that really stinks point being unreadable, cramming keywords into sentences. It's awkward write ... Lay out your paragraph or article light phrases you selected SEO. It may give ...
SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

Optimizing a Page for Search Engines, Part 3: Keywords to Content
Practical Ecommerce
Editor's Note: This is the final installment of a three-part series on optimizing ecommerce pages forsearch engines. The first two installments, "Part 1: Keyword Research" and “Part 2: Keyword Mapping,” we published previously.

Get your website noticed
The Coloradoan
In July 2010, Comscore recorded 16.6 billion searches in the US alone. That's 16.6 billion searchesin one month. So, we all can recognize that more business is being conducted online, which makes the process of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, ...

How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO

How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO
Search Engine Watch
by PJ Fusco, January 26, 2012 Comments In its simplest form, search engine optimization (SEO) used to be about three things - making your content crawlable, linkable, and usable. Gaining greater visibility on search engine results pages was relatively ...

Simple SEO Facts: Images & Link Building Value
Everything PR
SEO is a subject even the most dilligent publishers or communicators sometimes shy away from. Even though experts in SEO and SEM seem to lurk at every corner of the web, it seems a bit funny that more web authorities do not take advantage of the ...

Five Search Engine Ranking Factors
Promotion World (press release)
Many of these are kept secret for commercial reasons but there are also many that search engineoptimisation companies have worked out through extensive testing. Here are some of the most important ones. Page level link metrics are among the most ...

How To Get Hired At A Top SEO Agency Part 2: What most applicants are lacking
Search Engine Journal
Next in our series of finding what top SEO agencies are looking for when hiring, we ask our panel of experts “What skills are most people you interview lacking?” Here is what they had to say. Technical programming/scripting experience.

Search Engine Journal

Google Recalculates Average Search Position Metric
Search Engine Watch
... In an attempt to provide more accuracy on where your site ranks for search queries, Google is changing the way it calculates average position in the Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Queries and Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization reports.

Internet search engine gets lost - Google names cooking school an animal sanctuary
Harwich and Manningtree Standard
By Helen Barnett » A HOTELIER is worried she is losing trade after an internet search enginewrongly labelled her business an animal sanctuary. Mistley Kitchen and neighbouring Mistley Thorn, both on High Street, Mistley, have been confused with ...

Are You Keeping Secrets From The Search Engines?
Search Engine Land
They post content that appears differently for human readers than it does for search engine crawlers. And as a result, their sites receive inferior treatment from those search engines in the indexes. No, I'm not talking about page spam (that's a topic ...

Search Engine Land

How Google 'removes' content from its search engine
BBC News
Google's legal director Daphne Keller has explained how the firm is able to stop people from discovering contentious material using its search engine. She was asked to explain the process during her appearance at the Leveson Inquiry.

BBC News

Are The Top Ten Websites In Cyprus SEO Friendly?
Multilingual Search
The SEO factors used for comparison are the following: Title: The text that appears in the browser. Titles should be relevant and use primary keywords. Meta Description: While not important to search engine rankings, they are extremely important ...

Multilingual Search

Optimizing for Search Engines: By Language or By Country?
Search Engine Journal
While getting the words right is key to international communication, the SEO strategies at your disposal will not vary widely from one language to another. Bear in mind, though, that when you switch language you also gain the attention of those search ...

Why Blogs Need SEO
QueryClick (blog)
Once I'd delved deeper into the world of SEO and had attended my vital SEO 101 crash course, however, I discovered a few tricks of the trade that let the bloggers themselves do all the work and which also helps them achieve better results for their ...

QueryClick (blog)

Yandex Adds Face Recognition Technology
Search Engine Watch
Yandex is the default search engine on Russian Windows mobile phones. Yandex has search appliances for maps, news, blogs, video, pictures and stock market features. With Yandex Labs in Palo Alto, California, do you think 2012 is the year Yandex makes ...

What The Holidays Tell Search Marketers
Search Engine Land
The search engine-like spikes in Facebook ad revenue and spend during the holidays suggests that as you evaluate your Facebook strategy for 2012 you should consider devoting budget and resources to performance marketing endeavors on Facebook.

Search Engine Land

DuckDuckGo Sets New Traffic Record, But Stats Show How Dominant Google, Others Are
Search Engine Land
DuckDuckGo, the upstart search engine that's challenged its bigger competitors on privacy issues, has had a couple straight days of record-setting traffic. But the numbers show just how much the major search engines dominate the search space.

3 Keys To Online Retail In 2012: Doing More With Less
Search Engine Land
We are only a month into 2012, but 2011 already seems like a distant memory. Christmas was over a month ago and Black Friday was approximately 6 months ago by my calculations. But as we reminisce on the year that was 2011, hopefully you were pleasantly ...

Search Engine Land

5 Basic SEO Troubleshooting Tips for Content Marketers
By Lee Odden
Troubleshoot SEO Basics. This post is a preview of a new downloadable guide I will be offering for those who pre-order Optimize by March 13, 2012. The full guide will have screenshots, examples and more “SEO Deep Dive” advice. If you want the full, illustrated Content Marketing .... If the search engine favors video content, PDF files and news sources, then it might mean an adjustment in your content marketing media mix for that phrase. SEO Drill Down: More data about the SERP ...
Online Marketing Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Google+ SEO -
By Neil Vidyarthi
The Ultimate Guide to Google+ SEO. ... AJ Kohn over at Blind Five Year Old has put together what must be the most rigorous, complete Google+ SEO guide around, and it's going viral like gangbusters. It looks at the various angles of how Google+ is impacting search, and then follows it with a best practices section which explains how to leverage this new system to ensure your posts are properly search engine optimized. I'm warning you, the thing is a long read, but it may be ...

SEO Short Cheat Sheets | SiteProNews: Webmaster News ...
By Max OnFire
Note: One sure way confirm that keywords you're targeting your SEO efforts will drive right type traffic pay get them their first. If they don't buy then target different ... Tags: search engine optimization,seo, seo cheat sheets, seo rankings, seo tips ...
SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

Laying Out An SEO and Traffic Generation Strategy
Laying Out An SEO and Traffic Generation Strategy. ... Loading SEO Chat Topics. ... all-encompassing strategy for traffic generation or search engine rankings.

How User Personas Can Improve Your SEO Strategy
User personas are fictional characters which are typically used in the user- centred design process to represent the different user types of a website. I'm going to ...

Google Analytics Blog: Update to Search Engine Optimization reports
Update to Search Engine Optimization reports. Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 2 10 PM. Labels: Features. In October, we made Google Webmaster Tools ...

This Two-Year-Old Startup Is Already Generating $80 Million Off… Coupons?
Business Insider
CC: Right now, we get traffic primarily from natural search, search engine optimization, email and paid search like Google and Yahoo advertising. We're testing all the traditional aspects of advertising — TV, radio, print, you name it.

Business Insider

8 Mobile Trends For Small Businesses To Watch In 2012
Huffington Post
It's mission-critical for your company to understand the basics of local, mobile search optimizationand put these skills to work. By ignoring mobile search, you're willingly sacrificing business to the competitors. And in this hyper-competitive ...

How to modernize your news releases
Use keywords to make it easier for people to find your release when using search engines such as Google and Bing. This is what is meant by search engine optimization, or SEO. According to Hubspot, more people now turn to search engines than to the ...

Five Tips for Online Public Relations Success [Slide Show] (subscription)
One key tactic for maximizing your online exposure is to optimize the content within your release for search engines (search engine optimization, or SEO). The process is fairly simple: Type in three or four words or phrases that relate to your drafted ... (subscription)

Small Business Ideas for 2012: Why not go Global?
International Business Times
Once a small business gains traction in a certain foreign market, it can then start thinking about registering a local Web site domain name, building a local-language Web site, looking into local search engine optimization (SEO) and buying up local...

3 Search engine optimization Myths Debunked and state of the ...
By Blogger
3 Search engine optimization Myths Debunked and state of the union. Posted By Blogger ~ 25th January ... Search engines are under a lot of pressure to keep spam under control, which is the main reason that their rules and formulas change so often. This has created many misconceptions aboutsearch engines, from how page rank is determined to indexing. You need access to the real story and know how to recognize myths if you want to profit from SEO. It's important to be able to ...
Net Worm

Simple Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation Strategies ...
By Arthur
They then develop the related background and information to optimize your internet site to enable thesearch engine lions to read through and catalog your site more effectively. An experience corporation putting into action SEO will 1st ...

5 Habits Small Businesses Should Adopt in 2012
Small Business Trends
If you know that getting your site showing on Google will make a much more accelerated impact than making cold calls – learn some basics on SEO (search engine optimization). Take a course, ask people, see what your competition is doing.

4+ Recommendations To Enhance B2B SEO Initiatives

4+ Recommendations To Enhance B2B SEO Initiatives
Search Engine Land
The start of the new year is the ideal time for B2B search engine marketers to reassess website strategy and determine where enhancements could be made to benefit SEO visibility. With budgets still in review and benchmarks being set, focusing on site ...

Search Engine Land

Interview with Ryan Jones: Big Brand SEO, Social Media & More
Search Engine Journal
I'm not sure how submissions work for either of those, but if you're going and want us to review your site or have a question for the search engine reps let me know and I'll try to work something out. I'd also love to attend SMX Advanced and Pubcon ...

Search Engine Journal

SEO keyword alert: Long-tail search most common on
Google's average query length of 4.29 words positions the search engine as one that fields the shortest queries, second only to AOL, which generally sees 4.07 terms per search query. Moreover, Chitika found an average of 4.49 words per query for Yahoo, ...


Customer Magnetism Named Second Best Enterprise SEO Company by for ...
Press Media Wire
They assist large-size and enterprise-level businesses in achieving online marketing success through competitive link building, search engine optimization, and pay per click management practices. The enterprise SEO evaluations carried out by the ...

Introducing RankRanger SEO Tool
PR Web (press release)
Mark Brown, DNA Media As more and more online businesses realize that top search enginerankings bring in more money, many SEO professionals find themselves running dozens or even hundreds of campaigns with multiple keywords at once.

SEO Positive Reviews Optimisation Campaign For Top London Editing House
PR Web (press release)
The post production editing company approached SEO Positive back in March 2011 while they were hunting for SEO solutions that were sure to propel their website to dizzying heights within the search engines. The search engine optimisation agency were ...

Headline - SEO - A Work Of Art Addresses Deceptive Practices and False ... (press release)
David Nagle, President of A WOrk Of Att, Inc, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says "Many factors have evolved with regard to the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization, website design, marketing and how that determines your page rank on the ...

Revvim Launches the First Revenue Maximization Service for Natural Search
MarketWatch (press release)
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan 25, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- is the first Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology solution to focus on revenue, not just traffic. "Our goal at Revvim is to empower website marketers and small business executives ...

ShopTo hires SEO firm to double revenue
by Christopher Dring UK indie has hired SEO fire in a bid to double its online revenue. The specialist search and social marketing firm is run by retail veteran Gian Luzio. “This year is key to's growth as both Microsoft and Sony ...


The star seo verification test article
Toronto Star
rachna creditline1 Body The star seo verification test article Email Print Add to Favourites Report an error Rss Top Stories: Oscars 2012: Slim race for best original song pits 'Muppets' against 'Rio' Sundance 2012: 'Filly Brown' gets boost from ...

Ecommerce SEO Advice Roundup
Business 2 Community
By Emily Mace, Published January 25, 2012 If you run an online shop the process of performing SEOto ensuring your site ranks well in Google is an important step towards making sure you get more business coming through to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Agency Hosts Free Online Marketing Webinar
PR Web (press release)
Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO and President, of the Facebook advertising management andsearch engine marketing firm Search Mojo and Maya Grinberg, Social Media Manager of Wildfire Interactive, will headline a free webinar reviewing why you should ...

PR Web (press release)

3 Ways Site Maps Improve SEO Rankings Part-I
Business 2 Community
A site map improves SEO ranking by creating internal links, which, like backlinks from other sites, carry weight in ranking. Including descriptive terms in the site map allows the search engine to understand what the content is about, for even better ...

Google Loves WordPress: An SEO Dream For Beginners
WordPress is an SEO dream for beginners. How and why they are having an affair is easy. Here is why: By Alex Miranda: Why are Google and WordPress so much in love? Why is it the perfect platform for anyone who wants to learn search engine optimization?


Balancing Usability with SEO; Expert Explains
Practical Ecommerce
But focusing too much on search engine optimization, to the detriment of shoppers, can actually harm a merchant's business. Balancing SEO with usability is our topic today. To explain it, we are joined by Hamlet Batista, a pioneering SEO innovator and ...

Starting a New Business Online? 3 SEO Tips You Cannot Forget (blog)
If you want a portion of all those searchers and potential customers, then you need to ensure that your website is as search engine optimised as possible. Below are 3 tips to get the best results from SEO: This is the old adage, but it's only becoming ... (blog)

Google Penalty or Algorithm Change: Dealing With Lost Traffic
Search Engine Watch
Even look at the query reports from Google Webmaster Tools, (for more read "Hacking for SEO" – important stuff). The other obvious measurement tool is your analytics. When the traffic died was is it site-wide (losses in Google traffic)?

When A/B Testing Prices, Proceed With Caution
Search Engine Land
Test, test, test. But when testing prices, test carefully. Image courtesy of US Department of the Treasury. Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land

BMA-Minnesota Shares What's New in Search Marketing
Sacramento Bee
Nina HaleWith over 20 years of experience in marketing, Hale has spent the past 12 dedicated to eMarketing and specifically Search Engine Marketing. She holds an MBA from The Carlson School of Management in Marketing and Customer Service Operations, ...

Windstream's customer database used by employee for identity theft
ZDNet (blog)
Stephen authors the SEO Whistleblower blog here on ZDNet, but his passion for investigative research often leads to non-SEO-related exclusives not suitable for his SEO venue. As such, BTL once again saves the day for yet another writer with much to say ...

World's Worst Privacy Policy
Another search engine called Skipity, created last June and registered to one Andrew Corley, offers a refreshingly honest example of the privacy policy most companies' execs would like to implement, but don't dare to: An absurdly funny, ...


Bing: The New King of Search
After reading about the search engine result doctoring that Google seems to be taking part in these days, I finally decided that after twelve years using Google search exclusively, it was time to try out a new search engine. Clearly, the next in line ...


On Magic & SEO: Open Letter to Forbes, Bill Barol - Search Engine ...
By Jonathan Allen
SEW's reply to a blog post on entitled, "Sex, Free iPad, Naked Pictures of Cat Deeley, 8 Ways to Get Rich Right This Second and Lose Weight While You Sleep" which urged demystification in SEO but instead reproduced endemic ...
Search Engine Watch

SEO Has Changed: How To Stay Relevant |
By Jessica Bates
SEO Changes in Sketch Form. Image Courtesy of NASHVILLE, TN – It's hypothesized that the term “Search Engine Optimization” was first documented by John Audette and Bruce Clay in 1997. When search engine ...
SEO Blog: Top of Google Guaranteed,...
The Why and How of Search Engine Marketing
By admin
Search engine marketing is vital for any small or large business structure. To be honest, your online presence will depend on the type of marketing you choose, and every business will need to havesearch engine marketing in their marketing ...
Virtual Social Media
The Art of Search Engine Optimization
By vikas
The Art of Search Engine Optimization. The Art Of SEO If you have tried your best to post articles to your website but the ranking of the website is still low, you should try to learn about SEO and see if you have missed some of the key features of ...
Ways to Use PPC and SEO Data to Improve Affiliate Results
By Lisa R. Wilson
Use PPC and SEO data together to improve results. ... SEO · Search Engine Optimization · Link Building · Content Creation · Marketing · Online Marketing · E-mail Marketing · Social Media · Mobile · Education · Getting Started · Player Retention ...

Learning SEO – A Way To Success «
By Admin
Learning SEO – A Way To Success. Optimizing a website is simply to promote the products and services that the site offers. If you do a search engine optimization for a certain website, your main goal is actually to increase your website's traffic ...

SEO and Social in 2012: 4 Takeaways (plus my upcoming speaking ...
By Adam Audette
First Panda disrupted SEO, then Google Plus disrupted social media (but the bigger change was how Search Plus is disrupting Google's search results). Facebook is seemingly unstoppable. Yet new upstarts like Pinterest and Quora show us ...

SEO Analysis of UK Russell Group University Home Pages Using ...
By Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus)
Although one of the benefits which implementation of the report's recommendation was to “Improve discoverability of resources (and SEO)”, the Linking You project focussed primarily on identifiers for resources hosted within an institutional domain. This post aims to complement the Linking You ... A few weeks ago James Burke (@deburca) introduced me to Blekko: a “search engine that slashes out spam, content farms, and malware. We do this by having a smaller crawl of 3 billion ...
UK Web Focus

Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO | 50 Media - Creative Media Solutions
By 50 Media
It's no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) can be approached in ways that are highly unethical. This is known in the industry as Black Hat tactics. Many of them are in direct violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and therefore ...
50 Media

Does SEO Trump Conversion? - Exploit Online Demand
By Tom Shivers
There are instances when SEO is not the best solution as a traffic source, the squeeze page is one of them. Here's a good example of a question I've seen in marketing forums a number of times… Q: “I understand that SEO is content and ...
Exploit Online Demand

Finding killer SEO keywords for content marketing: Part 1
Brafton (blog)
Spam levels of keywords on your site will hurt your search engine optimizationefforts, but appropriately using phrases that indicate what your site (and a particular content page) is about is still a must. No matter where on the web people are looking...

Brafton (blog)

Oneupweb : When it comes to SEO, the only thing that remains constant is change!
With constant changes in the search world, it can seem exasperating to know how to get the most out of your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Check out the most recent search predictions for 2012 and attempt to stay ahead of the game.


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