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Google tackles piracy by removing millions of URLs

Google tackles piracy by removing millions of URLs
Google has been releasing the Transparency Report for the last two years, but before today the only available information was government requests to remove content and disruptions in the search engine's traffic patterns. There wasn't a focus on piracy ... 

Microsoft Requests Takedowns From Google, But Content Remains on Bing
Wired News
But here's the kicker: Microsoft has asked Google to remove URLs from its search results, while leaving some of those very same URLs active on its own search engine, Bing. Techdirt discovered the discrepancy. Specifically, the publication found that ...

Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month
By John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld May 25, 2012 8:48 AM Google received requests to purge more than a million links from its search results in March, according to the search giant's monthly "transparency report." The request-for-removal metric is a new one, ...

In the Last Month, Microsoft Sent Google 500000 Takedown Requests
The Atlantic
By Rebecca J. Rosen That's the little notice that appears at the bottom of the first page of Google's search results for the phrase "microsoft office free download." If you keep paging through Google'sresults, by page 20 or so you'll have just as many ...

Google kills 250000 search links a week
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - It may surprise you that there is a rapidly growing number of websites Google intentionally hides from you. Google doesn't want that to be a surprise anymore. The search giant said Thursday it would begin chronicling the thousands ...


Google to update piracy data daily
By MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP SAN FRANCISCO – Google's Internet search enginereceives more complaints about websites believed to be infringing on Microsoft's copyrights than it does about material produced by entertainment companies pushing for tougher ...


Google Removes Millions Of URLs From Search Results To Combat Piracy
Google has released its latest transparency report, a list of URL takedowns and takedown requesters that it received over the previous year, and the numbers show that of the 1.2 million requests to remove URLs search results, 540000 came from Microsoft ...


Google report sheds light on copyright takedown requests
Between July 2011 and now, Microsoft or its representatives have asked Google to remove over 2.5 million URLs from its search engine results at a median of 48700 URLs per week. The second highest requester is NBCUniversal, which trails far behind ...

Microsoft objects to millions of Google search results
TG Daily
And, it says, of the total 1.2 million requests for URLs to be removed from the company's search results in the last month, Microsoft was responsible for 540000. Overall, it's asked for more than two and a half million links to be removed in the last ...

TG Daily

Google Deletes a Million Links a Month in Anti-Piracy Effort
Sci-Tech Today
Google is tackling piracy with new zeal -- removing links to more than 1 million Web sites in the last month alone. But is Google publicly shaming some major corporations in the process? The revelations come via Google's Transparency Report, ...

Sci-Tech Today

Business Matters: Google Shines a Light on Huge Effort to Fight Piracy at ...
-- Google has lifted the veil on its anti-piracy efforts by launching an online Transparency Report that offers details on the issuers and targets of removal requests for Google's search results. The easy to follow, interactive report covers requests ...

Copyright Owners Ask Google Flush 250000 Infringing Search Links Every Week
Maximum PC
Despite the massive number of removal requests submitted to Google on a daily basis, the search giant claims its average turnaround time is less 11 hours, which is pretty remarkable considering the man power required to look into well over a million ...

Maximum PC

Google releases data on piracy, takes copyright infringement pretty seriously
Christian Science Monitor
Here, Google CEO Larry Page speaks at a news conference in New York on May 21, 2012. We've already gotten a detailed look into Google's response to government requests for personal data -- but it turns out the search-engine giant spends a lot of time ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google details copyright removals in search
OS News
We're talking takedown requests for Google search results. If a rightsholder encounters a link to infringing material, they can send a takedown request to Google. Google will then examine this request, and comply if necessary.

Google Publishes Data on Copyright Removal Requests
PC Magazine
Back in 2010, it launched a website with information about the number of government inquiriesGoogle had received for information about users or requests for Google to take down or censor content. Later that year, Google also unveiled a traffic ...

Google Search gets big iOS makeover
By Mark Wilson Google is the go-to search engine for most people, so the existence of a dedicated mobile app should come as no surprise. There has been a tool available for iOS for some time but the release of Google Search 2.0 sees the introduction of ...


Microsoft Hounds Google for Piracy Takedowns, but Some Bing Results Remain
But as TechDirt's Mike Masnick points out, Microsoft isn't always so aggressive when it comes to policing its own Bing search engine. By looking at recent takedown requests that Marketly sent toGoogle, Masnick found that Bing still harbors some links ...

Amid Turmoil, Yahoo Jumps Into Browser Wars
Wall Street Journal
Axis is "useful and differentiated from Google, and the visual presentation of search results is better suited to mobile devices than the conventional 10 blue links" in Google search, said Greg Sterling, an analyst at research firm Sterling Market ...

Google reveals copyrighted material claims
SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Thursday began revealing details about requests for links to be removed from Internet search results on the grounds they lead to copyrighted material posted without permission. Google added a copyright section to the online ...

Microsoft asks Google to remove 500000 links
Microsoft has asked Google to remove more than 500000 links from its search index last month, new figures published by the search giant show. Microsoft has askedGoogle to remove links to people selling pirated versions of its software.

Google alert claims users' Internet may shut down July 9
Google is spreading information about the DNSChanger malware, but for some the warnings may persist even after removing the malware. by Topher Kessler May 24, 2012 9:21 PM PDT If you have been browsing the Web lately and have used Google's search ...

Who says Google promotes piracy?
Google search is a powerful tool for finding content of any kind, including copyrighted material posted without permission. Today Google sets the record straight, by releasing the URLs copyright holders request removed from search: 1246713 over the...


Google Transparency Report Shows Search Listings URL Removals
Search Engine Roundtable
The more amazing stat to me is that with all these incoming requests, Google is able to act on most within 11 hours! And Google acts on 97% of them! The issue is, I am a content producer and my content is stolen within minutes of me posting it.

Microsoft tops Google's takedown requests
By Dave Neal INTERNET SEARCH OUTFIT Google has released its latest transparency report, a list of the takedowns and takedown requesters that it got over the previous year. Microsoft made 540000 requests for URL takedowns, aiming them at a range of ...

Who complains most to Google about copyright infringement?
For the first time, Google is including information about requests for copyright infringement-related takedowns of search engine results in its Transparency Report, allowing the public to see which organizations are complaining the most about being ...

Best New Mashups: News Mashups Using Bing, Google and Yahoo
By Wendell Santos
These mashups use traditional search APIs such as Bing and Google as well as social APIs from Facebook to Twitter. Breaking News Headlines – is a web site launched exclusively for busy users. It aims at providing precise and ...

Baidu: We Do Semantic Search Better Than Google - Search Engine ...
By Adaline Lau
Google unveiled its Knowledge Graph recently, which it called the “first step in the next generation ofsearch.” Chinese search giant Baidu isn't impressed, saying Google's semantic search isn't new, and Baidu has been doing it better since ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

Gooey Search: Can Google Searches Be Smarter? - semanticweb ...
By Jennifer Zaino
With the recent announcement of Google's Knowledge Graph, do we need another way to probe the leading search engine? Ed Heinbockel, founder, president and CEO of Visual Purple, is betting we do. “To me [what Google's done] validates ...

Microsoft Is Google's Biggest Headache | Wall St. Cheat Sheet
By (Damien Hoffman)
Google receives more complaints about websites allegedly infringing on Microsoft's copyrights than it does about piracy issues.
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Will using metadata improve my Google rank?
By philb metadata is backed by Google, and has the aim of making it easier for people to find the right web pages, so does using it to describe the content of a page improve the ranking of that page in Google search results? The honest ...
Phil's JISC CETIS blog

Microsoft leads takedown requests in Google's new copyright ...
By Gene Ryan Briones
Google launched the Transparency Report in 2010, and the search engine giant started sharing data on government requests as well as traffic patterns of its services. “Today we're expanding the Transparency Report with a new section on ...

iAcquire, iPay the Price: The Consequences of Defying Google ...
By James Vacey
Not only is iAcquire suffering the wrath of Google but all of the other parties that were a part of this investigation are no longer found on Google's search engine. Google has cracked the whip and we all have goose bumps. While all of the social ...
Business 2 Community

Google Launches New Search App For iPhone |
Google has launched a new search app for your iPhone, boasting a redesigned interface, a graphically enhanced image... Mobile & Telco

Have You Activated a Google Places Listing Yet?
By Nick Stamoulis
And what shows up at the top of the search engine results page? Google Places listings. If searchers are just looking for a phone number or a menu, they don't even need to navigate the actual business website since Google provides them with information and links right there on ... Setting up a GooglePlaces listing isn't just part of a local SEO strategy, all businesses should take advantage of this free opportunity to improve search engine visibility and get a link from a trusted source.
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Google Can Save Digital Newspapers and Magazines [Opinion ...
By Ron
Despite so many options to steal material, content distribution sources like iTunes, rdio, Netflix, and Google Play have millions of users who pay for content. The problem isn't that people don't want to pay for content, but that people want to pay ...
Droid Life

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