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Google's search engine results are free speech

Google's search engine results are free speech and I don't care
ZDNet (blog)
By Steven Shaw | May 29, 2012, 4:00am PDT Summary: Think the United States government has a chance in hell of beating Google's legal team? Think again. Have you heard: the latest and greatest tech-law debate concerns whether Google searchresults are ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy
Business Insider
Google houses an incredible amount of information about how to get your site up, running and ranked in the dominate search engine. Between the Support pages, the information tucked away in Webmaster Central, the forums, and the content they share on ...

Google Image Search jewels rendered in pixelated leather
Industrial design studio Mike & Maaike poaches the world's most expensive necklaces through Google and renders them in pixelated leather. by Amanda Kooser May 29, 2012 11:09 AM PDT Follow @akooser Mike & Maaike is a new kind of jewel thief.

Google Panda Update Advice Appears In Webmaster Academy
This was largely considered to be the types of things Google is considering when it comes to the Panda update, which is supposed to be about surfacing quality content in search results. There's another section specifically about content quality.

Google now gets 250k copyright takedown requests EACH WEEK
Von Lohmann made the comments as he announced that Google is to start disclosing the number of requests it receives from rights-holders asking it to remove links to allegedly infringing material that appears in its search index.

Google dictionary: Artists illustrate every word in the Oxford dictionary ...
Toronto Star
In the book, every word in the Oxford dictionary — over 20000 of them — has been substituted with the first image that appeared on its Google search in 2012. “About 15, 20 per cent of it makes sense and the rest is a mixture is unpleasant medical ...

Toronto Star

Google Gets 250000 Copyright Requests a Week
The internet giant said it has experienced a 'rapid' increase in the number of takedown requests and added that it is “not unusual” for it to receive requests to remove more than 250000 individual web address links from its search rankings in a week.

Chrome OS's new clothes
Install Flash now Video description: Google decides that Chrome OS will be more appealing if it looks more like a desktop and less like a browser. Here's a taste of the biggest update to Chrome OS since it launched. If at first you don't succeed has ...

Google asked to remove more than a million websites from search results
Von Lohmann made the comments as he announced that Google will start disclosing the number of requests it receives from rights-holders who ask that links to allegedly infringing material be removed from its search index. Google's updated Transparency...


Google's Knowledge Graph: Will it Change the Face of Search?
Business Insider
The first thing that struck me was this: when Penguin was rolled out last month, much of the buzz indicated that perhaps Google's search for more authoritative pages meant that the search enginewanted to see more “Wikipedia-like” sites top-ranking.

Why Google Should Be Worried About Facebook
Google has built its ad network by linking advertising up with related searches. This makes a great deal of sense and works quite well. Google uses its own services like Gmail, Android, Picasa and more to try and glean information about people in order ...


5 Google AdWords Features You Need to Know About
Google has released new AdWords features this year with the goal of helping improve performance, make management easier, or show additional data. Will these new features help or hinder your campaigns? Explore the details and decide how the changes may ...


Google Penguin 1.1 Pushed Out As Some Sites Report Recovery
Search Engine Watch
by Miranda Miller, May 29, 2012 Comments Late Friday, heading into the long weekend, Google'shead of webspam Matt Cutts announced a Penguin data refresh now known as Penguin 1.1. Every so often, Cutts throws webmasters a bone via tweets framing ...

Google Chromebook is faster, attractive, quick to boot up
By Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY Google is mum on how many Chromebooks have been sold since launching the cloud-based computers with laptop-makers Acer and Samsung nearly a year ago But the machines haven't exactly gone mainstream.

After Google Penguin, Travel Sites Need to Get Serious About Inbound Marketing
Search Engine Watch
by Jeff Slipko, May 29, 2012 Comments Google's Penguin algorithm update has impacted several travel affiliate websites. What did all those travel sites have in common? A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that depended heavily on a non-diverse ...

Australia won't start new Google Street View probe
After examining an FCC report, Australia's privacy commissioner has decided against launching a new investigation into Google Street View. by Don Reisinger May 29, 2012 7:33 AM PDT Despite earlier reports saying that it might do so, Australia won't ...

Google tries to win more converts to Chrome operating system with new laptops ...
Washington Post
The cool reception to Chromebooks has raised questions about whether Google misjudged the demand for computers designed to quickly connect to its dominant Internet search engine and ever-expanding stable of other online services, ranging from email to ...

Google Receives New ISO Certification for Business Apps
Marketing Pilgrim
While everyone is wringing their hands over whether or not Facebook is a real business, Google, the 'competitor' that is most often mocked when held up against Facebook, is doing things that only serious businesses do. Rather than toss and turn over ...

UK artists create a visual Google search dictionary
By Tyler Lee on 05/29/2012 03:23 PDT It is safe to assume that we've all searched for images on Google before. Unless the image is particularly vague, chances are that results of the image search along with its thumbnails should appear on the first ...


Google Publishes DMCA Takedown Request Data for Search Results
American University Intellectual Property Brief
So, why is Google doing it? As Jeff Ward-Bailey suggests, Google is likely making the data available so that Congress and the public can better evaluate the continued efficacy of the DMCA. Despite a rapidly growing number of takedown requests,Google's ...

American University Intellectual Property Brief

Prefer To Fantastic Search Engine Optimisation Article Marketing? Key's Out!
The Bakersfield Voice
The search engine spiders and human visitors. The key facet of SEO writing is people to check out websites yet again and convert potential clients into long lasting customers. It's regularly discovered that Search Engine Optimization companies provide ...

French court rules Google isn't liable for YouTube bootlegs of TF1 TV shows
By Jon Fingas posted May 29th 2012 4:02PM France typically hasn't been kind to Google. Today, though, it's cutting some important slack. A court has ruled that the search firm can't be held liable when YouTube members upload clips of their favorite ...

Using the AdWords “Auction Insights” Feature to Improve your Marketing Efforts
Search Engine Journal
Google have assured us that no actual account data will be shared with your competitors. The only information that the report shares is information that could already be obtained by running Google searches manually or with a scraping bot.

Search Engine Journal

Memo To Larry Page & Sergey Brin From AdWords Advertisers
Search Engine Land
Times were simpler then. There was no Bing, no Facebook. No Google+, YouTube, and no Google Images. These were pre-IPO times, when all you had to worry about was Google organic search and the new baby, Google AdWords. No wonder everyone is smiling and ...

Search Engine Land

Is Google Admitting That Negative SEO Is Possible?
Some webmasters have noticed that Google has updated the wording it uses to address this question on the help center page. There are various forum discussions going on, as Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable has pointed out.

Google confirms Gmail outage
By Edwin Kee on 05/29/2012 10:36 PDT Internet search giant Google has confirmed and acknowledged that a small percentage of their Gmail users did experience an outage. Just how small? We are looking at less than 0.11% of Gmail users out there,...


How To Influence Your Site's Listing In Search, According To Google's
By Chris Crum
Last week, Google introduced Webmaster Academy, billed as a tool to “help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.” Google's Matt Cutts tweeted about it again today: Follow @mattcutts Matt Cutts @mattcutts ...

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy
By Lisa Barone
Google houses an incredible amount of information about how to get your site up, running and ranked in the dominate search engine. Between the Support pages, the information tucked away in Webmaster Central, the forums, and the content ...
Small Business News, Tips, Advice...

Google Mobile Places App Update Increases Search Speeds And ...
By Julian Horsey
Over the weekend Google rolled out a new update to its mobile Google Places application. Which has brought with it a number of new enhancements, together with a much needed increase in searchspeeds. Allowing your to find what you are ...
Geeky-Gadgets The Social Search Engine Microsoft Hopes Will Beat Google ...
By Uri Halevi shortens your path to relevant search results by creating a feed of results both from Bing's search engine and other users, like you, who searched the same keyword. You can see the action these people took after receiving the same ...
All My Faves | Blog | @allmyfaves

Android Alert: Enjoy Using Google Wallet? A Factory Reset Could ...
By Chris Chavez
While there aren't too many merchants that accept NFC payments (that's soon going to change) there are probably even fewer devices that come with Google.
Android Phone Fans

Sprint Community: New Search Engine --- Google on
The search function is now powered by Google! The Google Custom Search tool will provide a familiar experience for anyone who has used Google ...

Google Search App For iPhone Hits v2.0, Features A Completely ...
When asked to look something up online, more often then not, you'll be told to Google it, such is the prowess of the web company in the search department.

Google searches get smarter - Economic Times
SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Wednesday began making its search engine smarter in a major upgrade that looks beyond query words to figure out what people ...

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