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Google Plunks Down Cool $100 Million for Googleplex Expansion

Google Plunks Down Cool $100 Million for Googleplex Expansion
The purchase comes as the search engine giant is experiencing a period of rapid hiring and expansion and would reside adjacently to its existing campus. Some 960 employees could work there when all is said and done, although what their roles and ...
Google kills + (the operator not Google+)
The Sociable
In the biggest change to its search engine since the introduction of Google Instant, Google no longer recognises the + operator included in search terms. The + operator was part of three basic search boolean tools which allowed users to filter search ...
Business calendar
Workshop includes: website maximization strategies, search engine optimization, social media like Facebook, Twitter, video tools and more. Oct. 27 — The 27th annual dinner and awards is being sponsored by the Chico Economic Planning Corp. ...
WireDoo: “U Can't Touch This” Search Engine - Technabob
By Hazel
I don't know about you, but Google has been my go-to search engine for the past few years now. It's definitely one of the best search engines out there, if not the very best (in my opinion).
Attempting DIY SEO | SEO Marketing Blog
By man
The current state of the economy has encouraged a number of business owners to attempt to reduce the cost of a professional search engine optimisation campaign.
SEO Marketing Blog
Wonderful SEO Experts Academy Strategies and Approaches to ...
Wonderful SEO Experts Academy Strategies and Approaches to Triple Your Pay.
Article Directory Articlecell:...
SEO's Three Stages of Keyword Success
One way to monitor that is to watch for the three stages of keyword success. (This post is written for small business owners; SEO folks, you can move along.) ...

SEO Positive Employ Specialist Social Media Marketer (press release)
Business owners may not be aware that the impact of their social media campaigns is also counting more and more towards their search engine optimisation efforts, too. With the expanding integration of 'Like' buttons and +1 tabs, users are able to judge ...
MC Hammer search engine odd, but there are plenty of search apps worth a look
I don't know who MC Hammer's financial advisers are these days. I assume they're better than whatever dudes got him into this trouble a while back. But they're maybe still not good enough. At least not if this story that's making the rounds via ...
2 legit 2 quit: MC Hammer launches search engine WireDoo
Stanley "MC Hammer" Burrell has announced the launch of his own search engine, dubbed WireDoo. The former popular 90's rapper made the announcement at this week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Hammer's search engine will go up against behemoth ...
FOOD FOR THOUGHT/Have you heard of the law of attraction?
Wicked Local
The easiest explanation I have been given to explain the law of attraction, written and spoken of so much in recent years, is to liken it to an internet search engine. If I go to a search engine, like Google, and enter a word or phrase, ...
A Different Approach to Business
SEO and social media are very closely aligned to online business, but are they really necessary? According to blogging coach Johnny B. Truant, they're not. He told WebProNews that he is not against them but that he thinks that there is often too much ...
What's in a domain name? Plenty, if you're Tea Party
Edmonton Journal
The Ontario band has hired online domain-name brokerage Sedo, an acronym for Search Engine for Domain Offers. "We were floored by the worldwide press and interest in our domain name that soon followed the initial story in BusinessWeek," ...
eBay Collector Turns to Amazon to Power Online Toy Store
Jay Langston: We've partnered with a Search Engine Optimization firm in Australia (AussieWebsites) in addition to advertising partnerships with podcasts and collector websites that revolve around the products we offer. EcommerceBytes: Have you tried ...
Fear is biggest hurdle for potential entrepreneurs
Calgary Herald
She began as a marketing copywriter for print, radio and television; now she is an SEO (search engine optimization) writer and Internet consultant. She has two companies, Mud Creative ( and Azura Marketing ( ... Delivers Excellent Results Even On The Most Challenging HTML To ... (press release)
All the Joomla templates created through PSD conversion are also search engine optimized as uses SEO Semantic Codes. All the templates are also tested for cross browser compatibility. Furthermore, the entire coding will be compliant with ...
Mitek Systems: The Perfect Storm In Leading Edge Technology
Seeking Alpha
In the past, those with this foresight invested heavily in Netscape (browser), AOL (dial up), (BRCM) (video) and Google (GOOG) (search engine) and came out as millionaire investors. While others with a lack of knowledge were shorting ...
Google Celebrates Tunisia's First Democratic Elections
Tunisia Live
The search engine's logo has been updated so that every letter looks like a Tunisian citizen lining up to vote. The Tunisian flag was placed in the middle and a voting booth at the right side of the picture. With more than 7 millions searches a day ...
Microsoft Earnings, Windows Phone Talks Dominated Week
Microsoft is depending on the data from its Bing search engine to help inform and refine the rest of its cloud services, and using its search-and-advertising partnership with Yahoo to help grow market share and manage expenses. ...
Google, Private-Equity Firms Mull Bid For Yahoo
Wall Street Journal
As Microsoft and other companies consider buying search engine and media company Yahoo, questions arise over how much the company is worth, MarketWatch's Dan Gallagher reports on Markets Hub. Photo: Getty Images. Any deal tying two of the biggest ...
A New Web Face
Worcester Business Journal
Setting up your website so that the appropriate keywords are in your content and the search engines can effectively crawl your site is critical SEO. If your site is important in generating leads or selling products, then SEO should be a priority. ...

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