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Preparing for Google Penguin 2.0

Preparing for Google Penguin 2.0: How To Protect Your Hotel Website
Hospitality Net
When Google rolled out its Panda algorithm update in February 2011, it upended search engineresults pages (SERPs) in a major way, affecting 12 percent of all results. ... The days of search engine optimization (SEO) as the Wild West are long gone ...

Google Penguin to go to War with SENuke Style Link Building - Dave Naylor
David Naylor's SEO Blog (blog)
With the prospect of the latest addition of Google Penguin to become a reality within the next few weeks, it seems that many SEO's and site owners are speculating towards what could be included into the previous focus of the update in order to warrant ...

Bing and Google in Seo - General Questions - Search - Bing Blogs
Google and Bing but what difference between google and bing for seo ?

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