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Google+ vs Facebook for SEO

Google+ vs Facebook for SEO
Presentation for the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO SEM Meetup - Google+ vs Facebook for SEO ...
SEO Training Academy Launches New Web Portal (press release)
The Search Engine Academy, which has been teaching search engine workshops for nearly a decade, launched a new web portal to better serve its students and those looking to gain skills insearch engine optimization, or "SEO". ...
SEO Copywriting Tips: Optimizing For Multiple Keywords On One Page
Search Engine Land
I believe natural language patterns create relevance in search engine algorithms. But even if you are skeptical, including words that get used together frequently may net additional long tail matches. It also makes it easier to write interesting copy. ...
Chinese search engine criticised by state media
China's popular search engine Baidu has been criticised by state media and could face a government investigation. Chinese search engine Baidu may face tighter regulations after facing a barrage of criticism from state media over its business practices ...
The Mormon church's web dominance: Google 'church,' 'Old Testament' or even ...
Daily Mail
SEO experts say the LDS conducts 'link-building campaigns,' rallying lots of people to click on a link, and thereby raising its placement in search-engine results. A section on the LDS website also asks members to help boost traffic by giving SEO ...
SEO Consult® Announce Display at mediaPro 2011 (press release)
SEO Consult®, the specialist search engine optimisation  division of leading internet marketing agency Click Consult, have announced they will be offering an innovative and free SEO check-up to visitors at the mediaPro 2011 event. The Cheshire-based SEO ...
Maximizing the Benefits of Online Video Through SEO
With YouTube as the second largest search engine in terms of total search queries, user adoption has really underscored the value of video. “Blended search,” the practice in which search engines display videos, images, news stories, maps, ...
Changing The Default Search Engine In Chrome
Business Insider
So I decided I'd make DuckDuckGo my default search engine for the next month or two and see if I miss Google. But since I use Chrome and just type whatever I'm looking for right into the address bar, I needed to change the default search engine..
Later on however, within a week's time, the search engine giant had backtracked on that statement and said, “wasn'ta done deal yet.” The recently launched video from Google's end has Matt Cutts of Google saying that there is still a number of ...
Tips On SEO And Website Submission Services Thailand
Newsbycompany (press release)
During the years I have worked in the search engine optimization industry in Thailand I noticed that many people who use local SEO companies or submission services here want to have a certain amount of links on a monthly base which are generated via ...
SEO, The Business Website and the Art of Online Sales
Online News Website (blog)
It also means that SEO efforts, websites and blog content must be geared to serving users that are seeking product and pre-purchase information. All too frequently, small business websites are built to close sales online, rather than provide the ...
Google Maps Becomes A Mini-Weather Center
Search Engine Land
Ideally, though, you'd be able to get both types of weather — Google's data-centric approach and Bing's more visual approach — at one search engine. Or you could just go to for that (and more).
What will the Google Motorola deal mean to SEO?
Kingpin Webmaster News
Lest anyone has forgotten, Google is in the search engine business, and a fine business it is. For the most part, costs are incredibly controlled, distribution is automatic and the majority of all revenues arrive short term and in cash. ...
SEO Considerations for Website Re-Development
QueryClick (blog)
The best advice I can give for a website re-development is to involve your 'SEO' early in the process, they will work with you to plan and implement SEO elements to improve your search engine exposure and can help you avoid costly mistakes.
New Video Course for SEO website promotion
Wiki Peers (press release)
Let's discover An SEO company in Ontario has launched a home video to illustrate the online techniques of increasing traffic. However, it is a well known fact that no one can guarantee or predict the traffic through Search Engine Optimization ...
Google Search Engine Results Pages Now with Expanded 'Sitelinks'
Social Barrel
For a site to place number one on a SERP, high-quality search engine optimization(SEO) will be required, as the top organic ranking has the privilege of gaining space to boost traffic. Users with the latest version for their Web browser will see these ...
Ecommerce Dropship Tips: SEO for Landing Pages Part II
Drop Ship (press release) (blog)
Your landing pages are vitally important to the success of your dropship or other ecommerce business and using good SEO will go a long way toward making those critical pages more effective. Part I of this series offered a couple of basic but very ...
Trask Digital Launch competitive Starter SEO package
Free PR Site (press release)
The Starter SEO package aims to get the best results on search engine pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the minimum time possible. Trask Digital's private label and white label SEO services have attracted clients from world over. Says XYZ of Trask, ...
SES Live: SEO is Dead. Long live SEO!
Search Engine Roundtable
3:41:33 PM Ben Pfeiffer: SEO is Dead. Long live SEOSEO is dead... No it's not... Yes it is! It's been an ongoing debate for quite some time now. So what's the truth? Does SEO still give you the necessary oomph to rocket you up the search engine ..
Google News Archive Search Page: Gone Forever Or Temporary Bug?
Search Engine Land
However, they told Search Engine Land that they would continue to make what they had digitized and archived available to Google users. Here's a quote from their statement in May: Users can continue to search digitized newspapers at ... Publisher Reveals Techniques for Top SEO Placement in Marketing ...
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
Since the word Bakermewting was coined for the purpose, search engine results should be free from the interference of any historical references. Stewart says that the five critical SEO strategies he outlines can be used successfully to help the ...
Create a Robust Landing Page Testing Strategy
Search Engine Watch
For example, when a user conducts a query on a search engine, they are actively looking for information that your ad and subsequent landing page should be able to provide. With display advertising, you only know that the users may be interested in your ...
6 Questions on Social Media with Rex Freiberger
Business 2 Community
There are qualitative metrics, like increasing brand and product education or improving customer support quality, and there are quantitative ones like more website traffic, improved search engine rankings or generating new leads. ...
How Attribution Helps Search Marketing Inform Other Channels
Search Engine Land
One of the many beauties of attribution management is the multi-dimensional nature of the analysis that it performs, and the extremely granular nature of the cross channel insights that it delivers to marketers as a result. So not only can a marketer ...

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