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Desktop Search Is Down For The Fourth Straight Month

Desktop Search Is Down For The Fourth Straight Month - Business Insider: "We estimate that as much as 25-30% of all Internet search traffic could be coming from mobile devices as of year-end. Moreover, in certain categories, such as restaurants, we believe that well more than 30% of queries are already coming from mobile devices (other key categories such as Consumer Electronics, Beauty & Personal, Finance/Insurance, and Autos also have a meaningful share of mobile queries)," says Schachter. This isn't good news for Google, but it's not entirely bad news either. The bad news: Mobile search isn't as lucrative for Google as desktop search right now. And on mobile, the importance of apps drives a wedge into Google's search business. The good news: Google completely dominates search on mobile with something like 90 percent or more of share. It's the default search engine on the iPhone and its default on Android, the most popular mobile operating system. It's well positioned to take advantage of a mobile transition."

3 Predictions for the Future of Google + Profiles in Autosuggest: "Prediction 1: This will result in less traffic to non-Google+ Profiles - As more people connect on Google+, these profiles will become increasingly prevalent. If this is the case, more people will be drawn to them in search results. This will result in more traffic to Google+ and more people being followed and added to circles.
Prediction 2: Google could charge businesses for this . . ."

SEO Salvage Operation: Saving Websites Hurt by Google Updates - Search Engine Watch (#SEW): "Whether most of your problems lie in your content or your links, the one thing that’s the same is that if you want to get back to where you were, or even close, it’s probably going to take something major. So if you’ve done a few minor tweaks, added a little content here and there, or only distance yourself form a few links and are now just waiting for the next "refresh" to restore you to your former glory… you may be waiting for a long time. Husbands buy their wives flowers when they screw up, not because pretty plants fix problems, but because it’s a grand romantic gesture. If you want to fix your site’s relationship with the Google rankings, it may take something extreme. You can try sending roses to the Googleplex, but you’re probably better off turning those pruning shears on your site instead. It may hurt a little, but it’s also your best shot at recovery."

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