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Google Search Market Share Slips - Bing and Yahoo Gain

Google Search Market Share Slips as Bing & Yahoo Gain - Search Engine Watch (#SEW): "Google couldn’t grow its record-breaking U.S. search market share beyond 67 percent in December, comScore reported. Meanwhile, Bing continued its incremental gains, as Yahoo’s share grew for the first time in longer than a year. In November, Google claimed an unprecedented 67 percent market share of searches conducted at home and work. Google’s rankings dipped slightly in December, however, down to 66.7 percent. In December 2011, Google still dominated with 65.4 percent share of the search market. Meanwhile, Bing grew its search market share to a new company high of 16.3 percent in December (up from 16.2 percent in November). Bing’s U.S. market share was at 15.1 percent in December 2011."

ReadWrite – Microsoft's Bing Wins With Facebook's Graph Search - Or Does It?: "When you launch Graph Search (and just a few hundred to a thousand people have it at the moment) Facebook suggests results to the query as you type, Google style. Although Facebook subtly teaches you what types of searches you can make against it, it will defer to Bing in certain situations: "restaurants in San Francisco," for instance. Facebook assumes that you'll want recommendations from friends, but can't be certain. In the latter case, a Bing results page will appear, surrounded by the Facebook framework. If you need to click further, it will open up a separate tab."

EU antitrust chief growls at Google, hopes to avoid sanctions • The Register: "Many of Google's competitors, including a bruised Microsoft, have long complained that the ad giant favours its own services over its rivals' products in web search results. Google could be fined $4bn - 10 per cent of its revenue - if no deal can be reached and it loses a subsequent legal battle with the European Commission. But Almunia is keen to stop short of such sanctions. . . . "

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