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Brightcove: Social Media Trumps Search for Viewer Engagement
By Troy Dreier Site owners trying to attract eyeballs for their online videos quickly learn that standardsearch engines fall short in indexing video. During a Streaming Media West panel entitled "Driving Video Views & Engagement with SEO & Social ...

Google details search updates from January
More changes will come from the company throughout the year that can impact search engine optimization. However, focusing on the quality of content offered to site visitors will help businesses avoid negative impacts of algorithm changes and drive ...


Torrent search engine BTJunkie voluntarily shuts down
Ars Technica
By Mark Brown, | Published February 6, 2012 9:38 AM Torrent search engine BTjunkie is the latest file-sharing service to fall on its sword in the wake of the Megaupload sting. Junkie, one of the largest BitTorrent indexes, decided to shut ...

8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less
Search Engine Watch
Simply visit your Google Analytics account and traverse to the Traffic Sources-Search Engine Optimization-Landing Pages section. You can also perform this test through the Keyword dimension of this analytical area as well. Ultimately, You are improving ...

Define this! Google exposes dirty words
Fox News
Experts are warning parents about their kids doing a define Google search, given a quirk in the search engine giant's algorithm that has been exploited to return dirty words -- a problem Google says it's working to correct. The search string define: is ...

Fox News

Italian Professor Unveils Search Engine With Social Connections
6 (Bloomberg) -- A professor at the University of Padua in Italy today unveiled a test version of asearch engine that allows users to connect with others interested in the same subjects. The Volunia search engine, which will cover 12 languages, ...

The human search engine
Evening Standard
When he arrived at the firm 11 years ago, following a spell at AT&T in New York, one of his first jobs was to rewrite the algorithm that powers Google's search engine. "I came in and said 'I'm a search academic, why don't you let me practise that?

Evening Standard

8 Search Engine Doodles for China's Lantern Festival
Penn Olson
China's most popular search engine, Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), has an animated doodle, with decorative papercuts spinning around. Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bing always has large background images on its search page, but still it's nice to see a ...

Penn Olson

Utilizing Existing Partnerships to Score Easy SEO Wins
Search Engine Journal
Plus, any of these social and SEO benefits could also result in conversions, directly affecting your business's sales funnel. Your partners might have more to offer than just expertise. Some of them might have the resources and manpower to help with ...

Using The Mobile Ratio To Measure Mobile SEO Success
Search Engine Land
But mobile SEO brings some special considerations, not least of which is credibility: we need to prove that mobile SEO provides value. To that end, I've been working on a set of metrics to help me get some perspectives on these questions.

Search Engine Land

The Death of Big Bank Power and the Rise of Tech Hegemony
I can come up with a product or service on my own, host my storefront or media hub online, usesearch engine optimization and social media to market myself, and transact via PayPal or Square. The old guard can still survive in this world, ...

Making money from Olympic Games 2012 ticket backlinks
DaniWeb (blog)
What Google does do, however, is use an automated filtering system that checks for keyword abuse and other methods that are used by SEO poisoners in an attempt to inflate the adverts quality score and push it up the rankings to appear right at the top ...

The Indian touch in Google Apps
Times of India
Guess who's helping Google fight the battle against pesky spam and help the world's most popularsearch engine get a foothold in the world of social networking sites. Guess who's helping Google fight the battle against pesky spam and help the world's ...

How to use PHP to capture essential Information on 404 Error Page
Search Engine People (blog)
A custom error page is a placeholder for pages that fail to load when a search engine spider and/or a human visitor tries to view a page. Improperly configured Error Pages may also produce duplicate content issues by producing the same content across ...

Torrent Search Engine BTJunkie Voluntarily Shuts Down
By Stan Schroeder
BitTorrent indexing engine BTJunkie has decided to voluntarily shut its doors after 7 years of service.

More MegaUpload Fallout As BitTorrent Search Engine BTjunkie ...
By Robin Wauters
More MegaUpload Fallout As BitTorrent Search Engine BTjunkie Calls It Quits. Robin Wauters. posted 12 hours ago. Comments. View Staff Page Follow me on Twitter. Robin Wauters currently works as a staff writer for TechCrunch and lead ...

How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO ... - Search Engine Journal
By Neil Patel
I've recommended from the beginning that businesses should use Google+, but with the launch of Search Plus Your World, the ...
Search Engine Journal

Loving SEO | Programming Tools and Resources
By margareth
Building a Stronger Web Presence Through SEO If you haven't yet heard about what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do, this is your perfect opportunity to find out. When you are trying to find something on the internet, you more than ...
Programming Tools and Resources

Why My Wordpress SEO Won't Work | SEO Theory – SEO Theory ...
By Michael Martinez
WordPress is one of the easiest Website platforms to use for search engine optimization. All it requires is that you install it so that it runs. Period. End of advanced SEO recommendations for WordPress. So I find myself bemused from time to ...
SEO Theory - SEO Theory and Analysis...

Seo And Link Building |
By fpeters
Advantages of seo and link building, seo link building software, seo link building service and link building seo company. Actually ... Keyword research is also a major importance and is included in most search engine optimization packages.

#Optimize This: Integrating Social, SEO & Content - OMS 2012 ...
By Lee Odden
In other words, SEO is aeen a bug, not a useful way to modify websites so search engines can crawl and index them more effectively to the benefit of all: user, brand, search engine. Google Dominates search, but should they dominate your ...
Online Marketing Blog

What is your SEO Social Signals Strategy? « iMediaConnection Blog
By Krista LaRiviere
If search engine optimization (SEO) is already part of your digital marketing mix or you are thinking about adding it, then you are likely familiar with the concept of a backlinking strategy. That is, what is the overall long-term plan to increase the ...
iMediaConnection Blog

Do Your Search Engine Results Show You as the Author?
By webdesign
Do Your Search Engine Results Show You as the Author?
About Web Design / HTML

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