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A new domain name, but concerns remain the same
The Hindu - from this week, all visitors from India to blogs hosted on Google's Blogger saw the URLs read [blogname] rather than the they were used to. Besides, while your mum reading your latest musings would see the post with the URL ending with .in, an aunt in Australia would read the same post with .au. Google now redirects individual blogs to ‘country-code Top Level Domains' (or ccTLD), such as .in for India or .au for Australia.The move, which means that the same content is seen across multiple domains, has raised concerns about censorship, Internet ownership, as well as questions about the effect on search ranking and search engine optimisation (SEO).

The Hindu

Yahoo launches search engine for iOS, Android apps
Yahoo launched a new category for its search engine this week that makes it easy to browse and find either iOS or Android apps. You'll notice the addition of an “Apps” filter option above Yahoo's search bar and a new portal that makes it easy to sift ...

Google in Wales tour
This is South Wales
SEARCH engine Google is kicking off a year-long campaign in collaboration with the Welsh Assembly Government to help small business owners in Wales make the most of the internet. Google experts will tour the country in the Google "Juice Bar" offering ...

Steve Jobs Email to Google: Stop Recruiting ... - Search Engine Watch
By V3
SES Conference & Expo features presentations and panel discussions that cover all aspects ofsearch engine-related promotion. Hurry, early bird rate expires February 3! Google • Apple • Steve Jobs • Intel • Eric Schmidt • Pixar • Paul Otellini • ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

SEO - The Optimized Future: SEO in the Year 2022 - Bruce Clay
By Bob Meinke
We've already seen massive upheaval in the search engine marketing industry (along with the usual yahoos screaming that SEO is dead) and the coming year promises even more change, as companies shift ad budgets toward augmented ...

Pinterest For Marketing, Google Fresh, SEO, Blogging
By DiTesco
Weekly roundup featuring guide to Pinterest for Marketing, FaceBook IPO, Google Fresh, SEO and more…
Home Based Business Resources

6 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have A Facebook Business Page
Caribbean Media Vision
Your posts and hyperlinks along with other updates that are on your Facebook business page may also provide you with a search engine optimization if they're indexed by Google, Bing, and others. Using the pace of social networking in getting additional ...

Mobile SEO Growing in Importance As Web Economy Set to Double by 2016
Caribbean Media Vision
From an SEO perspective, this means that all businesses need to get to work optimising their sites for mobile users. Despite their surface similarities of screens and buttons, mobile devices work in very different ways from desktop or laptop computers.

Caribbean Media Vision

Do This, Not That: SEO Content Edition!
Search Engine Journal
I'm sure you've seen those handy guides in magazines that tell you to eat 13 pretzels instead of 100 M&M's or taco pizza instead of taco salad. This is like that, only less delicious. (But reading, like celery, has negative calories!) ...

EU politely requests Google delay privacy crossover
Kingpin Webmaster News
Obviously one cannot operate a search engine without organising the preferences of searches. This process is the basis of Google's search algorithm. As Google has added products and expanded its communications reach it has also added data research ...

Features Lists are Vital to Ensure Maximum Media Coverage, Says Punch (press release)
Feature lists are often planned on an annual or bi-annual basis and allow PR, and even SEOagencies, to identify, plan and input to upcoming features in various fashions including press releases, thought leadership articles, case studies or simply to ...

What Time Does The Superbowl End?
AP All week, the internet has been making fun of the infamous Huffington Post, "What Time Does The Superbowl Start" SEO-trolling article from last year. As Deadspin summarized, the post existed "for the sole purpose of garnering internet search traffic...


Resolving Critical Crawl Errors With Google Webmaster Tools
Business 2 Community
Crawl errors indicate an unpleasant user experience and dilute your page rank. Google Webmaster tools, however, helps you identify and resolve critical issues that are essential factors to good search engine optimization.

Facebook Has Microsoft Ally in Google Battle
Google+, the search-engine giant's attempt to out-Facebook Facebook, reached 90 million user accounts by mid-January 2012—a fraction of Facebook's 845 million users, true, but also a number likely to increase as Google continues to pour in time and ...

What Time Does The Super Bowl Start? What Channel Is It On?
Midwest Sports Fans
Since Midwest Sports Fans started nearly four years ago as a side project at work for me to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and how this weird concept called “SEO” works, it's only fitting that – inspired by this Deadspin post – I churn out a quick ...
Midwest Sports Fans

Survey Results: Improving Content Marketing is the #1 Priority for 2012 Lead ...
Customer Think (blog)
Search Engine Optimization is all about content; and content written in buyer's language. Remember, with SEO, it's not about what you do, rather it's about what your buyer's queries are in search engines to find your solutions.

Knowing How to Increase Blog Traffic is as Easy as 1,2,3….
Business 2 Community (blog)
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, cannot be ignored as it is such a powerful tool. By working to get your blog on the first page of Google, preferably in the first spot for a targeted keyword, then you will automatically see a spike in traffic.

Alternative Search Engines for the Contemporary User
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
Many use a search engine. Currently the most popular search engines that people flock to are Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. As of January 2011 approximately 98% of all web searches are done on these sites. However, there are quite a lot of other ...

A lawyer finds his perfect match
Financial Times
But as the chief executive of IAC – the company behind search engine, entertainment site CollegeHumor and, the world's biggest online dating site – enthuses about his business, his big voice ricochets around his glass-walled office ...

Financial Times

71 New APIs: SinglePlatform, and Web Video Dashboard
ProgrammableWeb (blog)
SEO Engine API: SEO Engine is a search engine that helps users become more efficient in theirSEO implementation. SEO Engine lets users see what penalties, errors, and warnings their web sites are generating and how to fix them. The SEO Engine API ...

Westport-based Software Startup Bags $1M in Equity Funding
Westport-based MyCare reportedly offers a proprietary search engine tool that allows users to access and analyze data in any electronic medical record in near real-time. By Patrick Barnard The State of Connecticut, through the Connecticut Innovations ...

Sellers Choice 2012 Marketplace Ratings: Artfire
Because they are mostly search engine driven, and I am not an SEO person and don't care to chase the Panda, I probably do not do as well as I could here. Inadequate vintage clothing categories. suggestions ignored. Few sales and expensive.


Google+ and Its Effect on Your Company's Marketing Campaigns
Caribbean Media Vision
With this kind of growth Companies and Brands don't have a choice but to adjust strategy from pureSEO to Google's Social SEO. “Search Plus Your World” is currently optional, meaning you can choose between global search (as it exists now) and the new ...

Entrepreneurs event at CIDO
Lurgan Today
Peter Morton of Morton Consultancy advised the attendees on the importance of business plans and Michael Hanna of PES Solutions gave advice on growing businesses whilst Stuart McLean from Chooboo offered advice on website development,SEO and email ...

Lurgan Today

Google makes progress in penetrating South Korean search market
South Korea is one of the few remaining countries where Google is not the leading search engine. According to an article published last month in Search Engine Land, five countries remain between Google and international web search domination: Russia, ...

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