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Wolfram, a Search Engine, Finds Answers Within Itself

Wolfram, a Search Engine, Finds Answers Within Itself
New York Times
Less than three years ago, Dr. Wolfram created a new kind of search engine, called Wolfram Alpha. Unlike Google or Microsoft's Bing, Wolfram Alpha does not forage the Web. It culls its own painstakingly curated database to find answers.

Future of SEO: Change, Convergence, Collaboration
Search Engine Watch
In parallel, the closure of Yahoo Site Explorer and gradual reduction in the number of free, reliable, relevant search engine tools has led to an increase in the number of new entrants into the SEOtechnology market. Changes in the industry and with ...

New Search Engine Marketing Website Copy Announced By ...
Houston Chronicle
This Comes As A Part Of Their New Search Engine Marketing Webpages That Were Previously Announced. Today, announced that they would be adding new website copy for their new search engine marketing web pages they are ...

Volunia, A Social Search Engine, Says The Web Has Come Alive
Search Engine Land
Oh, I didn't mention the links between documents, did I? Other Web content formats, from PDF files to images and then video posed much greater obstacles to search engine indexing for a number of reasons. Today, major search engines like Google offer ...

Finding killer SEO keywords for content marketing: Part 2
Brafton (blog)
With the guidance of our first blog, Finding killer SEO keywords for content marketing: Part 1, you should have a solid keyword list, and have optimized your site and your content marketing for those terms according to best practices.

Brafton (blog)

Torrent Search Engine BTJunkie Voluntarily Shuts Down
Wired News (blog)
By Mark Brown Torrent search engine BTjunkie is the latest file-sharing service to fall on its sword in the wake of the Megaupload sting. BTjunkie, one of the largest BitTorrent indexes, decided to shut down voluntarily. A statement on the website ...

Wired News (blog)

Building a Technical SEO Process
SEOmoz (blog)
Currently, many of my clients with Google Analytics accounts either don't include any annotations in Google Analytics, annotate only their email, PPC, social campaigns or use it to keep track of search engine algorithm changes (like Panda updates).

SEOmoz (blog)

Algonquin Studios Shares Thought Leadership Reports on Web Design, SEO ...
PR Web (press release)
Covering topics including web site design, SEO myths, and advantages associated with using a content management system, the reports are now available for download on Algonquin's corporate web site. Algonquin began a company blog in September 2011 and ...

PR Web (press release)

The Sponge & The Trailblazer: Making the Most of Your First Job in Search
Search Engine Journal
About two months ago I wrote my first article for Search Engine Journal about getting your first job in SEO. Well now the dust has settled and I feel it is important to share what I have learned thus far during my young career in search marketing.

Google: SEO Isn't Good For Users Or The Internet
Search Engine Roundtable
Instead of being able to SEO the entire Internet, businesses can now only affect the search results for a tiny percentage of users. That's a good thing because SEO can't scale, and SEO isn't good for users or the Internet at large.

Search Engine Roundtable

Guide To Finding Linkbuilding Targets With Social Media
Search Engine Land
There's been a lot of debate in the SEO community lately regarding social media versus traditional linkbuilding methods. While some SEOs argue that social media links are the wave of the SEO future, traditionalists staunchly maintain traditional, ...

Search Engine Land

Why are Google's search engine results describing English people as 'c**ts*?
If you don't believe us, type 'Define an English person' into the search engine. Once you do, you'll be quite surprisingly struck by the top result on the page - the Wikipedia entry for the word 'Cunt'. Oddly enough, it appears as though when the word ...


Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday Marks First Google Doodle as Promotional Vehicle
Search Engine Watch
The numbers we have seen on Search Engine Watch are akin to those we have seen for breaking news stories around a global event or a national emergency. While, that latter comparison might be in poor taste, it gives you a sense of just how effective ...

SEOprofiler: A New Alternative to Yahoo's Site Explorer
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Yahoo's Site Explorer was a very important source for businesses who want to get SEO relevant information about their competitors. Yahoo closed the popular service at the end of last year. The web app SEOprofiler is a good alternative that helps ...

An SEO power tool
A blog is one of the most powerful SEO tools for start-ups. It's great for publishing content, generating links and also leverage for relevant reciprocal links. Writing articles on your blog regularly that are of relevance and interest to your target ...

Searchandising – ending search engine dominance?
Retail Gazette
How much intelligence should be in the Search Engine? Given the importance of search to retailers, the obvious conclusion is that we should put more intelligence into search. However, there is a major downside to this approach.

What the Charles Dickens is SEO?
Business 2 Community
Just for a bit of fun, we've imagined how Mr Pickwick might have explained, for example, SEO. Porstmouth, 2012: On my journey of information procurement I chanced upon a fellow who was adorned in a shiny suit with a mauve shirt and a tie that I can ...

10 Useful WordPress Plugins
Practical Ecommerce
One of the important reasons to publish a blog is to help with search engine optimization. All-In-One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that helps with SEO. The plugin gives bloggers the ability to include the following metatags at the site level, ...

SEO and Social: It Isn't One or the Other | Social Media Today
By Nick Stamoulis
If you are a website owner or business it's absolutely essential to be involved in both SEO and social media. ... Founder of the SEO Firm Brick Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Journal SEO Blog and Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter.
Social Media Today - The world's...

SEO Meta Data Mechanics: Titles & Descriptions - 'Net Features ...
By Peter A. Prestipino
For that you'll need to delve into the mechanics of SEO and specifically the meta-data of your individual pages. We've analyzed the top listings and drawn some conclusions to help your website dominate the search results pages. Meta-data ...
'Net Features

UK: Copyright vultures seek search engine censorship-TorrentFreak ...
By facthai
... “aac”, “torrent”, “download”, “rip”, “stream” or “listen”, “free”, when combined with an artist name, song or album title contained on a list to be regularly updated and provided to a search engine by a recognised and properly mandated agency ...
FACT - Freedom Against Censorship...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Search Engine Marketing ...
By Chris Vaughn
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of building a website's search enginevisibility and page rank through unpaid (organic) methods. The mathematical algorithms used by search engines vary, according to the components ...

5 Blog Redesign Mistakes That Kill SEO | Business 2 Community
By Monique Sherrett
SEO, when done right, never interferes with web design, but sometimes redesigning a site can unknowingly interfere with search engine optimization. This is why.
Business 2 Community

OEN SEO Workshop: 11 Actionable Tactics to Get Your Content ...
Description. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much more than just inserting keywords into your title tags. These days you need to go beyond the tags and ensure that your design and development of your site is search engine friendly.
Calagator: Events

Checking the False Promises of Google+ Optimization | SEO Theory ...
By Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez was previously the Director of Search Strategies for Visible Technologies, Inc. A former moderator at SEO forums such as JimWorld and Spider-food, Michael has been active insearch engine optimization since 1998 and ...
SEO Theory - SEO Theory and Analysis...

SEO | Define your Audience | You SEO Strategy | SEO Tips
By Admin
SEO | Define your Audience | You SEO Strategy. February 7th, 2012 by Admin. SEO | Define your Audience | Your SEO Strategy. So, how do you so SEO? A lot of individuals jump straight in to optimizing their websites: • adding content, ...
SEO Tips

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