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Google Defends Against Claims of Rigged Search Results

Google Defends Against Claims of Rigged Search Results
IDG News Service
Google is aggressively defending itself against accusations it manipulates its search results based on ad payments, and it is encouraging users to go elsewhere if they don't like what the company does. Google is aggressively defending itself against ...

Google faces July deadline for web search antitrust probe
By Joe Svetlik on 10 June 2012, 3:00pm Google has until next month to prove it doesn't use its dominance in web search to promote its own products. Joaquin Almunia from the European Competition Commission has thrown down the gauntlet, the Telegraph ...


Google to become default search choice in Russian Firefox
When Firefox v.14 touches down in Russia, Google will take the place of Russia's own Yandex as the default search engine, says a report. by Edward Moyer When the next version of Firefox hits the streets in Russia, Google -- and not Russia's own Yandex ...

Oregon man wins right to accuser's Google searches
A Central Oregon judge has ordered that an alleged rape victim's Google searches must be turned over to the man accused of attacking her. County Circuit Judge A. Michael Adler issued the order at the request of defense attorney Stephen Houze, ... has Advice for Business Owners who are Struggling to Recover from ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Google penalized those who used aggressive search engine optimization tactics to improve where their websites ranked in the search results, said Greg Shuey, vice president of client services for, an SEO services company.

What Apple maps mean for Google
Sydney Morning Herald
Is Google worried that Apple's defection will substantially reduce its user base, and, consequently, the advertising revenue it gains through maps? Does the searchcompany fear that it could lose its place as the online mapping leader, a position that...

Sydney Morning Herald

Google given July deadline in EU antitrust investigation
Google has been given until July to come up with proposals for how it could change its business practices in Europe to comply with antitrust regulations. The European Commission launched an investigation into Google's dominance of the internet search...


Google faces antitrust probe deadline in July
Net - Google must come up with proposals to address its dominance of the websearch market by early next month or face regulatory intervention, the European Commission has said. According to The Telegraph, Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said ...


Google given July deadline to resolve EU antitrust concerns
An 18-month investigation by the EU suggested that Google favours some of its own services over rivals in search results and related services. "I want to give the company the opportunity to offer remedy proposals that would avoid lengthy proceedings," ...

Apple Sidelines Google, Incorporates Baidu
Mobile bloom News
Last year, after Google declined to succumb to the pressure from the government in China and modify its privacy and censorship aspects, local search engine Baidu saw a huge increase in the number of users. At present, the search engine holds 80% of the ...

What is Google maps SEO
Present tense Magazine
Google maps SEO is optimizing websites on Google maps, thereby getting higher ranking whensearches are location specific. For example, when a user types New York restaurant in the search engine, restaurants with higher ranking on Google maps will come ...

Can Apple Finally Quit Google?
Heck, it might even make Baidu (NAS: BIDU) the default search engine in China soon enough. TheGoogle Maps app on the iPhone has always pulled backend data from Google while Apple created the actual app interface. The biggest challenge with cutting out ...

Asus Google tablet Nexus 7 confirmed
The Driod Guy
There have been rumors about the Google tablet for a while now. All we knew till now is that Google is working on a new tablet with its very own mobile operating system, Android. The search engine giant is of course not manufacturing the device, ...

The Driod Guy

Baidu Could See A $150 A Share With Apple Deal
Seeking Alpha
While Baidu already controls 80% of the search engine market share in China, this deal will allow the company to grow more as the number of searches increase. So even with 80% market share, how can Baidu grow with Google (GOOG) still being a major ...

Apple courts developers vital to its popularity
WWDC comes less than two weeks before Google's annual developers conference, which will be held in the same downtown San Francisco conference center. "It is a back and forth between Apple and Google in a battle for hearts and minds of developers; ...


Tosh.0 Breaks Down Google Autocomplete
By Amanda Crum ·Daniel Tosh talked about Google and their Autocomplete feature a little bit the other night, bringing into the spotlight just how many silly questions people direct at the search engine.

$49 Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus delivers Google Wallet NFC support
Mobile bloom News
Capitalizing on that Sprint Galaxy Nexus ability, the handset comes preloaded with the wireless payment processing application Google Wallet. Google Wallet allows you to program your favorite payment method into your handset, and then make wireless ...

iOS devices responsible for 2% of Google's revenue
Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster sent out a note to clients on June 7th, that suggests 2% of Google'sentire revenue is from the iPhone and iPad. The note is primarily focusing on the rumors that Apple is leaving Google in favor of in-house reasons.

No more monopolies
Business Insider
Facebook (Facebook credits), Apple (iTunes store, in-app purchase), Microsoft (Xbox marketplace),Google (Google play, Google wallet) are all trying to play in the transaction space that has been dominated by Amazon. Microsoft (bing), Facebook (search) ...

Google Chrome Web Browser to Add Windows 8 Metro UI Support
Social Barrel
Google has announces that its next Chrome web browser release for developers will add support for the Windows 8 Metro user interface (UI). The search giant and software provider currently is in the works to offer Windows 8 users a choice away from ...

Social Barrel

Google Nexus Tablet Images And Specifications Allegedly Leaked
Geek WIth Laptop
It has been reported that Google might release five new Nexus devices on 5th November just to celebrate the five years of Android. While we still wait for the details of those five devices, a sixth device is also being expected.

Bing Gets a Little Smarter - Signs Deal With Encyclopaedia Britannica
Daily Disruption
The tie-up will see certain entries from the Encyclopaedia appear on results pages for relatedsearches. The deal has been outlined by some in the SEO world as a way for Bing to compete withGoogle's 'Knowledge Graph'. Bing's version, however ...

Google now default Firefox search engine in Russia
Firefox 14, Mozilla's upcoming version of the browser, will hit Russia with a new default search engine. According to TNW, Firefox will have Google as its new default, moving from Russia's own Yandex. Yandex currently has 60 percent share of the ...

Small Business SEO & Internet Marketing Strategy Guide, 2012
Business 2 Community
Small business SEO and Internet marketing strategies are going to have to revised and adapted following the announcement of paid product placements in Google searchresults. Read these two articles for more background on the potential ramifications of...

Business 2 Community

Four stories you should read Sunday, June 10
Now it's Feedly, which appealingly presents my RSS feeds synced from GoogleReader. I mainly use the app on a tablet, and I highly recommend it. This morning, as Apple's developer conference approaches tomorrow, there are loads of punditry -- and much ...


Topsy knows what you did on Twitter last year
The volume of tweets is too high for search engines to keep up by scanning Twitter for updates. Bing has access to Twitter's private "firehose" of real-time data, but it doesn't offer the ability to search within a specific date range. Google does ...


Competition Is Starting To Stretch Lululemon
Seeking Alpha
However, if you do a Google search for "stylish yoga clothes," "designer workout clothes," "yoga clothes for women," "men's workout clothes," "stylish gym clothes for women" or any variation of those types of words, you aren't going to find a single ...

Publisher's Perspective: A bigger Internet and some cool websites
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald
by Titus Workman For a few days this week Google added a small link to its default search page to some information about IPv6. So, what is IPv6 and why should you be interested? Just like a phone number helps you communicate with another phone, ...

Rank for Commissions Review Released by David Kennedy
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Especially for those people that have been hit by one of Google's latest search engine updates like Penguin. Many internet marketers have their own systems and techniques for getting top rankings. We at have never seen someone be ...
20 Tips To Master Google Search
By Oliur Rahman
Everyone knows Google is the biggest search engine on the internet right now, nothing else even comes close. However most people do not know how to take their online searches to the next level. Usually people will just bang in whatever ...

How Racist Are We? Ask Google -
Can we really quantify racial prejudice in different parts of the country based solely on how often certain words are used on Google? Not perfectly, but remarkably well. Google, aggregating information from billions of searches, has an uncanny ...
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Google Search Engine Tricks You Will Love
By Somtoo Okoye
Google are trickstars, nay, prankstars when it comes to fun and amusement. When it comes to having fun with Google Search, you don't wanna be left out. The 'Let it snow' search trick is oneGoogle Search amusement trick to try out. Type and ...
Somtoo {ideas}

Use of previous search data by Google for Adaptive Search | data ...
By Xcom Development
One of the problems search engines face in presenting relevant content in response to a searchquery is when the search term is ambiguous. For example, when a user enters the search term “bicycle” do they want to buy a bicycle, read ...

Google Rich Snippets for Reviews and Rating in a WordPress Plugin
By Hesham Zebida
If you don't know what this plugin dose, the Author hRview plugin provide an easy way to add GoogleRich Snippets for your reviews and ratings, which makes your product reviews stand out in Google search by having those little rating stars ...
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Video YouTube SEO – 5 Step Formula To Dominate YouTube ...
By admin
You can expect to get a lot of traffic from YouTube and Google is you optimise correctly and what I want to do in this video is show you my 5 Step Formula I use whenever I create a video to enable me to get a lot more views, to be shared and “go viral” and also get a lot more traffic back to my website. Now the first step is KEYWORDS. Now ... Search Engine Optimization Secrets: SEO for 2011 (Search Engine Optimization Kindle Bestseller) Search Engine Optimization: Secrets For 2011 ...
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Where does the way go with Google's search parameters? Knowing the parameters Google uses in its search is not only important for SEO geeks. It allow you to ...

google search redirect problem
Unfortunately my Google searches are being redirected to other sites like click. get-answers-fast and vivofind. I'm running Windows XP (SP3) and t...

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