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Google Search Users in China to See Censorship Warnings

Google Search Users in China to See Censorship Warnings
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Google on Thursday announced that it will display warnings to Search users in mainland China when their query is likely to result in an error beyond the search giant's control. In recent years, Google has received a number of ...

Google to Alert Users to Chinese Censorship
New York Times
BEIJING — Google has quietly upped the ante in a long-running dispute with Chinese authorities over censorship, adding a software twist to its search page that warns users when they type asearch term whose results are likely to be blocked in China.

Google challenges China censorship with new search tool
Fox News
BEIJING – Google has begun notifying Chinese users when they are using search terms that can trigger China's Internet blocks, in its boldest challenge in two years to Beijing's efforts to restrict online content. The search giant unveiled on its ...

EC Looks for New Google Search Results by July 2
By David Vranicar Today in international tech news: It was a wild end of the week for Google. The European Commission has given the company a July 2 deadline for changing its search results.Google also detailed a plan that could help Internet users in ...

Google demonstrates how frustrating performing a search in China is
Google's search homepage remains one of the fastest loading pages I use on a regular basis. But after watching the video above, it's clear in China that is definitely not the case, and it's through no fault of Google. Google posted the video to show ...

Google says retailers to buy product-search placement
Washington Post
The company is moving to a paid model by the fall and will call the new search tool GoogleShopping, Sameer Samat, a Google vice president, wrote in a blog post yesterday. Ads from the service will appear on's main search engine and be ...

Google now highlights censored search terms for users in China
By Michael Kan IDG News Service - Google on Thursday began helping users in China navigate the country's strict censorship systems by highlighting search terms that will likely result in page errors, as part of an update to the company's search engine.

Skepticism Greets Google's Attempt to Deal With Censored Terms in China
New York Times (blog)
By J. DAVID GOODMAN As my colleague Michael Wines reports, Google has quietly unveiled a feature on its search pages in China that warns users when they type in terms that could run afoul of the country's robust censorship network.

Google letting users in China know which searches are likely to be censored
Washington Post
Google is now letting search users in mainland China know when search terms they've entered are likely to break their connection to the company's servers. Apparently, the Great Firewall doesn't like queries containing characters like (river) and (week) ...

Google adds feature to help China searchers
CBS News
Google Inc. closed its China-based search engine in 2010 to avoid cooperating with government censorship. Mainland users can see its Chinese-language site in Hong Kong but the connection breaks if they search for sensitive terms.

CBS News

Google Warns China Users on Searches That May Break Connection
By Bloomberg News on June 01, 2012 Google Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG), which withdrew its search engine from China in 2010 during a spat over censorship, is notifying users in the country if they type words or phrases that may disrupt connections to its sites.

Google To Charge Merchants For Shopping Search Placement
Google unveiled big changes on Thursday to its shopping business, saying productsearch results for US users will be swayed by how much retailers and advertisers pay. The company currently displays product search results based primarily on relevance,...

RIAA: Google takedown numbers misleading
Google's statistics, since July 2011, show that Microsoft made the largest total number of takedown requests of any company, asking for a total of 2544209 URLs to be removed from Google's search results, which contained files or links to BitTorrent ...

Google tries, tries again with online shopping
It hasn't ever been a power in online retail, but Google has just given its unimposing Product Searchfeature a facelift by renaming it Google Shopping, charging merchants for product placements and displaying product info in general search results. by ...

Google Warns Chinese Users on Faulty Web Searches
Voice of America (blog)
Cyber-giant Google — locked in a tug-of-war with China over Internet freedom — has issued a warning to users in the People's Republic that some search words may disrupt connections, and is encouraging them to try other search terms.

Sly Google wields the knife in Chinese Internet censorship tussle
Christian Science Monitor
By Peter Ford, Staff writer / June 1, 2012 In this March 2010 file photo, flowers are placed on the Google logo outside Google China headquarters in Beijing. This week the search engine giant Google kept a polite smile on its face as it stuck its shiv ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google Now Warns About Censored Links in China
Google has started notifying users in China when they use search terms that are censored by the Chinese government, the company announced on its official blog. When a user in China types such a keyword into Google's Chinese search site, a warning will ...

Google aims to help users vault Great Firewall of China
TG Daily
Google searches in China are notoriously difficult, thanks to the country's notorious filtering system. Now, though, Google's aiming to help by warning users when a search is likely to fail. There can't be many people left in the country who would even ...

Google's Very Clever Reaction to Chinese Censorship
Google has come up with an interesting way of dealing with the Chinese state censorship of theirsearch engine results inside China. Not a perfect way for of course that is impossible when a government is determined to reduce the rights of its ...

Google Wages Keyword Battle Over China's Censorship
Fox Business
Google, which has long fought against Internet censorship in China, launched this week a new feature on its search engine there that informs users which keywords are likely to trigger censorship blocks and cause a system outage for more than a minute.

Google May Have To Change Search Results
By Chris Crum · 5 hours ago · Leave a Comment Joaquin Almunia, the European Commission's head of competition, has expressed concerns about Google, but that doesn't mean it's going to result in a long, drawn-out legal process for the company.

Google Adds Zagat Reviews To Promote Local Business
Sci-Tech Today
By Michael Liedtke As part of Google's expanded local business listings, Google has turned the Zagat restaurant review service into a free online service. The new business listings, which will also appear on Google's online mapping service and mobile ...

Sci-Tech Today

Nokia smacks Google for 'patent troll' charges
by Don Reisinger Nokia has hit back at Google after the search giant charged Microsoft and Nokia with collusion and using patent trolls to discourage device makers from using Android. "Though we have not yet seen the complaint, Google's suggestion that ...

Google changes Chinese search to alert for censorship
In a move designed to sidestep government censorship of search results, Google has added a new feature to Search in China: An alert that will tell users if their search terms are likely to trigger watchdog action. In a move that will surely cause ...

Google embraces paid product search options
ZDNet (blog)
Under the new, paid model, merchants and retailers will be required to pay for the privilege of their products appearing in search results. Adverts from the service will appear on's mainsearch engine and be labeled as “sponsored”.

In China, Google Offers a New Tool to Detect Sensitive Words
TIME (blog)
Google has fired a new salvo in a censorship battle with Beijing by adding a feature that suggests alternatives for search terms that might result in blocked results. Like many tech-savvy people in China, Kai-Fu Lee spent some time Friday tinkering ...

TIME (blog)

Google Product Search Transforming into Google Shopping ...
By Samantha Bedford
As always, it's busy times at Google, with the recent announcement of Google+ Local Pages and now Google Product Search transforming into Google Shopping. Google Product Search as it stands now generates its listings by crawling the ...
Location3 Media

Google to flag 'censored' searches for Chinese users (video ...
By Daniel Cooper
Google is announcing that it's going to place a flag on contentious search terms for users in mainland China. Mountain View's Alan Eustace.

Google Faces Antitrust Issues in Europe - SocialTimes
By Devon Glenn
On behalf of the European commission, head of competition policy Joaquin Almunia sent a letter to Google asking them to change their search results and advertising rules or else be taken to court and possibly fined, according to a report by ...

Google VP Dines With FTC Chairman Amid ... - Search Engine Watch
By Miranda Miller
Can Google remain an unbiased search engine while deriving income from advertising and affiliate marketing on search engine results pages? Maybe this is what Google's Susan Wojcicki and FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz chatted about over ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

Google faces massive antitrust suit over search dominance | The ...
By Charles Arthur, The Guardian
He says that “instinctively, Google believes it's providing the best search engine, and that that should indemnify it from the slings and arrows of government interference”. But it hasn't. Almunia, in his letter on 26 May to Google's executive ...
The Raw Story

Google Goes Paid With Product Search - 24/7 Wall St.
By 247wallst
Sameer Samat the Vice President of Product Management for Google Shopping wrote in a blog: First, we are starting to transition Google Product Search in the U.S. to a purely commercial model built on Product Listing Ads. This new product [.
24/7 Wall St.

Google mobile search prblm? - Opera Mini - Opera Community
From google search result page, if we pick mobile and click search again, we'll get error page Even when we select other options in ...
My Opera Forum: Opera Mini

You probably shouldn't Google how to kill someone before killing ...
By Ned Hepburn
have been tied to a murder after hundreds of text messages, Facebook messages, and Google searches revealed that they had turned to the Internet to find out how to craft an alibi as well as communicate to each other various ways to carry ...
Death and Taxes

Major Changes Coming to Google Shopping This Fall | Search ...
By Nii Ahene
Remember those four tips I gave you today about Google Shopping? Well, forget them. Yes, forget all of them because Google has decided to wipe the slate clean and change the product searchlandscape completely.
Search Engine Journal

Google+ Local Redefines Local Search & Social Media | Gourmet ...
By Matthew Sonnenshein
Google Places is no more. All the Google Places listings (local search listings) have been moved onto Google+ Local, a new offshoot of Google's social media (Google +). And overnight, this has changed the game for restaurants. The most ...
Restaurant Marketing by Gourmet...

objective c - how does Google's "Google search 2.0" app launches ...
The other Google apps have URL schemes registered that can open them. UIApplication's -canOpenURL: method will return NO if the URL scheme ...

Google Panda Update: More Speculation From Webmasters About ...
As usual, webmasters are speculating that there may have been a Panda update refresh. Once again, Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable is pointing ...

Google details copyright removals in search
We're talking takedown requests for Google search results. If a rightsholder encounters a link to infringing material, they can send a takedown request to Google.

Google Launches Full-Scale Shopping in Search
Today, Google begins an experiment to change the way you shop online. When you search for a product, Google will deliver paid listings for shopping options ...

Html google search, open in new tab -
Hi, I'm new to coding and am currently trying to put together a simple intranet at our company. I've been able to get the following code for a google search to ...

Google Search app for iOS gets major overhaul
The Google Search app has been completely redesigned for its 2.0 update, bringing better performance and a "more beautiful" design to iPhone users...

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