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Google Schools Apple On Maps

Google Schools Apple On Maps
New York Times (blog)
By QUENTIN HARDY | June 6, 2012, 3:33 pm Comment Google wants Apple, and the rest of us, to know just how expensive and hard it is to make good maps. On Wednesday the search company gave a press conference with little news. It was timed just ahead of ...

Google debuts digital map features before Apple rolls out own app
Los Angeles Times
Google billed the event as "the next dimension" for its digital mapping service. The aim is to get even more people to use its maps even as Apple reportedly prepares to jettison Google as a built-in application in its mobile operating system.

With Apple breakup looming, Google shows off some 'magic'
Fox News
In the wake of reports that Apple plans to drop Google's Maps software by year-end in favor of a home grown solution, Google announced a slew of updates to its popular mapping software Wednesday. “We're trying to create magic here,” the company said ...

Google Sued For Patent Infringement Over GDrive
Wired News
By Caleb Garling A small Massachusetts software company has sued Google, claiming that the search giant's brand new Google Drive infringes one of its patents. Unveiled little more than a month ago, Google Drive — aka the “GDrive” — is an online...

Wired News

Google gets the jump on better 3D maps with a "fleet of planes"
Ars Technica
But Google could face real competition for the first time in half a decade, and some of what it announced today will be judged according to how well Google Maps will stand up to that. After all, millions of iPhone users may soon be giving their search ...

Ars Technica

Google Maps go off-road and offline
Many of us rely on Google Maps to find our way around, but the service doesn't help us much once we leave the roads or our Internet connections. That's about to change — and everything's getting more accurate, too, according to the search giant.

Google Book Search Case Gets New Start With Class Certification in Two Actions
Bloomberg BNA
In 2005, the Authors Guild, several authors, and publishers brought two class action lawsuits in the Southern District of New York challenging Google's arrangement with several large libraries to digitize the entire contents of their collections and to ...

Google adds feature to warn users of possible 'state-sponsored attacks'
Washington Post
BEIJING — Google said Wednesday that it has added a feature to warn users whose accounts it believes are targets of “state-sponsored attacks,” but the Internet giant did not cite a specific government. Google Inc., however, closed its search engine in ...

Google will begin warning users of state-sponsored attacks
By Lee Kaelin Internet search giant Google has announced it will begin alerting Gmail users if they are being subjected to what it calls "suspected state-sponsored" attacks as well as offering advice on how to have additional layers of security to ...

Google adds warning of 'state-sponsored attacks'
Google Inc., however, closed its search engine in China in 2010 after saying it no longer wanted to cooperate with Beijing's Internet censorship following hacking attacks traced to China. A message that says "Warning: We believe state-sponsored ...

Google Updates Force Reputation Defense Companies to Evolve
MarketWatch (press release)
Google has long proven zealous for ensuring that its search results are as light on "spam" and disreputable content as possible, with a series of "Panda" updates seeking to rid the search engine of any shady or low-quality websites.

Google deploying planes over cities for 3D maps
Chicago Tribune
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc is deploying a fleet of small, camera-equipped airplanes above several cities, the Internet search company's latest step in its ambitious and sometimes controversial plan to create a photo-based map of the world.

Google Buys QuickOffice; New Nintendo Games; Google 'State-Sponsored' Attack ...
PC Magazine
Back in New York, the news was very Google-centric. The search giant announced that it has acquired Quickoffice, a mobile productivity suite. Google praised Quickoffice's track record of working seamlessly between various file formats, ...

Google to Warn Users About Possible 'State-Sponsored' Attacks
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Google has been rather warning-happy lately; from alerts about malware to blocked websites in China. Today, however, the search giant expanded those efforts with security warnings about state-sponsored attacks.

Google warns Gmail users of possible state-sponsored attack
Los Angeles Times
By David Pierson BEIJING -- Google Inc. began warning some users of its Gmail service Tuesday that their computers may be compromised by a state-sponsored cyberattack. The search enginecompany alerted the users with a pink banner on their email ...

iSEO: Doing Mobile SEO Right – SMX Advanced 2012
Business Insider
He says keyword and concept research are critical to SEO. How do keywords and search behavior change on mobile phones? To find out, they looked at search data from the Google Keyword Tool. They supplemented it with Google Insights for Search.

Google Finally Takes A Clear Stance On Mobile SEO Practices
Search Engine Land
Today at SMX Advanced during the iSEO panel, Pierre Far, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced clear guidelines and recommendations on mobile SEO. In short, Google recommends you go with a responsive design when possible, otherwise you can use ...

Search Engine Land

Google, Apple Map out Battle Lines
Voice of America
For several years, consumers using the hand-held iPhones and iPad tablets sold by the Apple consumer products company have viewed maps supplied by one of the leading search engine companies, Google. But now that arrangement is about to end, ...

Voice of America

Google Planning New Small Business Service as Part of Local Revenue Push?
Search Engine Watch
by Miranda Miller, June 6, 2012 Comments Just a few days ago, we reported that Google Places had been swallowed up by Google+ Local Pages, as the search giant continues expanding into new revenue sources. Social, local, and mobile are definitely their ...

Google Introduces Offline Maps For Mobile, Claims A Billion Users Globally For ...
Search Engine Land
During its “next dimension” event this morning Google sought to convey to an audience of tech journalists and others how much effort, expense and care it has invested in Google Maps. Indeed, the platform is roughly eight years old and has seen enormous ...

Search Engine Land

Revamped Google maps goes offline for mobile
Google unveiled a revamped maps program Wednesday which allows mobile users to use the service offline in places where they lack an Internet connection. Google unveiled a revamped maps program Wednesday which allows mobile users to use the service ...

Google Demos New Maps Features Ahead of Apple Announcement
Technology Review
With Apple expected to unveil its own 3-D mapping technology next week, Googleseems a little nervous. It seemed that way at a Google Maps press event held in San Francisco today, where the search giant, which has over a billion monthly active users...

Technology Review

Google Buys Social Start-Up Meebo For $100 Million
Search giant Google is at it again buying companies and products to beef up its ever-growing business portfolio. The company just bought Quickofffice a few days ago. And their latest acquisition? Social start-up Meebo. According to a report, ...


Webinar on Google Shopping Ads June 13
TopTenWholesale News
CI has developed a technology to help merchants maximize sales and optimize ad spend with Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which will be an important ad option for merchants as Google Product Search becomes Google Shopping over the summer months.

TopTenWholesale News

Live Blog of Google Maps Press Conference
Google has summoned journalists to its San Francisco office to learn about Next Dimension ofGoogle Maps. So far, all we have is a history lesson on the history of Google maps. Brian McClendon is speaking. Today 75% of all people on the world can see ...

News Summary: Google adds feature to warn users of possible 'state-sponsored ...
Washington Post
NEW FEATURE: Google is warning users whose accounts it believes are targets of “state-sponsored attacks.” CHINA EYED: Google did not cite a specific government. But it did close itssearch engine in China in 2010 after saying it no longer wanted to ...

Google search for UsingEnglish content
By birdeen's call
in the Google search box gives us the UE pages containing the word "would", which is impossible tosearch for via the UE search box. It also allows one to perform many searches within a short period of time as, unlike UE, Google doesn't ... ESL Forum

Are you cultivating your personal authority with Google AuthorRank?
By Terence Kam
In practice, the PageRank algorithm is vulnerable to manipulation, which provoked Google to invoke their dreaded search algorithm updates (e.g. Panda, Penguin). That resulted in the rise and falls of many websites' search rankings and created a lot of angst and uncertainty in the SEO industry (see Another SEO company smashed by Google's penalty). I can assure you that it will only be a matter of time before another round of manipulatory practices will proliferate, as unscrupulous ...

Why Google is shooting itself in the foot with paid product search ...
By David Mercer
Google Product Search is now for paying advertisers only - free product related search results are no more. Instead merchants will bid to have their products displayed above organic search results. By making a fundamental change in the way ...
Site prebuilder

Google Warns Users of Government Hacker Attacks
By Jon Mitchell
Never mind Stuxnet's infiltration of Iranian nuclear facilities - national governments are carrying out Internet attacks against private citizens, often their own. Now Google has stepped into the breach. If it detects an attack, the search giant says, ...

How Google & Search Engine Optimization Changed The Music ...
By Natalie Cheng
In his essay posted on Music Think Tank, Stephen Carmichael talks about Google and SEO's impact on the music industry. Google has an impact on ... How Google & Search Engine OptimizationChanged The Music Industry. Wade johnson ...

Google Product Search Goes to Strictly Paid Method | Business 2 ...
By Alex Peerenboom
For years ecommerce merchants have had the ability to list products within search results onGoogle. The product, whatever its name (Froogle, ... simply called Google Shopping. Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land wrote a piece ( warning: it's very long) with some great screenshots of the coming transition. ... The key factor here was that these paid listings appeared within the same organic listings that were free to manage through traditional SEO. The end user could not tell the ...
Business 2 Community

How Google And Search Engine Optimisation Changed The Music ...
By Stephen Carmichael
As of April 2012 google has changed its system and the new and updated SEO system is called Penguin; Penguin is designed to stop company's, blogs and websites from cheating the system by over optimising their websites. Importance of ...
Music Think Tank (primary) RSS

Recommendations for building - Google Webmaster Central Blog
By Pierre Far
Since we last talked about how to build mobile-friendly websites, we've been working hard on improving Google's support for smartphone-optimized content. As part of this effort, we launched ...with identifying such content. Today we'd like to give you Google's recommendations for building smartphone-optimized websites and explain how to do so in a way that gives both your desktop- and smartphone-optimized sites the best chance of performing well in Google's search results.
Google Webmaster Central Blog

Optimizing your site information architecture (IA) for Panda | Biznology
By James Mathewson
That's a great antidote to Panda's negative ranking factors that punish cluttered websites. But sometimes it's not that ... Search Marketing | Tags: Google, Information architecture, Panda, Search engine optimization, Search engine results page ...

Google Knowledge Graph And Its Impact On Search Engine Results ...
By Cameron Muro
Now, instead of promoted brands and people in Google+, Google search engine users will be exposed to a variety of similar information entered in the search query. We thought it was important to break down how Google's Knowledge graph ...
JASE Group Inbound Marketing...

Google Patents: A Picture of the Past and Present | Fulcrum Group
By Admin
Simply by plugging random words in the Google Patents search engine, you can sift through these useful and decidedly useless futuristic marvels. Organizing the World's Information. According toGoogle, Google Patents is one more part of ...
Fulcrum Group

google search / virus ? - Geeks to Go Forums
I do alot of google searches but lately say I do a search for "google search hijacked" I click on the link etc but when I click on the back arrow to the search page it ...

• Proof that SEO, Google and search is in every day life for every day ...
Proof that SEO, Google and search is in every day life for every day people. “ Overheard next table at Starbucks, “With Google Panda and Penguin our tricks ...

Baidu: We Do Semantic Search Better Than Google | Dan Brusca
Well, it seems we'll be discussing Google. "Google unveiled itsKnowledge Graph recently, which it coined the "first step in the next generation of search.",While it ...

Google Search 2 for iOS update review | AppleTell
Within the context of its focused functionality, Google Search is a better tool on iOS than any browser I've used on the platform.

Google Search Appliance upgrade | Webmaster's Blog
If you're using the Google Search Appliance on your website, you should either point your searchforms to public Google, or else recognize they will be out of ...

tomasperezv/google-search-query · GitHub
google-search-query - Simple PHP library that encapsulates a query against the Google SearchAPI.

Custom Google Search with Q&A
Hello, Will the Custom Google Search plugin support the Q&A plugin. For example, can we have the full functionality of the search plugin for the Q.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google: Is indexing required to ...
When Google indexes a link, we can assume they find it to be valuable. But is indexing absolutely required to rank for a search query in the serps?. Answer 1 of ...

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