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You're not gonna Like it: Facebook's new search struggles with the real world | The Verge: "Facebook launched Graph Search at a big press event at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters almost exactly one month ago. CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a large part of the event keynote himself, highlighting the feature as one of three “pillars of Facebook” alongside the News Feed and Timeline. Graph Search is supposed to help you gather friends for a Twin Peaks marathon, find photos taken in London on your last trip, and see which sushi places are most popular among your friends. After a month of testing Graph Search, I’ve found that it’s fantastic at finding people and photos, but not so good at finding anything else. And it’s for one simple reason. . . . Likes have become so commoditized that I, a self-professed Facebook fanatic, have become stingier with them, and so have many of my friends. When I like Nike or a restaurant nearby, I am acutely conscious that I'm signing up for News Feed updates for life  . . ."

Yandex Just Passed Bing to Become 4th Largest Global Search Engine - Search Engine Watch (#SEW): "Yandex began passing Microsoft in November, but the difference was tiny and initially it could have perceived looking like a statistical error. There are only two out of Top-5 search entities which grew higher last year: Baidu (13 percent) and Yandex (27.8 percent) while the total number of search queries worldwide decreased by 4.6 percent since December 2011. Exploring this deeper, reveals a few interesting data points. The audience growth continues to evolve and grow in Russia, however, global growth in Western markets where Microsoft has most of their share has slowed down."

Russia’s Yandex stacks up against Google - John Dvorak's Second Opinion - MarketWatch: "I’ve been playing with the Yandex YNDX +0.86%  product (short for Yet ANother inDEXer). I can see using this in place of Google or Bing. In fact, it may be better than both. Although it targets the Russian market it shows up in English if you are coming in from the U.S. and seems to produce excellent results on every search. I prefer the layout of the results when compared to Google and Bing. It’s a bit more straightforward with an appealing layout and, at least for now, not noticeable advertising. The engine uses a similar algorithm as Google for misspelled words and automatically considers your location for its results. They do not seem to be caching the entire Internet the way Google does and they are attacking the search differently."

Google's Enhanced Campaigns Inspire Love, Hate And Hope For The Next Version: "Of course, beyond the planning work will be the actual inputting of new campaigns and combining of desktop and mobile campaigns into a single campaign — no simple task. Google says it’s stepping up education and support to help marketers cope with the changes. It has developed an “upgrade guide” PDF and is planning a series of webinars. More blog posts are also forthcoming, and support personnel will be on duty, as well. Of course, some marketers are opting to sit back, do some research, and wait for while others explore the new features and report on their successes and failures. The automatic conversion of campaigns is still a few months off, after all."

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