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Facebook Graph Search will poison Facebook as a social media platform

For now, Facebook is still #1 in social media, but Google+ is now at #2 and YouTube is at #3--will Facebook Graph Search hurt or help?

Watch Out Facebook, With Google+ at #2 and YouTube at #3, Google, Inc. Could Catch Up - Forbes: "In another post from Trendstream, Google is compared to Facebook’s new Graph Search. Its data indicate a marked decline in the percent of Facebook users who are actively sharing information about their daily lives—a significant source of data for Graph Search. GWI observes that, “Growth of active usage is concentrated in passive or frictionless sharing actions and behaviours, like “purchasing a product or service” or watching a TV show or film, which have grown massively through 2012.” The post concludes that, “The future of social is far more passive, less about interacting with friends and more about watching or utilizing the social data to navigate and discover the web as well as the world around us. This means the data will not be user contributed but, aggregated about the user. This leaves Google with the upper hand.” In terms of Facebook’s Graph Search, Trendstream’s Tom Smith writes, “It is far easier to lay social and personalised data over a search product that aggregates the entire internet and links that to users. Facebook is only aggregating what exists in the Facebook eco-system or what consumers have opted into share. To bring this data, which will be coming from Facebook’s partnership with Bing, into the Facebook’s Graph Search will be a far bigger technology challenge and most crucially, an immense privacy challenge.” The other thing boosting Google+’s active user count is the way that people are being made aware of its value in a business context. Google has added pop-up labels that help to identify people in your company as you post updates, for example. But, beyond these mechanical features, Google has promised that Google+ profiles will factor more in search rankings over time, so more and more people are beginning to pay attention and at least fill out their profiles and link them to their content so as not to miss out. . . ."

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