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Facebook Search and the Loss of Privacy

On Facebook? Then forget about your privacy--

Where Facebook Search Will Go Next – Crawling Your Comments and Integrating with Open Graph | MIT Technology Review: "The social networking giant has two valuable data stores that it has yet to connect up to its prominent new search box (so large that it displaces the company’s logo). Accessing these data stores could change how people find information online—not to mention the fortunes of arch rival Google. First, Facebook could analyze the substance of user comments and other text people have added to the site, such as photo captions. That could help Facebook find many more recommendations not logged through check-ins or “like” button clicks, and to sift out misleading likes. Second, Facebook’s search tool has yet to move outside the social network’s own borders (and into Google’s territory) by tapping into the Open Graph, a system developed by Facebook in 2010 as a way for it to understand the products, services, or other entities described on Web pages and in mobile apps. Open Graph allows Facebook to understand, for example, the artist, song, and album you are interacting with each time you click a song in a music service such as Spotify. That kind of knowledge could help Facebook search apply to more than just content from your friends. . . . "

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