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Google's Secret Weapon

Return of the Borg: How Twitter Rebuilt Google's Secret Weapon
Four years ago, Wilkes knew Google only from the outside. He was among the millions whose daily lives so deeply depend on things like Google Search and Gmail and Google Maps. But then he joined the engineering team at the very heart of Google's ...

Google said to prep e-commerce push
Washington Post
Google may be planning to take on Amazon in the e-commerce space, according to a TechCrunch report that claims the company is working on a discounted same-day shipping service that would take on Amazon's Prime program, as well as similar efforts ...

Google controls too much of China's smartphone sector: ministry
Android has been Google's bright spot in China. In the third quarter last year, Android accounted for 90 percent of all mobile operating systems in China while Apple Inc's iOS system was at just 4.2 percent. (Reporting by Melanie Lee; Editing by Edmund ...

How do Google searches work? Here's the answer
Fox News
Google has launched a new site, "How Search Works," featuring a clever infographic that not only reveals the process of search, but gives a real-time view of spam removal — a key component that shows the pages users don't see are just as important as ...

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