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Increase Blog Traffic Without Using Google | Business 2 Community: "Despite the wild claims of SEO experts for hire, you don’t need to rank higher in Google to increase blog traffic on your site. Ranking higher in Google is just one way to increase traffic—and there are many other ways. - Use Incoming Links To Increase Blog Traffic - Thanks to SEO, most people today think of links primarily as a way to rank higher on search engines. But links were originally designed so that people could click them—and many people still do. If someone links to your site using an appealing phrase, there’s a good chance you’ll get a steady stream of natural traffic. The key to this strategy is to get people to link to your site on popular pages and to use appealing link phrases. Popular pages tend to link to other popular pages, so you’re going to need to build and market appealing high-quality content. . . . "  Read more at

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