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Top SEO Trends of 2013

The Top SEO Trends of 2013
Huffington Post
With Panda, Google officially waged war on webmasters who use black-hat SEO techniques to manipulate search engines and frowned upon poor onsite user experience. Matt Cutts, the head of search quality at Google, has made it abundantly clear that web ...

Google Uses Search to Predict Box Office Winners
PC Magazine
The all-knowing Google search engine could hold the key to predicting a film's box office success. With an Internet-connected smartphone in almost every hand, automated phone lines and newspaper listings are out, replaced by movie-time apps, critics' ...

How to Win in the Google Stock Market
Search Engine Watch
The Google search engine has a hidden side. Because it sells ad space based on a keyword auction, it's actually a stock market for words. If you bid on "donate your car Sacramento" or "DUI Attorney Houston", you'll find that the market for those words ...

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