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Facebook's Potential Search Power Could Surpass Google's

Facebook's Potential Search Power Could Surpass Google's
MediaPost Communications
Its monetary success will come partly at the expense of Google and Amazon. Google's search dominance is vulnerable because it is built on link prevalence instead of Facebook's personal relevance. Amazon's empire was forged on user preferences and ...

Google dominates Web sector
San Jose Mercury News
By Mike Swift With Google (GOOG) dominating the Web sector of the SV150 for another year, one of the search giant's biggest stories of 2011 -- an unprecedented boom in hiring -- was also a centerpiece for the entire Web industry.

A flowering Google Doodle for Earth Day
By Nancy Blair, USA TODAY For the search giant's Earth Day logo, "doodler" Jennifer Hom planted and grew the logo and made a time-lapse video of it, according to a Google+ post by Google exec Marissa Mayer. Hover over the doodle and you see it ...


Google Doodle Commemorates Earth Day
PCWorld (blog)
By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld Apr 22, 2012 6:30 AM Google is blooming, not only in terms of profits but also on its website. The Internet search leader, to commemorate Earth Day, has created a special doodle on its home page that makes the letters of ...

Google joins Earth Day celebration with flower-themed Doodle
GMA News
A screenshot of Google's animated doodle – flowers blooming to spell out the Internet giant's name – for Earth Day. As in past doodles, clicking on the doodle would take the visitor to a Google Search Results page, this time for "Earth Day.

Blooming Google doodle celebrates Earth Day 2012 with time-lapse garden
The Google doodle on Earth Day is a special moment to remember Earth Day with a time-lapse video of the Google logo on the search page that is designed to blossom. Purple, red and yellow flowers blossom from a green beginning showing the logo in a very ...

Building a Good Link Profile: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Search Engine Watch
by Mark Jackson, April 22, 2012 Comments A prospect calls up and asks you to “do this search engine optimization thing” for their website. After checking their website against identified keywords and the competition, you check their link profile, ...

Google To Launch Storage Service Next Week
Spiegel Online
Internet search engine Google is expected to enter the cloud computing fray next week with the launch of GDrive, the company's answer to similar offerings by Apple, Microsoft and Dropbox. Speculation has been rife in recent days over the timing of the...

Spiegel Online

Earth Day 2012: Google Logo Blossoms With Gorgeous Flowers
Huffington Post
Google on Sunday replaced the logo on its search engine homepage with a blossoming animation in honor of Earth Day 2012. Visitors to will see, in place of the usual company logo, a patch of garden fashioned to spell out "GOOGLE.

Google's ex-CEO gets US$101m pay package
3News NZ
The amount is 322 times higher than the US$313219 package that Schmidt received in 2010 during his final full year as the internet search leader's CEO. Schmidt, 56, ended a decade-long stint as Google's CEO last April and turned over the job to Google ...

3News NZ

Google's Schmidt Gets $101M Pay Package
By AP 04/21/12 - 05:36 PM EDT By Michael Liedtke SAN FRANCISCO -- Shifting fromGoogle's(GOOG) CEO to executive chairman proved to be lucrative career move for Eric Schmidt. Google Inc. awarded Schmidt a compensation package valued at $101 million last ...

Google doodles on Earth Day
New York, Apr 22 (IBNS): Popular internet search engine Google came up with an animated doodle on Sunday to observe 'Earth Day'. Letters of the word 'Google' has been designed in the shape of a beautiful garden with colourful flowers growing on it.


International Forecaster April 2012 (#6) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
Gold Seek
For a company whose corporate motto is "Don't Be Evil," Google Inc. certainly has found itself at the receiving end of its share of lawsuits, claims and controversies. Still, even by Google's standards this past week has been a difficult one.

Earth Day Google Doodle 2012: Google celebrates Earth Day with blooming logo
And the search engine giant is putting its money where its mouth is – they've invested over $900 million in renewable energy. Google has been celebrating special events, holidays and people with unique and creative Doodles for years and the Earth Day ...

EXCLUSIVE: Google Forced Out of China, Plotted by Bo Xilai and Security Boss
The Epoch Times
A card, a letter and flowers are placed on the Google logo at its China headquarters building in Beijing, China, on March 23, 2010, the day Google announced its intention to close its Chinese-language search engine in mainland China.

The Epoch Times

Me and my data: how much do the internet giants really know?
The Guardian
To briefly state the obvious, the internet giants are seriously big: Google is not only the world's largest search engine, it's one of the top three email providers, a social network, and owner of the Blogger platform and the world's largest video site ...

More Spring Cleaning from Google
Some of the tools and services that have been deprecated in Google's latest clearout of APIs will linger for a full 3 years, until April 20th 2015. However in future the deprecation period (the length of time an API will remain functional after Google ...

comScore Charts YouTube's Volcanic Eruption as 2nd Leading Video Ad Property
Search Engine Watch
In March 2012, Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property with 146.1 million unique viewers, followed by Yahoo sites with 60.6 million, VEVO with 51.3 million, Facebook with 45.1 ...

Google celebrates Earth Day with flower-themed doodle
Zee News
The latest in the search engine's so-called doodles sees purple, red and yellow flowers sprout from a series of shrubs laid out to spell Google. Earth Day was first held on 1970 after Gaylord Nelson, a US senator, conceived it as a tool to encourage an ...

Zee News

Search and social media bring Burlco woman together with the family she never knew
The Times of Trenton -
Ron Brady, the head of school, told her he had found it on Google Images, and began showing her how the online search engine works. “We randomly started looking for people,” Hill recalled last week. “We did the principal's name, his picture came up.

The Times of Trenton -

Google to enter tablet war against Apple and Amazon
The National
The search giant Google is understood to be planning to release its own tablet computers in a move that would take it toe to toe with the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Google is expected to use the smartphone and tablet maker Motorola Mobility ...

The National

Google's ex-CEO gets $101M pay package in new job
The amount disclosed in a regulatory filing is 322 times higher than the $313219 package that Schmidt received in 2010 during his final full year as the Internet search leader's CEO. Schmidt ended a decade-long stint as Google's CEO last April and ...

Mediafire Starts Blocking FilesTube Search Traffic
In a week where “reasonable practices” for cyberlockers were high on the agenda, file-hosting service Mediafire decided to block all incoming traffic from the popular media search engine FilesTube. Commenting on the move Mediafire's co-founder explains ...

How to download your data from Google and Facebook
The Guardian (blog)
Want to find out how much data Google and Facebook have on you? I did so for my own accounts – many seven or more years old – and across different places, there was a phenomenal amount. Here's how to get the same information on yourself: Any company ...

The Guardian (blog)

Limpag: Google drive
By Max T. Limpag According to unconfirmed reports that came out in several blogs and technology news websites in the past weeks, Google Drive will offer users five gigabytes of free storage space. Several tech sites also published screengrabs of a ...

Google's Schmidt saw salary rise from $1 to $1.25 mn
Google Inc's former chief executive Eric Schmidt received a bump in his annual salary to $1.25 million from the $1 he received in the previous year, after he became the executive chairman of the company in April 2011. Schmidt's total compensation last ...


Google Earth Day Logos - 2012 Edition
by Michael dEstries April 22, 2012 This Earth Day marks the 11th year that Google has created some kind of special logo to mark the occasion. Working forward from 2001, we can really see the creative progression of how much time the big G has thrown ...

Can Competitors Hurt Your Rankings? Rand Fishkin Challenges Negative SEO
If a website's link profile looks too suspicious or spammy, it will trigger a flag or algorithm that will in the end reduce the website's rankings or possibly knock them right out of Google's search results too. There's also a whole other group of SEOs ...
Google: Search Ads | Creative Criminals
By Rindert Dalstra
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created 3 print advertisements for Google with the tagline: “maybe the best ads are just answers”.
Creative Criminals

Local search and search engine optimization Google Local ...
By place it local
Google Local Search Glossary. Keyword Research Tools Google Keyword Tool. SEO Book KeywordSearch Tool. More Places to Claim Your Listings Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp. Local Search & Search Engine Optimization Blogs ...
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Some Visitors "blocked By Google"…But Not All - High Rankings ...
You'll see that #2 reports 587 visitors blocked by google. I can't view what search terms they used. But if that many visitors are blocked, they can't access the web page, nor can they click the googleads. What can I do, if anything, to allow these ...
High Rankings Forum

Google Rank Checker/SERP Checker To Check Keyword Ranking
By Mahesh Mohan
Ranking Check is a SERP Checker which checks the Search Engine Ranking of your website for a keyword on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It allows you enter 3 keywords at a time and the ... Easy SEOTracking Google SERP Checker offers a better interface. But again it only checks the first 100 results and they ... But he continues by saying that we shouldn't be really doing that at all as it's a wrong approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But I'm sure that people are obsessed with ...

Google Search: The Best Sandwich Is The ... - I Believe in Advertising
By Filippo
Google Search: The Best Sandwich Is The Closest One, Something You Weren't Interested In, Trailer Hitches. April 22, 2012 at 01:24 ... google 2 of 3 something you werent interested in goodby silverstein partners san francisco · google 1 of 3 ...
I Believe in Advertising | ONLY...

Can't do Google UK searches with Firefox Search Box when HTTPS ...
By Goto10
When HTTPS Everywhere 2.0.2 extension is active, searches in the built-in Firefox Search Box go to (instead of as desired). This means that I can't get UK results without having to go to ...
Recent Questions - Super User

Google Drive: more accidental proof of its existence | Social Talent
By socialtalent
Now, you all know that I love my boolean so I thought I would do a simple search of Google's own site today to see if I could find evidence of the product. A site search of Google throws up tons of Google Plus and Google Groups discussions ...
Social Talent

Online Marketing Workshop For Business – 25th April and 2nd May ...
By admin
Search engine optimization tips ( SEO ) ... We now have 21 of our key words on the first page of google and have set a target with Sean of 30 which we are well on the way to hitting." Ashley Austin – Owner. Want To Know How To Generate ...
Search engine optimization tips ( SEO )

Is Google crawl the content within the images? - Webmaster Forum
By mareeswaran
Google does index images in there image search engine so it's good to have a Alt Attribute on the images. I'm not sure i'm understing your question right, haven't had that first cup of coffee yet. lol 2. This forum tends to stay up to speed with ...
Webmaster Forum

Google Trends
Explore advanced features with Google Insights for Search. Explore flu trends across the U.S. with Flu Trends · Google Home - About Google Trends ...

SEO, Google and Unnatural Linking: Part 2 | Search Engine Academy
In my previous post on the topic of search engine optimization (SEO), Google and unnatural linking, I covered In-bound link PageRank Distribution.

Google Shutting Out Rivals, Claims Russian Search Engine Yandex ...
suraj.sun writes "Ilya Segalovich, co-founder of Russia's leading search engine, Yandex, has accused Google of abusing its dominance to shut out competitors ...

Google search baby names before committing (facebook) - Imgur
Google search baby names before committing (facebook) ... I didn't have to Google the reference, but I did anyway, and so did all of you XPFHf.

Google Search Issues - Tested
Often times while on google I will be typing something and I will get opening search window asking me to save my search as a .json file. At the same time it says ...

Google Plus for Business - Social Graph Changes Search
Just because your high school friends and your mother aren't on Google Plus does not mean your business shouldn't be.

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