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The key to Facebook's success (and Twitter's problem)

The key to Facebook's success
Washington Post
(My friend Carol Glover doesn't show up in the Carol search for the same reason.) This is really silly in 2012. Computing power and storage is cheap enough that you could search against the whole follower list. Google searches much larger datasets for ... 

Google vs. Facebook: Clash of Internet Titans Likely to Follow IPO in May
NEWS ANALYSIS: Google wants to claim a bigger portion of social networking, and Facebook wants to get its hands on more users in search. Both of them have a long way to go. Google vs. Facebook: Clash of Internet Titans Likely to Follow IPO in May ...

8-bit Google Maps: Google's most fun April Fools' Day prank ever?
Washington Post (blog)
By Maura Judkis You can, of course, use Google on your tablet device and your phone — but sadly, you've never been able to use it on your Nintendo. No longer! On April 1, Google debuted its newest product, Quest, which uses Google Maps to take you on ...

April Fools Day: Google Pranks Search, Maps And More
By Zach Walton · 4 hours ago · Leave a Comment Let's just get this out of the way right now –Google is insane (in a good way). They have pulled off so many pranks today that it's hard to keep track of all of them. There are so many and they are all ...

Sky Google Search
The Liverpool striker appeared to dive in search of a penalty. 8 Great chance for Liverpool to score as Skrtel gets on the end of Gerrard's cross, but heads his effort over the top. Best opening of the game so far. 8 Liverpool win a free-kick wide on ...

Meet Google's search anthropologist
Sydney Morning Herald
PALO ALTO, California: On a hot August evening in late 2009, a Palo Alto entrepreneur working in her home office landed on Google's befuddling advanced search menu. "Oh, I hate this," she said, before immediately clicking away.

Google's Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool's Day 2012
Search Engine Land
It was right about this time last year when we gave Google the winner's trophy for a series of gags that put all others to shame. We could do the same again right now, because Google has tried to top itself with another round of April Fool's Day jokes ...

Search Engine Land

Google says its Kansas City fiber project is about nutrition
Kansas City Star
Google said Sunday its interest in Kansas City is not in how the market feeds itself Internet, but in how it feeds itself. Early Sunday morning, as April Fool's Day kicked off, the search giant put up a post on its Google Fiber Blog saying that its ...

US Senator on Facebook, Google: Privacy is a casualty
ZDNet (blog)
In particular, Franken singled out Facebook and Google. He said the former isn't getting enough competition and may end up selling your private data directly as opposed to via advertising and blasted Google for its controversial new privacy policy.

Google relaunches its map service... in the style of retro Nintendo graphics
Daily Mail
Tatsuo Nomura, a Google software engineer, wrote in a post on Google's official Maps blog: 'With Google Maps 8-bit, you can do all the things you already do on regular Google Maps. 'Search for famous landmarks and sites around the world.

Daily Mail

Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!
Search Engine Watch
Google's practical jokes began a day early in 2012, with 8-Bit Google Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode making their debut, then continued early this morning with the YouTube Collection, GoogleRacing, Click-to-Teleport search ads, and much more.

Google: Japanese Court Didn't Ban All Search Suggestions
Google searches on most browsers and devices automatically suggest search terms that you might be looking for, based on their popularity. Type “mash,” for example, and the search enginewill suggest you're looking for “Mashable” followed by a ...

Google's Top Four Search Engine Changes: Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Care (press release)
People who work in the search engine optimization industry basically have a place in business, because search engine algorithms change frequently and have a direct impact on how your web pages rank for money making keywords. Being proactive and making ...

Google Maps Plays Old-School 8-Bit Prank for April Fools Day
The engineers at Google clearly do. As their April Fools Day prank, they have created a version of Goole Maps called Quest that sees the world through the lens (and limitations) of the venerable 8-bit, cartridge loading, dial-up gaming console.

Almost got me, Google
By now we are ready for Google's shenanigans each year. I have spent some time scouring the web to see what they've been up to. I have found EIGHT pranks this year. Check them all out below. 1) They have always had advanced search, but now there's ...

Are you kidding? April Fools' Day on the Internet
Google again took the lead Sunday for impressive April Fools Day pranks, with its introduction of a self-driving car to compete in stock car racing, and announcing a change to Gmail that gets rid of the pesky keyboard by "taking 26 keys to just two.

Wait, Google earns four times more from iOS than Android?
Android is the core of Google's mobile strategy, and although some players like Amazon hide Android under their own custom veneers, almost every Android device ties in directly with Google services like Search, Maps, Gmail, and more.

Google+ Bowling: Real Life Bowling Rethought for Real Life
Search Engine Watch
by Danny Goodwin, April 1, 2012 Comments One area that has been woefully underserved byGoogle is the bowling community. Today, Google has announced plans to right that wrong with the introduction of Google+ Bowling to Portland, Oregon, ...

Google Nigeria, and Other April Fool's Delights
The Atlantic Wire
Google also debuted Google Racing today, an exciting partnership between thesearch engine giant and NASCAR, providing "autonomous vehicles" -- or self-driving stock cars (which are real) -- to the popular racing circuit. From a blog post authored by ...

The Atlantic Wire

Sponsored Supplement - Getting a jump on your search marketing rivals
It's a new game every day in search marketing. Those who can keep up can reap big profits. Consumers start their product research on Internet search engines. In fact, Google and Bing are the first stop for 58% of consumers embarking on a shopping ...

Google takes us on a April Fool's ride
Hindu Business Line
A Google Street Roo! Instead of Street View cams on cars, in Australia, the cams would be “mounted on Kangaroos”. For people who don't have enough time on their hands, Google has come up with “Chrome Multitask Mode”. Plug as many 'mice' into the ...

Hindu Business Line

Google Maps goes 8-bit for April Fool's
If you've ever wondered what your neighborhood would look like in an old-school Zelda-style RPG, your imagination is about to be realized with the latest update toGoogle Maps. Of course, technologically speaking, the update is more of a step backward.


Google's April Fools joke: Nintendo-style 8-bit Google Map
GMA News
Search giant Google over the weekend played an April Fools' prank on Internet users, turning itsGoogle Maps into a world of 8-bit pixels, similar to that of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Family Computer that was popular in the 1980s.

Google in the gun as cyber hate victims fight back
Sydney Morning Herald
Former health researcher Dr Janice Duffy is suing Google Inc and Google Australia for defamation after the search engine refused to remove links to a US-based site called Ripoff Report. On the site Dr Duffy, 56, has been falsely accused of blackmail, ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Exclusive Interview on Search Engine Industry Issues With Sloof Lirpa
Search Engine Watch
Another graduate student who studied with Salton is Amit Singhal, the Google Fellow who has been especially focused on “helping people find high-quality sites in Google's search results.” This includes the “Panda” changes that tackled the difficult ...

Google unveils series of April Fools' Day gags for 2012
Bangor Daily News
New for 2012 are 8-Bit Google Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode making their debut, then continued early this morning with the YouTube Collection (Order now!), Google Racing, Click-to-Teleportsearch ads, and much more. On its maps blog, a Google software ...

April Fools 2012: We Ruin Every (Tech-Related) Joke On The Internets
The Best Google Maps — “We've long neglected one of the most popular computer systems ever sold, and I'm proud to announce Google Maps 8-bit version as our first product for NES.” The best part? Google didn't satisfy itself with a blog post and video.


Google Maps in 8-bit: Guess the landmark
San Jose Mercury News (blog)
It's probably part of Google's April Fool's Day gag but the Mountain View company did an 8-bit version of their Maps program for the NES. At first, I thought the video was the joke but I went to the Google Maps site and there is a Quest button where ...

Clash of the Titans: iPhone versus Google Search – Juice Analytics
By Ken Hilburn
It is iPhone over Wikipedia and Google Search over Amazon Store. And not even close: (click to see the semi-finals results). So, who will take it all? Will it be iPhone or Google Search on the throne: (click to see and download a larger version) ...
Juice Analytics

Introducing Google Really Advanced Search — Slaw
By Omar Ha-Redeye
We tend to focus a lot on Google on Slaw, and for good reason - it's still the main search engine that people use to find information, including information relating to law and lawyers. The.
Slaw Estimated Value N/A » Blackl, black google, dark google ...
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No Joke: Has Google Embraced the Dark Side? : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
Do you remember the cheery logo? Now Google uses a black bar at the top of the page to provide one click access to such services as Play and +You. In the good old days, Googleallegedly defined its guiding principles in a simple three-word ...
Beyond Search

Super Punch: Google China's April Fool's Search Box
By (John)
Google China's April Fool's Search Box. Go try out Google China's search box - - it answers the question, "What if the Google search box was afloat." Via. Posted by John at 7:45 AM. Labels: april fool's day, google ...
Super Punch

Twitter Trackbacks for Google Really Advanced Search [www ...
shanselman Scott Hanselman Highly Influential Have you tried Google's advanced search? What about ... mikko Mikko Hypponen I never noticed before that Google has Really Advanced Searchoptions: · 5 hours ago ...
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Google Adds Animated 3D Graph Plotting To Its Search Result ...
By SolSie
Google is moving toward delivering results in addition to a bunch of links. Today the search giant just introduced 3D graph plotting capability when you enter any real two variable function intoGoogle search box, such function ...

Is Android Killing Google? | Centives
By Centives
Google receives more search queries from the iPhone despite the iPhone having a smaller market share, suggesting that Android's dominance has failed to help Google's searchbusiness. People don't really search on their mobile phones ...

Google Annual April fools: Google's REALLY Advanced Search ...
By whosays
Google Annual April fools: Google's REALLY Advanced Search BlackHat Lounge.
Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO

April Fools and Google 2012: A complete list of all the antics ...
By Robert Nazarian
Google loves to have a lot of fun on April Fools. Remember last year's Gmail Motion? Yesterday we already showed you their 8 bit Maps, which was just the tip of the iceberg. This year Googlereally got into the festivities with a whole bunch of ...
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Google+: Destroying SEO and Why That's a Good Thing
You may know to notify Google about crawling new sites/landing pages you produce or you may constantly worry about your current page rank on the top search ...

Google To Change SSL Search Referrer Data Google SEO News and ...
Today, we're happy to announce that Google Web Search will soon be using a new proposal to reduce latency when a user of Google's SSL-search clicks on a ...

Google Trends
Explore advanced features with Google Insights for Search. Explore flu trends across the U.S. with Flu Trends · Google Home - About Google Trends ...

Why Your Google Search Traffic is Dropping (Its Not Panda)
Is your Google search traffic dropping every month, don't blame Google Panda for it everytime. The Google search result pages are changing and the top 10 ...

Google Panda 3.4 Update Confirmed | Search Engine News,SEO ...
Google Panda 3.4 Update Confirmed. We often re architect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable.

Image: Facebook Yujian search engine Google the pressure surge ...
Author: Zhou Pu March 30 news: as the overlord of the social field, the strengths of Facebook is not search. But as the search giant Google is always involved in ...

Why There Is No Alternative To Google Search? | Web Standards ...
We take Google search for granted. When we search for a specific word or phrase we get the right results in terms of relevant websites and blogs. But this was.

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