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Microsoft Should Sell Bing Unit, Analyst Says

Microsoft Should Sell Bing Unit, Analyst Says: Tom Keene
Microsoft Inc. (MSFT) should sell its Bing search business to Facebook Inc. (FB), a deal worth about $5 billion that would help both companies compete with Google(GOOG) Inc., said Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura Equity Research.


Microsoft Should Sell Bing to Facebook: Analyst
By Joseph Ciolli and Tom Keene on April 20, 2012 Microsoft Inc. (MSFT) (MSFT) should sell itsBing search business to Facebook Inc. (FB) (FB), a deal worth about $5 billion that would help both companies compete with Google (GOOG) (GOOG) Inc., ...

Spring Cleaning: Google Shuts Down Patent Search, One Pass, Google Related & More
Ever since Larry Page took over as Google's CEO, the company has shut down more and more of its products that were only being used by a limited number of users. Today, the company announced another round of “spring cleaning.” In the process, Google is ...

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Battle for digital supremacy
Compared to the end of 1998 (Apple $5.54 billion, Microsoft $344.6 billion, Google$10 million), the aggregate wealth of the companies had more than doubled. Microsoft, though, had shrunk by 40%, after being outdistanced first in search, ...


Google, Oracle Locked In High-Stakes Patent Battle
Google's Larry Page and Oracle's Larry Ellison have very different styles and personalities. And that came across in court. This week, in a federal courtroom in San Francisco, two billionaire CEOs took the stand. Both run big technology companies and ...

Google partly loses copyright suit in Germany
Washington Post
A Hamburg court partly ruled in favor of a suit brought by German music royalty collecting society GEMA that argued Google doesn't do enough to monitor YouTube content. Google must implement features to detect future violations if a rights holder ... Reviews and the Recent Google Panda Updates
PR Web (press release) expands to offer SEO package migration options to agencies without changing their service levels. Starting with high value content and exact tracking of social andsearch metrics,'s mission is to bring authorship and ...

Google's Piracy Filter Cuts “Pirate Bay” Searches in Half, But…
A few months ago Google quietly expanded its search blacklist to include many of the top file-sharing sites on the Internet, including The Pirate Bay. A review ofsearch volumes before and after this change shows that the number of people searching for ...


How Romney, Obama Camps Use Google Search Ads to Target Voters
PBS NewsHour
As part of our ongoing series on how the presidential campaign plays out in social media and on the Web, Jeffrey Brown and journalists Lauren Ashburn and Howard Kurtz of discuss how Google searches have changed the way President ...

Google To Become An Answers Engine In The Long Run
Search Newz
The Google algorithm is reported to be undergoing another major overhaul that will transformGoogle search into more than just a conventional search engine. Google is trying to fix its shortcoming in the modern day technology as well as continue its ...

Can Your Site Lose Its Rankings Because Of Competitors' Negative SEO?
Do you think negative SEO practices can be effective in hurting a competitors' rankings, even if that competitor is playing by all of Google's rules and has a squeaky clean reputation? Let us know what you think. First, you'll need a little background.

Negative SEO: Looking for Answers from Google
Search Engine Watch
Otherwise known as "negative SEO." And this time it's going to be damned hard to get the worms back into the can. Let's go back a bit first shall we? Over the years Google has always stated that what others did, in particular, with bad links, ...

Google Parked Domain Classifier Error Blamed for Lost Search Rankings
Search Engine Watch
by Danny Goodwin, April 20, 2012 Comments Several websites vanished from Google's index earlier this week. It wasn't the much rumored over-optimization boogeyman. Rather, it was a bug involving Google's classifier for parked domains, as Google's ...

Want to get acquired by Google? Google VP explains how to go big
David Lawee is Google's vice president of corporate development, the latest in his string of high-profile positions at the search giant. As the company's M&A leader over the past seven years, he has been responsible for some of the company's biggest ...


Google's New Gmail Meter Breaks Down Your Inbox
Google has released information about a new feature called Gmail Meter on its blog. What does it do? How many unread messages are in your inbox. How long it takes you on average to respond to emails. What time of day you send the most emails.


Google search ranking error leads to overly SEO'ed penalty speculation
Google's Matt Cutts reported on Friday that an error in how the search giant detects parked domains mistakenly resulted in some websites being removed from SERPs. Google's Matt Cutts took to his Google+ page on Friday to address an issue in the ...


Google, Meet Goldfire (psst…Semantic Search is already here).
BostInno (blog)
According to the WSJ article, 'Google Gives Search a Refresh', over the next few months,Google's search engine “will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will also present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the ...

Oracle trial: Google engineer says key licensing email not about licence
The Guardian
A Google engineer, testifying in a high-stakes trial pitting business software company Oracle against search giant Google, denied that he referred to Oracle or any other company when he wrote in an email that Google should take a licence to use the ...

The Guardian

Google Maps Updates Panoramio, Improves Geo-Tagging
By Drew Bowling · 3 mins ago · Leave a Comment Since 2006, you've likely been seeing a steady increase of user photos appear in Google Maps whenever you search for a place, most typically when that place is a location that attracts a lot of ...

4 Tips on Why Your Business Still Needs SEO
PR Web (press release)
With Google set to penalise “over-optimised” websites and favour instead sites that include good content, businesses may be questioning the need for SEO, but following recent statistics, Essex-based firm SEO Positive have listed a few reasons why the ...

Google Creates Massive Growth in the "Negative SEO" Industry
In the past, Google stated that there was nothing that a competitor could do to hurt your rankings in their search engine, but a few years ago they updated it to add “almost”: There's almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your ...

Yandex co-founder labels Google anticompetitive
Google plays a cunning game when intellectualizing about openness of the internet, says one of the founders of the Russian search engine Yandex. Google'sprimary weapons to hinder competitors are its Chrome browser and Android platform.


Google: Phone Number Spam Is Keyword Stuffing & Against Guidelines
Search Engine Roundtable
Head of Google's web spam team, Matt Cutts, went on record on those sites that rank well for all those random phone numbers. You know, the ones that simply list thousands of phone numbers on a single page? He said it is spam, keyword stuffing and is ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Google Unveils New Metrics for Brand Marketers
Search Engine Watch
by ClickZ, April 20, 2012 Comments Digital marketers praised Google's new measurement tools, but said they might not go far enough to make display advertising more accountable. On Wednesday Google said it's offering the tool, Active View, ...

Google Engineer Says E-Mail Didn't Refer to Java License
It has been used several times by Oracle's attorneys, who told jurors at the beginning of the trial that Google, the owner of the world's most popular search engine, knew it needed to pay for a Java license. “Jurors are always looking for motives in ...

Google v Oracle: a far-reaching trial of characters as much as copyright
The Guardian
This week Larry Page, the 39-year-old co-founder of Google, and Larry Ellison, the 67-year-old Oracle chief executive and MiG owner, have been testifying in a San Francisco court as their companies clash over accusations that elements ofGoogle's ...

The Guardian

Google Will Sink On New Stock Split Plan
Seeking Alpha
In comparison, Microsoft's (MSFT) advertising revenue through Bing grew by 13%. Microsoft attributes the improved results to an increase in Bing's market share, now standing at 15.1%. If this continues, it would spell trouble for Google's stock price ...

YouTube Must Filter Content, Rules German Court
By Jennifer Baker, IDG News YouTube was taken to court for copyright infringement in uploaded videos by German music royalty collecting society GEMA, which said that the Google-owned video site isn't doing enough to block copyright-protected music ... : Google search changes coming: good for ...
By Christopher Gerber (
With a Google update, these back-link building scams (to call a spade a spade) are getting hit hard, with some of the worst offending networks getting dropped from the search engine. ... But, following the next update to Google Panda, the search engine will be driven a little bit more by what readers want to read not what search engines want to read, and sites or companies that may not have the money or time to invest in dedicated SEO services can get by just writing stellar content.

Google to Become an Answers Engine in the Long Run | Cambridge ...
By erikwestlake
The Google algorithm is reported to be undergoing another major overhaul that will transformGoogle search into more than just a conventional search engine.
Cambridge Ontario Website Design,...

Highlight Text On Websites To Search On Google, YouTube ...
By Zainab
It lets you save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can get Google search results, Google images, YouTube videos and social results from Topsy. All you have to do is select some text on a ...

Three Google Search Engine Optimization Tips
By royal
website owners everywhere are trying to figure out how to get the best results with Google search engine optimization. Its no secret that internet marketing tactics are constantly changing, but there are three key areas that remain the same.
Webmaster Forum

Google patent plans to put your accelerometer and geographic ...
By Tyler Lee
Google could very well be working on that if a patent filed back in October 2011 were ever to materialize. According to the patent, Google is hoping to make the accelerometers on your smartphone a whole lot more useful. The patent has suggested that perhaps the smartphone will use the ... Google Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, ...

Social Media and Google Marketing Workshop, May 11 : Search ...
By admin
Search engine optimization tips ( SEO ) ... Great looking and popular websites are ending up with listings on Google like the ones below because most web developers have no idea how to manage what Google returns in a search query!
Search engine optimization tips ( SEO )

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google and ...
By David Angotti
During my time as a managing member of an educational startup I gained direct experience related to business development, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization(SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), online ...
Search Engine Journal

Google Search with Predictive Text for PlayBook | BlackBerry Empire
By Kris Alvarez
This app is quite simple but very useful. If anyone has used the main Google search site from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ has expierienced how the keyboard opens and closes while doing a search and the screen tends to jump around.
BlackBerry Empire » Google's “Fresh” Video SEO Tips for E ...
By Grant Crowell
Last fall, Google released their new “Freshness Algorithm” in an effort to provide more relevant, real-time results for search queries. This new algorithm shows yet again that Google's number one priority is to always feature the freshest and ...
The Video Commerce Consortium

Google Updates, 19th April 2012 | distilled
By Rob Ousbey
Do a quick search on Google for your brand name, domain name and for any high-volume head terms. If you find that you are not ranking on the first page for your brand name, or if other terms have significantly slipped in rankings, then it's a ...

Consumer Advertising Law Blog: Rosetta Stone v. Google: Possible ...
By Matthew Shultz
The impact of the case upon retailers and consumers is yet to be seen, but the decision may result in decreased use of others' trademarks in an advertiser's Sponsored Links on Google and other search engine results (those shaded boxes, set ...
Consumer Advertising Law Blog

Google Pursues Big Data : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
It was only a matter of time before Google wanted a piece of the big data pie and the New York Times Bits column reports, “Google Ventures' Big Data Bet.” Did you know that Google funds an independent venture capital entity called Google ...
Beyond Search

Google: Search business strong despite uncertainties in Eurozone ...
From Yahoo! Finance: 16:57 EDT Google: Search business strong despite uncertainties in Eurozone.

Earth-like Planet: Success with Authorship in Google Search Results
When you run a Google search, you expect to see a series of links to content that is relevant to your search. Google's Authorship initiative is their attempt to ...

Google search results not making the link. -
04-15-2012, 11:18 AM A recent problem is getting me somewhat annoyed ... On my iPad Google produces results of a search but then the links are just.

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