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How to add favicons to your Google search results
CNET (blog)
Adding favicons to search results helps you locate the sites you actually want to visit, while also saving time. by Nicole Cozma April 20, 2012 11:40 PM PDT Follow @c0z I often use Google to find solutions to technical problems.

James Cameron, Google Duo Back Asteroid-Mining Venture
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter A new venture backed by director James Cameron and Google's Larry Page and Eric Schmidt seeks to accomplish something straight out of science fiction—the mining of asteroids for raw materials like iron and nickel.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Gets $101 Million Pay Package In 2011
Huffington Post
The amount is 322 times higher than the $313219 package that Schmidt received in 2010 during his final full year as the Internet search leader's CEO. Schmidt, 56, ended a decade-long stint asGoogle's CEO last April and turned over the job to Google ...

Google in space: Search giant reveals plans to mine asteroids for 'human ...
Daily Mail
As well as the Hollywood director, other investors include chiefs from internet giantGoogle and a former software architect for computer corporation Microsoft. Details of the proposed space mission are to be officially launched on Tuesday, ...

Daily Mail

How Google Tries to Catch Scam Advertisers
Google's search engine is often described as a black box, spitting out results driven by top-secret mathematical formulas. But many of its advertisers say that's nothing next to its AdWords search advertising system. Google has always been chintzy with ...


Google dumps publisher payment platform
The One Pass payment platform for Internet news websites was shut down on Friday as Googlecontinued house cleaning launched when co-founder Larry Page (pictured in 2010) took charge last year. The One Pass payment platform for Internet news websites ...

Google 'spring cleaning' closes publisher payment platform
Digital Media Wire
BlackBerry users suffered another small indignity today, when Google disclosed that they'll no longer get support for Google Synch. It's one of the “spring cleaning” steps Google announced today, following chief executive Larry Page's guidance to pare ...

Digital Media Wire

Google's Schmidt gets raise after leaving CEO post
By John Letzing SAN FRANCISCO -(MarketWatch)- When former Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) chief executive Eric Schmidt stepped aside to take a new role at the company about one year ago, he also left behind his symbolic $1 annual salary.

Don't Be Evil, but Don't Miss the Train
New York Times
BACK in 2004, as Google prepared to go public, Larry Page and Sergey Brin celebrated the maxim that was supposed to define their company: “Don't be evil.” But these days, a lot of people — at least the mere mortals outside the Googleplex — seem to be ...

New York Times

Google ordered to shore up copyright filters on YouTube
It seems Google is not very popular in Europe these days. First it was a French agency questioning Google's privacy laws, then it was the Spanish Data Protect Authority taking thesearch giant to court over the right to be forgotten.

Google's ex-CEO gets $101M pay package in new job
San Jose Mercury News
Schmidt mourned Steve Jobs' death but defended Google as a great innovator despite the Apple co-founder's allegations that the Internet search giant stole innovations from the iPhone. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man) Shifting from Google's (GOOG) CEO to ...

What Are You Doing to Google Patents, Google?
In my case, that day has come: Google has announced a new round of closures, cutbacks and reassessments, and among the impacted services is one I adore,Google Patent Search. I already knew something was amiss with Google's patent research tool: in ...


Google Chairman Schmidt Got $101 Million in Compensation in 2011
Schmidt, 56, who was named CEO in 2001, stepped down a year ago, putting Page back in charge of the world's largest Internet search engine. Page and co-founder Sergey Brin, Google's largest shareholders, were each paid $1 last year, part of a plan put ...


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt receives $101 million package in 1st year as ...
Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO — Shifting from Google's CEO to executive chairman proved to be lucrative career move for Eric Schmidt. Google Inc. awarded Schmidt a compensation package valued at $101 million last year. The amount disclosed in a regulatory filing is ...

Could Google buy Twitter?
MSN Money
By Benzinga 18 hours ago By Louis Bedigian, Benzinga Staff Writer Google (GOOG) is the leading search engine, but there's one area where the company's software prowess fails: real-time search. It's an area that Twitter dominates, and savvy Internet ...

Google shutters One Pass, its paid content platform
By Laura Hazard Owen Apr. 20, 2012, 5:09pm 1 Comment Google has closed down One Pass, the paid content platform that it rolled out in February 2011 and revamped in February 2012. One Pass, our payment platform for online news publishers, has been shut ...

Google 'spring cleaning' nixes several unused features
Every person has a different relationship with Google. It touches most of us on a daily basis, and some of the times it might be in ways that we don't even realize. The search giant has its hands in so many different cookie jars, and now Googlecloud ...


The Potential Opportunity in Google Shares
The much-talked-about Google share split will be taking place in the next few months -- probably June. The new non-voting "C" shares will allow founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to maintain control even as they dole out "C" shares to reward employees ...

BlackBerry Takes a Hit from Google, iPhone for Work Steps In
The Mac Observer
Google announced on Friday that it will soon end support for Google Sync for BlackBerry service. Coincidentally, perhaps, Apple added a page to its website to tout the iPhone in business. BlackBerry market share has been declining and third parties ...

The Mac Observer

Google Drive: 5 things needed to succeed
Google's online storage service may finally debut next week. Here are the main things GoogleDrive needs to do to win me over. April 21, 2012, 7:42 AM — Google Drive is one of the mythical creatures of the tech rumor mill since 2006, ...

Google's Schmidt Gets Pay Raise After Leaving CEO Post
Wall Street Journal
By JOHN LETZING When former Google Inc. chief executive Eric Schmidt stepped aside to take a new role at the company about one year ago, he also left behind his symbolic $1 annual salary. Google raised Mr. Schmidt's annual salary to $1.25 million from ...

Wall Street Journal

NameCheap passes GoDaddy in one Google search race
Network World
The search-engine and domain-name crowds are chewing over a tasty tidbit of industry news this afternoon, namely that the registrar NameCheap has vaulted ahead of market leader GoDaddy by one potentially telltale measure: Google search results on the ...

The Google founders' crazy asteroid venture: A Platinum rush?
Speculation continues around the plans of company called Planetary Resources, backed by theGoogle co-founders, Ross Perot, James Cameron and other bigwigs. The company, in a vague but audacious statement released last week, said it will unveil a plan ...

Google ex-CEO's salary rises to $1.25 million from $1
By Alexei Oreskovic | SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's (GOOG.O) former chief executive Eric Schmidt received a bump in his annual salary to $1.25 million from the $1 he received in the previous year, after he became the executive chairman of the ...

Faviconize Google Adds Small Icons to Google Search Results for Easier Scanning
Chrome/Firefox with Greasemonkey: This extension adds favicons—those little icons you see in your address bar when you visit a page—to Google's search results, so you can more easily see what site each link is coming from. Not only does this spice up ...

Google Drive Android app spotted in the wild
Google's widely talked about but still highly under-wraps cloud storage service looks like it is just about ready for prime time. Pictures of an app called “Drive” have been leaked from what appears to be a developer-friendly Android phone.

Google shuts down a few more services, makes changes to others
By News Editor - It's spring and Google's back to taking out the trash with many more products and services hitting a dead end. In addition to this, the Mountain View-based search giant has even carried out a number of changes to various offerings.


SEO Miracle Launches A Google Rank Checker
Albany Times Union
A Google Rank Checker is another trusted and reliable tool from SEO Miracle that will tremendously help an SEO campaign. A Google rank checker can be handy in so many ways. Many times a person is in a position where a lot of time and efforts are spent ...

How to maintain google search ranking?
By inblues
Hi, My site used to be rank number 1 for a few keywords search in google but now drop tremendously especially end of March 2012. I have thousand of. ... link available on your website. You can de-index them or mark disallow in robots.txt file. 3] Make sure your are not using paid link services or seo services which is violating the google guideline. ... Google search engineranking. By seodeveloper07 in forum Search Engine Optimization. Replies: 12. Last Post: 06-18-2011, 07:49 AM ...
Webmaster Forum

Google Trims Its Sails : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
The USS Google, the largest and most unsinkable search system based on advertising, is taking prudent measures to streamline itself. I would describe the actions as “trimming its sails.” The reason? My hunch is that the MBA-speak word ...
Beyond Search

seo - Is jQuery execute by search engine like Google,Yahoo,bing ...
By Prachi
Unlikely. The search engines usually don't run scripts.
active questions tagged seo -...

Google Makes Mistakes Constantly | SEO Seattle | Organic Search ...
By brandon
Basically, google is constantly changing their algorithm and finding poor results from them. So, if you do notice problems in your rankings for unjustified ... SEO Seattle | Organic Search EngineMarketing · Home · About · Clients · SEO Success ...
SEO Seattle | Organic Search...

A Good Key Phrase Application From Google : The Wise Directory
By Alan Lim
Google Keyword Tool has lately updated its features to be more handy to users. Now, key phrase analysis and search engine optimization is made much less complicated and more successful. You could maximize the benefits from making ...
The Wise Directory

Google tosses 9 products in 'focus is crucial' spring cleaning ...
By √Člyse Betters
Google Sync for BlackBerry — It is not available for download after June 1; Googlerecommended BlackBerry Internet Service or the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server to users going forward. Patent Search homepage ...

Bug in Google's search box Google SEO News and Discussion forum at ...
Bug in Google's search box. petehall msg:4439599, 1:43 pm on Apr 11, 2012 ( gmt 0). OpenGoogle in Chrome, Safari etc. Type in your search phrase but place ...

How I Lost My Ranking From Google Search Results? - SEO Chat
Hello, I have three websites related to Computers & Programming Themes. In Recent there are no changes in meta tags, content and others SEO changes.

Building Websites while Keeping Google's Panda Algorithm In Mind
Google has dominated the search market this past decade with them currently generating more than 65% of all search traffic. The new Panda algorithm affected ...

Micro SEO - Google SEO Guide for Beginners - YouTube
Search engine optimization is ma... ... Google SEO Guide: SEO Terms Defined HD Tutorial ...
Google Search Tips: An Overview « ABC 3K
Googling is probably something that you do on a weekly basis, if not daily. But are you usingGoogle to its fullest potential? There are so many Google search ...

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