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Google's Brin worries about 'open Web', CISPA

Google Co-Founder Brin: Apple, Facebook Pose Threat to Internet Freedom
Singling out Facebook, Apple and goverments around the world, the Google co-founder aired concerns over Internet openness. Internet freedom is in a more perilous position than ever before in history, said Google co-founder Sergey Brin, speaking to The ...

The Circuit: FCC fines Google, Google's Brin worries about 'open Web', CISPA
Washington Post (blog)
By Hayley Tsukayama FCC fines Google: Though the Federal Communications Commission has cleared Google of charges that it it illegally collected WiFi data using its Street View cars, thesearch engine giant must pay a $25000 fine for obstructing the ...

Digital Marketing Agency Micrositez UK Launches Industry News Feature to Feed ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Leading UK SEO agency announces launch of Industry News Feature to satisfy Google Panda'shunger for quality leading edge content. LONDON, April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The UK search marketing agency announced today that it has launched an ...

Unanswered Questions in FCC's Google Case
New York Times
But a report over the weekend from federal regulators has rekindled questions over exactly what the company was doing — questions the search giant has spent years trying not to answer. The Federal Communications Commission censuredGoogle for ...

New York Times

FCC fines Google $25000 for failing to cooperate with Street View data ...
Washington Post
NEW YORK — The Federal Communications Commission has fined Google $25000, saying the online search leader impeded an investigation into how it collected data while taking photos for its “Street View” mapping feature. The FCC said in a report from ...

Google fined $25000 for impeding investigation
| WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Google Inc has been fined $25000 for impeding a US investigation into the Web search leader's data collection for its Street View project, which allows users to see street level images when they map a location.

Entering Nixonland: FCC Fines Google for "Willfully" Obstructing Investigations
Huffington Post
You'd think most people would have learned that lesson of Watergate, but Friday's decision by the Federal Communication Commission to fine Google $25000 for "willfully" ignoring subpoenas and delaying investigations into the company's "wi-spy" scandal ...

Google co-founder: China, Apple, Facebook threaten the 'open Web'
(Wired) -- Google's search engine was created when most of the Web's information was open and available to anyone willing to capture it. In today's more restrictive environment, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and CEO Larry Page may not have even tried ...

FCC fines Google over Street View, investigation dropped
By Lee Kaelin The US Federal Communications Commission has fined internet search giantGoogle $25000 for deliberately impeding the investigation into the collection of wireless network data for their Google Street View project, according to the New ...

Google's Brin: 'Worried' about open Web
Washington Post
Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview Sunday that he's worried that governments and Internet companies will erode open and universal access to the Web, calling them “very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all ...

Amazon Takes On Google And Microsoft With CloudSearch
It is a new web service which will offer Amazon's scalable search technology as a service to cloud-based app developers. It enables developers to leverage Amazon's cloud infrastructure to add advanced search features to their apps and cloud services.

Apple, Facebook threats to open Internet, says Google's Sergey Brin
CBS News
You can't search it." Of course, Brin's complaints are self-serving. Google+, the search engine giant's social network is in direct competition with Facebook.Google is blocked from indexing Facebook's 800 million reported members worldwide.

CBS News

Google founder slams Facebook as 'restrictive'
New York Daily News
"The kind of environment that we developed Google in, the reason that we were able to develop a search engine, is the Web was so open. Once you get too many rules, that will stifle innovation." Brin told the British paper he fears the "very powerful ...

New York Daily News

FCC's ruling that Google's Wi-Fi snooping is legal sets horrible precedent
by John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld Anyone looking for assurance that the privacy of their home wireless networks would be protected from snoopers by government regulators won't find it in the Federal Communication Commission's recent action against Google.

Axis of Suppression: China, Facebook and Iran, Says Google's Sergey Brin
Google might not exist today had dominant rivals like Facebook been around whenGoogle co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created their search powerhouse, says Brin. In an interview with the Guardian, Brin says the Internet as a place to freely ...


Sergey Brin Complains About Facebook
PC Magazine
By John C. Dvorak Apparently, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is noticing that things are changing for the worse on the Internet. In an interview with the UK's Guardian newspaper, Brin managed to express his concern for the future of the Web.

Google Fined $25K for Obstructing FCC's Street View Investigation
Search Engine Watch
by Miranda Miller, April 16, 2012 Comments Google escaped penalties associated with the Federal Communications Commission's electronic eavesdropping law in the agency's investigation of private user data collection through Street View mapping.

Rosetta Stone v. Google: Applying Trademark's Functionality Doctrine
American University Intellectual Property Brief
The argument is that people looking to purchase Rosetta Stone's product can be misled into buying a knock-off from a third‑party competitor because its purchased, nondescript advertisement seemingly appears at the top of the Google searchresults.

American University Intellectual Property Brief

This Is Why Google Is Absolutely Terrified Of Facebook
Business Insider
As you'll see, that allows Facebook to tailor its ads to a much finer set of users than Google's search ads currently allow. That's why Google is pushing so hard on Google+. All that profile information you've filled out over the years on Facebook?

Google BBS Terminal
Neither this page nor the autor of this page is in any connection with Google Inc. The page accesses search and news services by Google™ in order to provide realistic results in an artistic layout. The last item of any search results always provides a ...

Google Fined $25000 for Impeding FCC Investigation
Google has been fined $25000 for impeding a US investigation into the Websearch leader's data collection for its Street View project, which allows users to see street level images when they map a location. The Federal Communications Commission imposed ...

FCC to Fine Google $25K; PSN Down Today; Apple Prepping Gaming Console?
PC Magazine
Here's what you missed: The Federal Communications Commission proposed that Google be fined $25000 for allegedly obstructing a probe into the search giant's data-mining activities for its Street View project. The FCC alleged that Google "deliberately ...

Google and FCC blasted by privacy watchdogs despite $25k fine
Google may have been fined by the FCC for its behavior around the Street View investigation, but privacy watchdogs are still foaming at the mouth that the searchgiant has been let off the hook for gathering WiFi details. The US Electronic Privacy...


Google Worth Buying Despite Insecurity Complex
Google's Insecurities One company that has yet to appreciate this idea — at least to the extent that I think it should have is search giant Google Google often appears to operate with a chip on its shoulder, and always appears unsatisfied as it seeks ...

Google Misses the Days Before Facebook and Apple Drank Its Milkshake
The Atlantic Wire
It seems like every time we turn around, Google's trying to convince everybody that they're the best and every other tech company is just the worst. And who can blame them? The search giant is fighting a losing battle to win the future from Apple and...

The Atlantic Wire

Google Stares at $25000 Fine for Impeding Street View Privacy Probe
Maximum PC
Google's market capital is over $200 billion, and shares of the search giant sell for about $625 a pop. Why is this relevant? Well, let's just say that a $25000 fine wouldn't exactly be painful to Google. In fact, it would barely register as a prick, ...

Maximum PC

Google Plus Isn't A Social Network
Google Plus is an attempt to harness the social web. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife) I enjoyed Paul Tassi's latest take on Google+, a service which Paul can't envision becoming ”a serious competitor to Facebook.” He's right in many ways: ...

FCC fines Google for hindering probe into street-mapping program
Baltimore Sun
By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times Google facing a $25000 fine for impeding a Federal Communications Commission investigation into the tech giant's data-collection practices. The world's largest Internet search engine came under fire two years ...

Google's VP Nominated For Wal-Mart Board Seat
By AnnaPeel Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) made an announcement this morning that Google Inc's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Vice President Marissa Mayer was nominated for Walmart's Board Seat. The election is set to happen at the annual shareholders' meeting on ...


Feeding the Google Panda: Why You Can't Be Complacent ...
By Gops A
Google's Panda update has had a major impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Although it came out a year ago, it continues to influence how we optimize websites and marketing content for search engines. As a result of the algorithm ...
Submitedge Blog - Search Engine...

Search Engine Marketing: Google Panda Review - Rosetta Currents
By Annie Stocking
Follow these Google Panda best practices for all your SEO services to ensure your marketing quality content. Delivering relevant content to users, leveraging social media and requesting links from ... 2011, Google continued to release updates ( 2.0-3.0) to prioritize more relevant content. The implementation of Panda further emphasizes the importance of providing quality, relevant content to visitors, which has always been a component of Search Engine Optimizationand Marketing.
Rosetta Currents

Tumblr Will Eclipse Blog In Google Trends Search Term Popularity
By Scott Beale
Tumblr Will Eclipse Blog In Google Trends Search Term Popularity. By Scott Beale on April 16, 2012. Ablogalypse · xkcd predicts that the world “Tumblr” will eclipse “blog” in Google Trendssearch term popularity by October 12, 2012. Share ...
Laughing Squid

Google Firestarters For Search - Only Dead Fish
By neilperkin
You'll know that I've been working with Google for over a year now, curating a series of events themed around stimulating some different thinking and debate on some of the more interesting and challenging issues facing planners today .
Only Dead Fish

Google and Its Stock Split : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
This move, then, is basically a way for Google to try to retreat back into its pre-IPO shell as much as possible. It never really wanted to go public in the first place — it was forced into that by the 500-shareholder rule — but at this point, Google is ...
Beyond Search

10 Google services you can live without | TechRepublic
By Justin James
1: Google Search. At this stage in the search game, Google's lead in results quality has largely evaporated. Independent tests show that Google's search quality is not significantly better than its competitors. Google Search's position as the big ...
on TechRepublic

Google+ is the “Short Bus” of the Social ... - Search Engine Journal
By Sujan Patel
But although the fledgling network's only users are tech geeks and Google fanboys, that hasn't stopped SEO experts from rolling out article after article about how important “social shares” on Google's new social network are. Well, I call bulls**t ...
Search Engine Journal

Understanding Google AdWords Ad Statuses | RKG Blog
By Rachel Schnorr
Ever wondered what the difference is between “Eligible” and “Approved” ads in GoogleAdWords? (Hint: they're not the same!) Eligible ads are actually only serving on, not any of Google's search partners across the network.
RKG Blog

FCC Fines Google $25000 | Adweek
By Katy Bachman
The Federal Communications Commission late Friday proposed slapping Google with a $25000 fine for impeding the commission's investigation into whether the data it collected from consumers via its Street Views product violated the ...
AdWeek : All News

Does Google really uphold web freedom any more? Mixed signals ...
By ajit
Google is no longer cool and after including G+ results in Google search - many people will go along with this – but will await the results of EU findings since this is definitely a misleading picture for search. By this I mean -. a) Most real people ...
Open Gardens

Google Phishing or Flushing? | Ezymagazines
By admin
If you are a SEO or webmaster who handle a good number of sites using Google webmaster tools, you probably have got this message from Google. “We've detected that some ... Google Search Quality Team “. Google is believed to have sent ( sending) this message to millions of SEO companies and webmasters on a daily basis. Like any other you must be wondering what NEXT? Chances are that you may have bought a link here depending on the age of your website. Nothing to be ...

Denis Labelle - Google+ - Go Global with Google Google's search ...
Go Global with Google Google's search and content networks help you reach over 80% of Internet users worldwide. First > Google Global Advertiser . Reach…

Google Search Plus Your World – Is It A Real Plus? - Wordpress ...
Most of those who mainly employ the Google search engine in order to retrieve the most relevant results to the keywords and key phrases entered are aware t.

Google Message About Unnatural Links | Search Engine Optimization ...
I few days ago I received the following warning message from Google about unnatural links to my site. The only thing that it could be ...

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