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Will Google's Search Changes Affect Your Business?

Will Google's Search Changes Affect Your Business? |
Google's adding more semantic features to its search engine. Here's a reality check on what it might mean for your business.

The Search for the Google of the Social Graph
Wired News (blog)
Google's search breakthrough ensured that the web would not be a victim of its own success. Now, the social web faces a similar problem. It is enormous, and growing, and central to our lives. There are many successful companies in the social space, ...

Wired News (blog)

Meet Google's search anthropologist
San Francisco Chronicle
On a hot August evening in late 2009, a Palo Alto entrepreneur working in her home office landed on Google's befuddling advanced search menu. "Oh, I hate this," she said, before immediately clicking away. It was far from a ringing endorsement of the ...

Facebook Is Going After Google In Search, But That Doesn't Mean What You Think ...
San Francisco Chronicle
The truth is that Facebook is fighting a massive war with Google and that search is a key battlefield. But this doesn't mean Facebook is betting any kind of resources on becoming your favorite Web search engine any time soon.

Facebook is upgrading its search engine to take on Google
Daily Mail
By Rob Waugh Facebook is quietly working on a technology that might makeGoogle nervous - a new, upgraded version of the site's search engine. The move could give web users a new way to find content - 'steered' by the huge amount of information ...

Daily Mail

Google Maps Directions Gets Real-Time Traffic
PC Magazine
Google Maps now includes the ability to see the estimated time of your trip, based on real-time traffic conditions. The data will show up when you search for directions, and Google Maps will show how long several different routes will take with no ...

Is the social web an asteroid for the Google dinosaur?
CNN International
(CNN) -- For all the creative destruction that the Internet has wrought over the last decade, there has been one constant: Google's remarkable dominance of the internet economy. In a "Web 2.0" world dominated by search and by the link, Google and its ...

Expedia files Google complaint to EU regulators
The EU watchdog is now investigating the world's most popular search engine after rivals, including Microsoft, accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the market for Websearch engines. EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said ...

Expedia Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google With EU
By Aoife White on March 30, 2012 Expedia Inc. (EXPE) (EXPE) filed an antitrust complaint againstGoogle Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG) with European Union regulators, adding to earlier grievances brought against the world's largest search-engine operator by ...

DuckDuckGo Aims To Beat Google With New Search Features
Google's core product — its web search engine — has been hit with a barrage of criticism for changes Google made in the way it displays search results, putting content from Google's social network, Google Plus, up front and center, even when it doesn ...

Google Heightens Rivalry With iPad
Wall Street Journal
By AMIR EFRATI Google Inc., undaunted by a short-lived attempt to market and sell smartphones on its own, is now trying the approach with tablet computers in a quest to capture market share from Apple Inc.'s iPad. The Internet search company will sell ...

Wall Street Journal

New Facebook Search Engine In The Works, Should Google Worry?
We've written about the major opportunities Facebook has to make a big play in the search engine market and go head-to-head with Google several times in the past, and this news does very little to convince us this is not a possibility.

Facebook Is Building a Search Engine [REPORT]
Is Facebook building a Google rival — one that would use your location and your friends' tastes? A team of more than 20 Facebook engineers — led by a former Google programmer — is at work on a vastly improved search engine within the site, ...

10 Hilarious Google Autocompletes
PC Magazine
But now, Google puts it all out there for the world to see. That Googling you do day in and day out is feeding the beast known as Autocomplete. Google Autocomplete's algorithm takes what millions of users input into the search box every day and then ...

Google to take on Apple with its own online tablet store
By Lee Kaelin Internet search giant Google is set to turn up the pressure on Apple and Amazon by selling co-branded Android tablets directly to consumers, according to the usual 'people familiar with the matter' cited in a recent report by the Wall ...

Facebook Delves Deeper Into Search
About two dozen Facebook engineers, led by a former Google engineer named Lars Rasmussen, are working on an improved search engine, say two people familiar with the project who did not want to be named because the company is in a quiet period ahead of ...

Measuring Google's First Year With Page
Internet Evolution
As of next week, Larry Page will have been in the driver's seat as Google's CEO for a year. And as they almost say in the musical, Rent, "How do you measure a year in the life of a chief executive at Google?" Some (like me) might say Page's year can be ...

Is Google relevant?
Google has drained billions on Android. Most mobile searches to Google come via iPhone. The Android tablet market is absolute . . . . Android developers continue to struggle, independently and as a group. The "free" model that Google preaches requires a ...

Peeking into the pipeline: Google tablet, Apple TV, Facebook search
Good Morning Silicon Valley (blog)
Take 2 for Google and hawking mobile? The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the Mountain View company will soon sell co-branded tablets online. Android tablets have failed to make much of a dent in the lead of Apple's iPad, and the WSJ report ...

Google Spent $213 Million Advertising its Products in 2011
Search Engine Watch
by John Rampton, March 30, 2012 Comments As many of you have noticed over the past couple months Google has been expanding it's reach from the online marketing world to a much broader scope where it's competitors are thriving – the ad promo space.

Exclusive: Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Swarm China for Network Gear
Wired News
He's one of the Google engineers who secretly designed a new breed of networking switch for the company's data centers, the massive computing facilities that drive its search engine and the rest of its web services. Rivers joined Google in October 2005 ...

Larry Page Is Forcing Google To Be Much Less Stupid About Acquisitions (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
For a few years now, Google has acquired dozens of companies every year. That's not going to change any time soon. But last year, when cofounder Larry Page took over as CEO again, the type of acquisitions Google makes changed.

Google's New "Account Activity" Service Raises Privacy Concerns
The New American
A new service offered by Google is raising some eyebrows, as users now have access to monthly reports that reveal all their online activities using Google products (Gmail, YouTube, Google+ social network, online search, etc.). Called "Account Activity ...

Google's Secure Search Squeezes SEO Planning and Reporting
Practical Ecommerce
Google's secure SSL search protects users' search results and the keywords they searched on. Unfortunately, it also poses a growing threat to data-driven search engine optimization. Firefox recently joined Google Chrome — and, for logged-in ...

Practical Ecommerce

Can a Google Tablet Succeed Where Nexus Phones Didn't?
PC World — So Google may enter the tablet fray directly by marketing its own Android challenger to the iPad while also licensing the OS to hardware partners. What makes it likely to succeed, after its Nexus phones online experiment failed?

Facebook Is Reportedly Fixing Up Its Search Engine
Former Google Engineer Lars Rasmussen brought his search expertise to Facebook in 2010, and he is now leading a team of about two-dozen engineers on a project aimed at improving the social network's search engine, according to a published report.


Graphing on - Now in 3D - Inside Search
By Inside Search
A few months ago we launched a graphing functionality right in search to help students and math lovers plot functions in an easy, simple way. In addition to calculating something simple like dividing up a restaurant bill or graphing more difficult ...
Inside Search

Google Search Operators | Geek Beat Technology News
By Scott Ellis
Scott Ellis discusses how to use basic Google Search Operators to get better results faster when searching Google on GeekBeat TipADay.
Geek Beat Technology News

How To Search Google By Reading Level - eBookNewser
By Dianna Dilworth
For instance, a middle school science teacher looking up earthquakes might want differentsearch results than a geologist that wants up-to-date research on a subject. To search Googleby reading level, Google has published the following ...

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - A Heartwarming Google Search ...
By Wesley Fryer
Google Search Stories are some of the best examples of concise digital storytelling available. Please take two minutes and watch the latest Google Search Story published this month: “Cheryl and Morgan: Learning Independence.” This video ...
Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Google Drive spotted in a screenshot | Ubergizmo
By George Wong
We've heard rumors of Google Drive launching early next month, and now it looks like we've got some visual confirmation of the service. The folks over at managed to get their hands on some alleged screenshots of the ...

How to stay top on Google Search results ? - Webmaster Forum
By williamsam
Please guys can anyone tell me how to stay top on google search ? ... Forum, 4, 03-22-2011 12:05 AM. Search Engine Optimization Checklist:How to Get Top Rankings in Google SearchResults, dkgehl, SEO Forum, 12, 02-12-2008 06:33 AM ...
Webmaster Forum

Ex-Google Engineers Launch Dealupa: Search Engine-like Daily ...
By Preetam Kaushik - Daily Deal Media
Ex-Google Engineers Launch Dealupa: Search Engine-like Daily Deals Site. By Preetam Kaushik - Daily Deal Media March 30, 2012. The online retail niche dealupa is overwhelmed with daily deals sites. New entrants seem to be popping-up ...
Daily Deal Media

Update: Google Drive to Launch with 5 GB of Free Storage | Search ...
By David Angotti
As Search Engine Journal recently reported, the long-awaited Google Drive is expected to finally launch in the next several weeks. While our recent article suggested that the free storage was going to be limited to a measly 1 GB of free storage ...
Search Engine Journal

Meet Google's search anthropologist - Rosenfeld Media
By Steve Portigal
Meet Google's search anthropologist. Posted by Steve Portigal on March 30, 2012 | Comments (0). Some nice bits about the process (including a lovely mention of "listening") in this article today. But about four years after forming, Google came ...
Rosenfeld Media: All Books

Sq1 | Blog – Goodbye Keywords? Google Gets Semantic
By Karli
Google Gets Semantic. Search Engine Marketing - By Karli. In the next several years, it's quite possible that the way we think about keyword targeting within the SERP may undergo a significant, perhaps radical transformation; even to the point ... In the short term, Google is making sure users still feel that Google has the lead in providing the best results, because if users decide that Bing or Siri, for that matter, provide better results, Google loses its most valuable asset, the searcher.
Sq1 Agency

Google Paid Search Can Double Your Site Traffic, Even If You're #1 ...
Organic and paid search are an important part of any Internet marketing strategy, howeverGoogle's research on how the two work together has been ...

Why does Google Search use redirects instead of direct links? - Web ...
All Google Search results are a redirect link like this: sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=19&ved=0CHUQFjAIOAo&url=http%3A ...

Google Search results corrupting page - Opera browser - Opera ...
Google Search results corrupting page. Google generate corrupted page for some retrieval requests - too wide for my 1280px desktop that requires horisontal ...

Android – How to Implement Google Search Inside Your App ...
Here is an easy solution to implement Google Searching in your Android App. In this example, we will accept input from the user and will search the same...–-how-implement-google

Google asked to disable autocomplete in search engine in Japan
A Japanese court has instructed Google to disable the auto-complete functionality on theirsearch engine in the country. This was in response to a la.

Google's Future: What The Search Engine Will Look Like In Next 20 ...
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt earlier hinted about Google's plans to develop products that could predict users' requirements based on their past searches.

How to Stop Google From Showing Google+ results in Google ...
Google has now launched “Search, plus Your World”, which is a new option that shows results from your Google+ circles when you perform searches on ...

Google Semantic Search to revolutionize the traditional SEO - Digg
Semantic search is definitely the way to go in the future.. I would also expect from Google to lead the rest into some text summarization technology for websites, ...

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