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Google Encrypted Search Going Global; Google saves searches across devices with 'recent' icon; Android Market now Google Play

Google Encrypted Search Going Global
Search Engine Watch
by Danny Goodwin, March 6, 2012 Comments Encrypted search is expanding internationally for signed in Google users, Google announced yesterday. That means you can expect to find less search query data thanks to the default secure socket layer (SSL) ... 

Google saves searches across devices with 'recent' icon
Google announced today that people's searches can be saved via across several devices using a new "recent" icon. This new software aims to help people who search for a restaurant, shop, or other information on their computer to see that same ... 

Google Play Store: New Name for Android Market
ABC News (blog)
Google's online store for mobile apps — as well as music, movies and digital books — will now be known as the Google Play store, beginning today. The company says it is consolidating different sites and apps under the new name so that you can ...

Google search keeps all your devices local
By Dave Neal INTERNET SEARCH FIRM Google is letting its users access information about their searches across all of their devices. This means that should you have searched for a company, for example, using your home computer, then you can refer back to ...

Google Is About Failure -- The Failure Of Brands
Google is about failure—the failure of brands. Now that I've got your attention, let me explain. Google is a great tool for online shoppers. But from the perspective of online merchants, Google search results are just lists of failed brands.


Google search new “Recent” icon for Android & iPhone
Phones Review
Today we have some news for you about a new Google initiative, the addition of a 'Recent' icon for Android and iPhone. This addition could really add to users localsearch experience across various devices and we reckon it could be a useful new extra.

Phones Review

Google "Search Plus Your World" To Launch Beyond US? Likely, As Secure Search...
Search Engine Land
Google has announced that by default, it will begin encrypting search in the coming weeks. Since the reason Google uses secure search is primarily to enable its “Search Plus Your World” personalized results, this means SPYW is likely ...

Search Engine Land

This Twitter Account Lets You Read Everyone's Google Searches (And They're ...
By Lauren Dugan on March 6, 2012 12:30 PM Ahh, priceless Google searches, made public thanks to the newest novelty Twitter account on the scene. OverShareMe is a new app for Google Chrome that, once installed, will tweet your Google searches for all ...
Nomura starts coverage of Google with buy
(Reuters) - Online advertising will continue to gain share at the expense of print-based media, Nomura said, starting coverage of Google Inc with its top rating. "We strongly prefer Google, as it continues to be a share gainer, driving the search and ...

Google search history follows you from browser to mobile
by Marti Trewe on 2012/03/06 · 9 Comments · in Browsers, Smartphones, Tech News Google's new feature allows users to view recent searches done on their desktop from their mobile and vice versa, but is this a less obvious play to get users to enable Web ...

Google launches digital media destination Google Play
Los Angeles Times
The Internet search giant says users can store up to 20000 songs for free and buy millions of new tracks, download more than 450000 Android apps and games, browse ebooks and rent movies. The initiative brings together Google Music, Google Books and ...

Los Angeles Times

Google deserves our data but its search service is getting worse
Marketing Week
And Google's customers are its advertisers, not web users. To Google, consumers are merely cattle, being fattened up on free search and email to be delivered, sliced and segmented, to clients hungry for a responsive audience.

Marketing Week

Google Adds Feature for Local Search Across Devices
Marketing Pilgrim (blog)
Of course, that is the secret to Google getting as much data about you to use for advertising so it makes sense. The latest entry into this is a service that allows desktop searches you conduct about local questions to be viewed on your mobile device ...

Google's policy changes, what do they mean for you?
Promotion World (press release)
by Karl Rooney For awhile it's been known that Google was about to consolidate its privacy policies into one large, all-encompassing policy. On 1st March 2012 these changes went into effect. In a nutshell, what do the changes mean?

Apple Scores in Patent Fight Against Google and Motorola
The ruling, by US Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner in Chicago, is a blow to Google as it tries to defend Android from Apple's claims that the search giant copied many of its features from the iPhone. Since 2010, Apple has been waging a proxy way against ...


FBI Arrests Members Of LulzSec, Anonymous, Google Couples Mobile-PC Search ...
Fast Company
--NS Judge Orders Google To Share Android Dev Details With Apple. A Chicago judge presiding over a Apple vs. Motorola Mobility patent suit has ordered Google and Motorola Mobility to share details of Android's development with Apple.

Fast Company

Google extends website security search protection to users outside the US
by Gareth Morgan Google has confirmed that it is extended the use of secure browsing technology to cover all of its international websites, which will ensure that users of its search tools can do so without fear of being snooped on.

Google Adds Recent History Icon To iPhone and Android Devices
A new addition of Google to enhance its services is designed to offer a unified search experience, across supported devices. As an example, users who want to check out a place before going there, can use a computer to search for the information, ...

Google Privacy In Exchange For Search History Across Devices
Search Engine Roundtable
Google announced that if you are logged in (with search history on) to Google search while on your desktop and then go to your mobile device (while logged in there also) Google will show you the recent places you searched for.

Arabisation of Google, a multi-task process
Their doodles, related to many prominent figures and celebrities in the region, are another way to bring people closer to the search engine. Google's latest initiative involves translation, part of the company's growing interest in the promising ...

Google wants you to turn on Web History, offers cross-platform recent seraches
By Tim Conneally Google's new privacy policy pulls together usage data from all of its different services: YouTube, Gmail, Docs, etc. and uses it to create a more clear picture of its users. If you have the "Web History" feature of Google Search turned ...


Heat turned up on Google's privacy blur
Sydney Morning Herald
The changes let Google combine information that people provide when using different services, such as Google's search service, Gmail, YouTube and social networking service Google Plus, allowing it to better tailor advertisements to match users' ...

Google now encrypts UK search referral data
Econsultancy (blog)
Google's SSL encryption of search data has now moved onto UK and other international sites, meaning valuable referral data will now be unavailable to website owners. Dan Barker spotted this today, and has already seen a big rise in the amount of (not ...

Google Chrome 17 Bug Hunt Nets Researchers $47500
Chrome 17 has proven to be quite expensive for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). The search enginegiant paid an March 4 said it just paid $47500 in bug bounties and bonuses to reward researchers who helped find flaws in the browser's stable channel update.

Google Creates Hub for Buying Apps, Entertainment in One Place
Google Inc. (GOOG), stepping up competition with Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Inc. (AMZN) in digital media, unveiled a site called Google Play that lets users get Android applications, music, books and movies in one place.

Google Play apps updated in Android Market
Android Community
Google has just taken the wraps off of Google Play, the replacement for the Android Market, Google Music and everything else from the search giant. The new GooglePlay went live earlier this morning and we are already starting to receive updates for ...

Android Community

Google unifies search experience with 'Recent' button for mobile site
We know Google is all about searching, and the company has just made the process a bit better for Android devices. With the release of the “Recent” button on Google's mobile site, local searching is now more integrated and multi-platform friendly.

Want to delete search data? Follow these steps
Calgary Herald
Reading Google's new privacy policy, that is, and trying to set up his account in the safest, most se-cure way. The result? He was confused, frustrated and leaning toward signing out of all his Googleservices. He's an admitted "heavy user," active ...

10 Google Search Tricks You Might Not Know
To really master the art of Google search, you can follow certain terms and tricks. For instance, rather than simply asking Google a question in the search box, include specific items such as type of file or title name. Google has an entire directory ...

Google syncs recent searches to mobile devices
Yahoo! Philippines News
Google is enticing users to forget about their online privacy and web search tracking concerns in favor of convenience and functionality. When users log on to their Google accounts and enable Web History, Google will now sync recent searches across ...

Google Search History Lands On iOS And Android Devices | Geeky ...
By Julian Horsey
Any searches you now carry out if you have your Web History enabled and are logged into Googlewhen doing the search, will now be available to you from your mobile device.

Google's Universal Search for Speed
By Jon Mitchell
For the third and final installment of my interview series with the people who make Google Search, I spoke with Johanna Wright, who leads the search project management team. She has worked onsearch at Google for over six years, leading ...

Google Expands Encrypted Search Worldwide | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
Last year, Google announced the launch of encrypted search by default for signed in users. became Now, Google is expanding this throughout the world. Google software engineer posted a ...

Bing, Google Going Head-to-Head On The Search Transparency Front
By Lance Haun
Search results are important, especially to those who spend an inordinate time sitting in front of the blinking cursor on their favorite search engine, waiting for the next brilliant boolean search string to pop into their head. ... Panda update. This launch refreshes data in the Panda system, making it more accurate and more sensitive to recent changes on the web. Are you going to be able to crackGoogle's algorithm with this information? No, not really. Do some of these updates leave ...

Introducing a new local search experience ... - Google Mobile Blog
By Alex
(Cross posted on the Inside Search Blog). How often are you doing a Google search from your computer to find information about a place before going there? Now, next time you go to on your Android phone or iPhone, information ...
Official Google Mobile Blog

iClarified - Apple News - Google Introduces New Local Search ...
Google has introduced a new local search experience across devices that makes it easy to recall information about a recently searched place on your iPhone.
iClarified - Apple News

Google Introduces Local Search Results History Across All Devices
By Quentyn Kennemer
Google's just introduced a simple, yet useful feature for their Google Search product today. When searching for and looking at a local place on, say, your desktop, that result will be saved in your history and can be viewed if you switch to mobile ...
Android Phone Fans

Google sharpens its memory, brings recent search history to Android ...
By Zachary Lutz
Face it, Google already knows you better than your friends or family, so why not cuddle up next to the giant and let it make your life a touch easier to.

Google Brings New Local Search Experience To Your Android ...
By Joe Sirianni
The official Google Mobile Blog has brought word that the company is making their popular searchapplication for Android even better…..again. Google is always quick to ensure that their bread and butter, which is search, is constantly ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

Is Google "Search Plus Your World" Set To Go International?
By Amie Baumwell
This post discusses the implications of the international expansion of Google's secure search model.... Plus, watching Panda do damage from afar was kind of cathartic after seeing it do damage to our and our peers' sites. ... like these types of results will permeate international search markets now too, as Search Engine Land predicts, due to a recent Google announcement that it will be expanding its secure connections to its country-specific international domains (,etc.).

Disney Starts Posting Shows On YouTube, Google Couples Mobile ...
By Nidhi Subbaraman
Judge Orders Google To Share Android Dev Details With Apple. A Chicago judge presiding over a Apple vs. Motorola Mobility patent suit has ordered Google and Motorola Mobility to share details of Android's development with Apple.
Fast Company

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