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New Google Privacy Policy Reveals Itself

New Google Privacy Policy Reveals Itself
A big change to Google's privacy policy has now taken affect, meaning it's now up to users to decide how much information they want collected by the search enginegiant. NY1's Adam Balkin filed the following report. When you ask anyone aboutGoogle's ...


He Helped Bust Google On Privacy -- Now He's Got Some Advice For Your Startup
San Francisco Chronicle
Most recently, he helped the Wall Street Journal unravel how Google was circumventing the default privacy settings on Safari. "It's like breaking into a bank to deposit a check, but inadvertently robbing the place," Soltani said.

How Google Can Help in the Search for a Universal Right to Privacy: View
How do you say “Google privacy policy” in French? (It's “regles de confidentialiteGoogle.” Thanks, Google Translate.) Google Inc.'s new privacy policy, which took effect March 1, is in general a praiseworthy effort. But it has won only faint applause, ...


Spain refers Google privacy complaints to EU's top court
By Claire Davenport | BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Spain's highest court wants the top court in Europe to decide if requests by Spanish citizens to have data deleted from Google's search engine are lawful, in a case that could put more pressure on it to review ...

Google responds to reader questions about privacy changes
Los Angeles Times
By Deborah Netburn To the dismay of many privacy advocates, Google implemented some changes to its privacy policy on Thursday that will allow the world's largest Internet company to collect information about its users across all its products, ...

Google privacy change draws 'firestorm'
Google contends that the new rules don't veer from previous privacy policies. The company says the changes make it easier for users to see what information the company has collected about them while they use Google's free search engine, Gmail service, ...

Local Results, Link Evaluation & Freshness Signals Top Google's February ...
Search Engine Watch
This is a big opportunity for local websites to appear more prominently on the first page of Google's search results. While relevance, distance, and prominence are established Google ranking factors for Places listings (also see “Understanding the 98 ...

Google Street View Lands Search Giant In Lawsuit Over Urination Image
Huffington Post
NANTES, France (Reuters) - A Frenchman took Google to court Thursday over a photo published online by its Street View application showing him urinating in his front yard which he believes has made him the laughing stock of his village in rural ...

EU institutions take on Google over privacy regime
By Benjamin Fox BRUSSELS - Online search engine Google is under fire for its new privacy policy, which came into force yesterday (1 March), with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) saying it breaches EU law. Justice commissioner Viviane Reding ...

Google's New Privacy Settings: Is There Anything Private About Them?
Neon Tommy
Yesterday, an Internet user entered a friend's birthday into her schedule on her Googlecalendar. Later, she watched Surprised Kitty on YouTube and that night-- after watching Cake Boss-- searched “cool cakes” on Google's search engine.
Neon Tommy

Google's New Privacy Policy: What to Do
New York Times (blog)
Until Thursday, a record of a user's activity on Google's search engine was kept apart from the record of that user's activity on other Google properties. Google's search engine may have known a user was looking up sites about Jamaica, but it was not ...

EU justice chief: Google is playing privacy 'games'
ZDNet UK (blog)
By David Meyer , 2 March, 2012 09:11 Follow @superglaze EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding has attacked Google's decision to adopt a new unified privacy policy without waiting for data protection authorities to properly evaluate it.

Google privacy policy gets public airing
Financial Times
This is just one example of how Google is increasingly combining the information it holds about its users from its dozens of products, which range from a search engine and maps to Android smartphones, flight checkers and language translation apps.

Google implements new privacy policy
Adelaide Now
Google's new privacy policy will track users' email, YouTube and Google Maps searches. Source: AFP EUROPEAN Regulators say it could be illegal, but as of yesterday Google knows much more about you. The internet search giant's new privacy policy allows ...

VIDEO: Google's new privacy policy takes effect
Public Radio International PRI
Google has faced much scrutiny over its new privacy policy, which seeks to combine users' data across its various services. (Photo courtesy of Google.) Google's new privacy policy went into effect March 1, raising concerns about personal privacy.

Yelp's Stoppelman Leads IPO by Snubbing Google, Yahoo Offers
BusinessWeek (blog)
About two years ago, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Yelp Inc. (YELP) rejected a $550 million bid by Google Inc. (GOOG) and a Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) overture of $1 billion, according to people with knowledge of the negotiations.

A Button That Makes You Forget: On Deleting My Google Web History
Wired News
By Tim Carmody Google's new privacy policy took effect today, March 1, at midnight. Last night, I deleted my Google web history, which recorded my history of keyword and image searches, books read (including individual page numbers), local maps and...

Wired News

Google 'sneaking away citizens' privacy' says EU commissioner
Google is "sneaking" citizens' privacy away with its new policies and appears to be ignoring data protection treaties, the European commissioner of justice has said. By Christopher Williams and Andrew Hough Viviane Reding delivered a stinging rebuke to...

'In breach of EU law' - Google's new privacy changes
Particular concern has been raised by users, where by default, owning and using a Google account means that browsing data will be archived and shared for improved search results and targeted advertisements, whilst forgoing the usual policy terms ...

Google privacy settings: How to change them to protect yourself
New York Daily News
By Braden Goyette / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Google is combining more than 60 different privacy policies, allowing the search giant to keep all the data it collects about users across different services in one place. With Google's new privacy policy in ...

New York Daily News

Google's privacy changes – should you be worried?
The changes to Google's privacy policies – effectively whittling 70+ down to one cohesive policy – has certainly caused a furor that I'm sure the search giant had been expecting. But should ordinary folk be so duly concerned as to delete their accounts ...

Santorum's embarrassing 'Google problem' no longer No. 1
Eventually, became the top search result on Bing, Yahoo and Chinesesearch engine Baidu. In the past, Google refused appeals from Santorum's representatives to remove from the top search result for his name.

Google's new privacy policy and your online identity
An attendee uses a mouse over a Google mousepad at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Beginning Thursday, March 1, 2012, Google will operate under a streamlined privacy policy that enables the Internet's most powerful company to dig even ...

Google Sued by Frenchman Caught on Street View in Embarrasing Pose
PCWorld (blog)
By Ian Paul, PCWorld Mar 2, 2012 8:06 AM Google is getting an earful from a French villager concerned about -- what else -- an invasion of privacy. Already facing heavy criticism about changes to its privacy policy that allow the Internet search leader ...

Google's New Privacy Policy Highlights Need for Better Settings
CIO (blog)
Google's updated privacy policy--which allows the company to share information about you across all of its services--has drawn criticism worldwide. Here's how its changes affect your online identity and why Google now needs to focus on making its ...

Campaign Gains Help Solve Santorum's 'Google Problem'
PC Magazine
The surge has also helped alleviate Santorum's so-called "Google problem." As noted by The Wall Street Journal, the result that has been associated with Santorum's name on Google Search for some time has been pushed down, making room for the former ...

Google launches privacy policy despite French, EU concerns
Total Telecom
By Nadya Masidlover, Dow Jones Newswires US Internet search and advertising company GoogleInc. on Thursday activated controversial changes to its privacy policy, despite requests from French and European Union data protection authorities to delay its ...

How Far Does Your Google Search Query Travel? | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
How far does your Google search query travel? According to Google, 1500 miles on average. This is a factoid Google Fellow Ben Gomes dropped in an interview with ReadWriteWeb about the inner workings of Google Search. There wasn't ...
Expert Articles - WebProNews

Personal social search 101: Insights from Google and Bing on ...
By Katherine Griwert
At this week's SMX West conference, experts from Google and Bing shared info on everything marketers need to know about social search and personal results. ... As Danny Sullivan pointed out, website owners and marketers should take this as a sign that SEO rankings reports are dead: As it stands, just about every user is getting unique results for the same SERPs. .... He explained that Microsoft's search engine is focused on coming up with ways to let “people influence search.

Keyword Optimization – How to Optimize for Google Search Results ...
By John Engle
Choosing proper keywords your site absolutely critical SEO… finding yourself within search engineresults pages (SERP's) keyword phrases that you targeting isn't too shabby either. However, proper... Since Google Panda Update was developed “to give people most relevant answers their queries,” it might your best interest target keywords that related specifically your content. You might consider this .... John Engle, Search Engine Optimization Blogging Specialist Taking SEO Storm!
SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

Blog - Google's New Privacy Policy: Protecting Yourself Once it's in ...
By Paul
Starting now, Google will use the same privacy policy for all of its programs and share data over all of its more than 60 services. Google will no-longer compartmentalize all its data on you so that Google search knows some, YouTube knows ...
Fueled | Mobile Blog

New Google Privacy Policy Changes Now in Effect - Search Engine ...
By V3
Google said the changes would help bring all data gathered on users from its different platforms, such as YouTube, Gmail and Blogger, into a single system, allowing the company to improve its services, such as search and serving better ads.
Search Engine Watch - Latest

Is Google Image Search Racially Biased? |
By Michael D
I think there's a kink in Google's new SafeSearch filtering. I blogged the other day about new image related search quality highlights being rolled out by Google. One of those changes was improved detecting of adult content in image search, ...

Inbound linking strategy to get to the top listing on google fast | Web ...
By mherzber
Another 3 days or so later I search google for “FIU President's Council” and I found many of the other pages where much higher in the google search results and they were also starting to show up number one in yahoo and bing since they ideas hold true across all search ... Another nice result is that even if you search for just “FIU president” the FIU President's Council site shows up as the number 2 result in google which I will chalk up to both the onsite and inbound good seo practices.
Web Communications

For Google and other tech companies, “every millisecond matters” in ...
By admin
The tech companies' latest quest for speed is apparently a result of the discovery by Googleengineers that Internet users apparently search less if they have to wait for even a few seconds for their computer to respond to their click on a website ...
Irish Tribune

What User Behavior Data Does Google Use to Influence Search ...
By Warren
Although no one can ever be sure about what algorithms Google is using to determine searchrankings, one thing is for sure - user behavior is increasingly becoming a factor.
PLR Internet Marketing

Google Plus | Google Analytics | SEO | Sanctuary Media Group
By Sanctuary Media Group
Google told the web community, especially those who relied on search engine optimization, that it would only affect a small percentage of organic searches, however, Google+ is increasing in popularity and will only increase the number of ...
Sanctuary Media Group

Google's Personal Guide to the Internet - Search Engine Roundtable
By (Barry Schwartz)
Kelly from Google posted in a Google Web Search Help thread a new guide from Google named Your personal guide to the Internet... ... Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help. Previous story: SMX Live: Duplication, Aggregation, ...
Search Engine Roundtable

The top 10 new Google Analytics features you should be using | BT ...
By Jo
As most of you would have noticed by now, the old version of Google Analytics is being phased out, means that users have been getting familiar with the latest version and all of the updates that it has to offer. We thought that even though Google have been rolling ... In addition, Google has also created an account search that lets users directly access the correct profile, rather than scrolling through in an effort to locate the right one. Webmaster Tools – The new integration incorporates ...
BT Business Direct

Advertising privacy FAQ – Policies & Principles - Google
What information does Google use to serve me ads? What information is used to personalize ads onGoogle search, Gmail, and other Google properties?

How to remove your Google Search history
So, the EFF has an article up on how to clear your search history at Google before the changes to the company's privacy policy takes effect. Most importantly, the ...

HARDOCP - How to Remove Your Google Search History
The EFF has a handy guide to removing your search history for those of you that want to do a little clean-up before Google implements its new privacy.

Google Search Engine Market Share Greater Outside of US | Chitika ...
As reported by Chitika Insights, Google has maintained its place as the leader in Search EngineMarket Share for several years now. However, just like any ...

Sober Look: Google search indicates a shift in public sentiment on ...
As discussed before, the Google search statistics are an excellent way to track this inflection in sentiment. The chart below shows Google News searches for the ...

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