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Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search; Google rolls out new privacy policy amid howls

10 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Google Search
But there are some best practices you can employ, in addition to traditional SEO techniques, to help your ecommerce site gain traction on Google. It's relatively simple: The more that you pay attention to the pitfalls of search, the more you can ...

Google rolls out new privacy policy amid howls
Google contends the move simplifies and unifies its policies across its various services such as Gmail, YouTube, Android mobile systems, social networks and Internet search. "The new policy doesn't change any existing privacy settings or how any ...


Google privacy policy change: Myths and realities
Chicago Tribune
This has created much buzz about what Google may or may not be doing with your information going forward. Let's sort this out. Google stores web search information connected to each Googleaccount, including titles and URLs of pages visited.

Abine Acquires Service That Keeps Google Searches More Private
MarketWatch (press release)
Developed by renowned security expert and web engineer Moxie Marlinspike, GoogleSharing anonymizes users' Google searches, preventing the search giant from gathering personal information about consumers' search histories. The changes to Google's ...

Google's new privacy policy: what has changed and what you can do about it
Ars Technica
Prior to today, Google had more than 70 privacy policies for its various products. But with the company trying to create a seamless experience across search, Gmail, Google+, Google Docs, Picasa, and much more, Google is consolidating the majority of ...

Five ways Google's unified privacy policy affects you
by Sharon Vaknin March 1, 2012 9:55 AM PST Follow @sharonvak Google implemented a new privacy policy on March 1. Here's the "So what?" and what the search giant's changes mean for you. YouTube is one of 60 services that will fall under Google's unified ...

Google's new privacy policy goes into effect Mar. 1
Washington Post
Cecilia Kang reports: European regulators on Tuesday warned Google that its new privacy policy set to take effect Thursday appears to violate privacy rules, and they asked the search giant to delay the changes. In a letter to Google chief executive ...

Google Privacy D-Day Arrives, Users Search For Snooki
The changes, which allow Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to combine data across different services, have not yet led to a stampede of users demanding to know more. This morning's Google top 10 “hotsearches” reflected the usual pop culture celebrity fare: “davy ...

Google's new privacy policy takes effect today. Does it really matter?
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
As of today, Google's doing what most people always assumed the search giant was up to: Collecting information generated from your use of its products and then showing you relevant ads and content suggestions across all those products.

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

Are You FREAKING OUT About Google's New Privacy Changes? We Can Help (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
Last month, Google announced some big changes to its privacy policy that will let the company share information between different services, like Search, Google+, Gmail, and YouTube. Those changes go into effect today and some people are absolutely ...

Rick Santorum Google Problem: Presidential Campaign Produces More Favorable ...
Huffington Post
Seems that Santorum's long-standing "Google problem" is now but a mere "Google inconvenience." As Amy Bingham of ABC News reports, "After years during which people got a vulgar term for anal sex as their first result when they searched the word ...

Think Google privacy policy isn't private enough? How to stay incognito.
Christian Science Monitor
Instead of relying on Google for e-mail (Gmail), Web searches, and various other services, you can migrate one or two major activities to another provider. Some alternatives for e-mail include Hotmail or Yahoo. Other search-engine options includeBing, ...
Christian Science Monitor

Tech Lab Google privacy: A user's guide
Boston Globe
There's a new privacy policy at Google, effective today. The big change: The company will now combine information on its users from dozens of its online services. It will compare your GoogleWeb searches with the YouTube videos you've watched, ...

Google users prep for privacy policy changes
Google's privacy policy changes take effect Thursday, allowing the company to combine one user's information from several of the company's products, including Google search, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube. In the past, Gmail ads have always been targeted ...

EU justice chief warns Google over 'sneaking' citizens' privacy away
The Guardian
Late on Wednesday night it emerged that the French data protection authority, the CNIL, had written to the giant search engine company on 27 February and said: "Our preliminary analysis shows that Google's new policy does not meet the requirements of ...

The Guardian

Google begins collecting users' data across its services
Washington Post
Google launched its new privacy policy on Thursday, adding Web search and YouTube history to the pool of data that the company collects about its account-holders. The changes bring 60 of the company's services under the same umbrella, and clarifies ...

Stealing your privacy -- it's Google once again
Fox News
Google has made apologies and promises to the public, settled a suit with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by signing a 20-year consent decree, and attempted to placate Congress with vague descriptions of its privacy and search practices.

Fox News

Google Privacy Policy Changes: Troving Data for Advertising Revenue, Is It 'in ...
International Business Times
That means that YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Plus and more can begin to communicate with each other and leverage data between each other. Someone's Blogger posts may affect their Google searches; Google Plus links may affect YouTube suggestions; ...

International Business Times

Google Implements Controversial New Privacy Policy Amid Criticism
MyFox Los Angeles
The new privacy policy allows Google to build a comprehensive profile of users by combining the user's web searches with the Google accounts the user is logged into. As a result, the web giant can link users' YouTube viewing, Google Maps searches and ...

New Google privacy policy has law-enforcement holes, say experts
As of Thursday, whatever you do on one Google-owned site will change whatever you see on anotherGoogle property – be it Google' search engine, Docs, Maps, Calendar, Gmail, Picassa, YouTube, G+, etc. "We can provide reminders that you're going to be ...

Google privacy changes: Tech giant bucks scrutiny
Google resisted calls to delay implementation of changes that allow the company to begin combining user data across its services, namely search and YouTube, at a time when the company is already under regulatory scrutiny for its data-collection ...


Google's new privacy policy takes effect
Google's controversial new privacy policy takes effect Thursday despite a wave of criticism from privacy commissioners and continuing heat from the European Union. The search giant is now saving user information collected from all its services, ...

Google's New Privacy Policy Goes Live Today, Do You Care?
PC Magazine
At issue are plans to consolidate Google's 70 or so privacy policies across its products down to one. But with this change, Google will have one profile for users rather than separate logs for services like YouTube, Search, and Blogger.

Google rebuffs critics of privacy policy
Financial Times
Google angered European regulators on Thursday by rolling out a new privacy policy despite repeated requests to delay the project and warnings that it might not be lawful. Viviane Reding, the EU Justice Commissioner, told the Financial Times Google's ...

Financial Times

Why should you clear your Google search history
As of 12:00 am on March 1st Google's new, (You have no) privacy policy goes live and that means many of our google searches will as well. Well why should we clear our search histories? We've all been hearing for weeks now that this will happen, ...

Google's privacy policy doomsday goes ahead despite warnings
ZDNet (blog)
A new privacy policy is set, but Google faces continued pressure from governments to roll back the decision. In less than a year since Google rolled out its Facebook-competing social network, Google+, the search giant has stirred the international ...

ZDNet (blog)

Google Panda Search Update Infographic | Virante Orange Juice
By Mark Traphagen
Buffer. email. A great infographic from Search Engine Land that explains the history and effects of theGoogle Panda update, a major change in some of the factors Google uses to determine searchrankings. Google Panda Update Infographic ...
Virante Orange Juice

How to Disable Google Personal Search Results
By Brian Gardner
Ever wonder how you can disable personal search results from showing up on Google? Here are three easy to follow methods which will take care of business for you.
Brian Gardner

How do I view, edit, and disable Google search History?
Steps on how you can view, edit, and disable your Google services search History.
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Rick Santorum Google Problem: Presidential Campaign Produces ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Eventually, Savage settled on naming the by-product of a sex act after Santorum, established a website called "Spreading Santorum" that carried the definition, and let thousands of links to the site -- and Google's search algorithm -- do the rest ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Google Is Dumbing Down Search, and I Don't Like It | Mother Jones
By Kevin Drum
That's great for news, because it's, you know, news, but it's made Google increasingly useless as a research tool. Once upon a time if, say, Little Ricky said something stupid, I could do a Google search and easily [see] if he said a similar stupid ...
Kevin Drum Feed | Mother Jones

TECH: Google Adds Concert Links to Artist Search Results
By whitperson
I caught this quiet Google Search announcement the other day and I finally got a chance to mention it here: Google has officially added links for upcoming concerts to search results for bands and musical artists. While this may seem.
Live Music

Roman's Rants: Google Search « ecomPunk
By Roman
When it comes to business models in the web sphere, there's no company that dominates theirs as much as Google does search: For the majority of users, Google is the entry to internet wonderland, be it for looking for news, porn or products.

Google adwords: an effective search engine marketing tool | SEO
By SEO Team
The Google AdWords is an effective tool online businesses can use to bring traffic to their site. This is ... SEO News, SEO Tips, SEO Article ... The Google search engine yields results on several pages and prioritise them according to ranking.
SEO News, SEO Tips, SEO Article

Students turn to Google, not traditional ads to find apartments ...
By Allan Maurer
Students turn to Google, not traditional ads to find apartments. March 1st, 2012. Catalyst Googlescores highest among college students looking for an apartment as students continue to turn away from traditional advertising – such as ads in ...
TechJournal South

Baidu vs. Google: Search Engine Battlefield in China [Infographic]
By admin
Baidu vs. Google [Infographic]. DIGIMIND-Infographics-Baidu-vs-Google FREE. free download. Baidu has overtaken Google as the leader in the search engine market in China, following the example of Sina Weibo, China's top microblogging ...
Competitive Intelligence Software...

Omnibox searches using local version of Google - Google Chrome Help
I am living in Hong Kong, and when I use the address bar to search things on Google directly, I getsearch results on Google Hong Kong. How do I change it to ...

Google panda 3.3 updates
The changes concern 40 updates to improve the quality of Google search results. The list of changes include: * More coverage for related searches, increasing ...

Notify Fans of Concert Dates Through Google Search
Google continues to focus on music with its latest update, which allows fans to see upcoming concert tour dates right on the results page.

Changing the look of your Google Search Result Pages • Yoast
I love Google, I seriously do. What I don't like too much is them adding more and more fluff to mysearch result pages (or SERPs) that I really don't want or need.

How to delete your Google search Web History | iMore
Google can keep track of everything you've ever searched for using their Web History service, even if you've cleared the browser history on your iPhone, iPad, ...

How to Use Google Search Effectively [Infographic]
If you are not Google “power” user then probably you are not using effectively. Today I came across a interesting infographic which highlights some easy yet ...

How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's ... - Digg
I typically don't search Google while logged in. Check email, check youtube, log out because I am done. Also what happened to turning off history for non-logged ...

How to delete your Google Browsing History before new policy
With just a week to go before Google changes to its new privacy policy that allows it to gather, store and use personal information, users have a last chance to ...

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