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How Google's Semantic Search Will Change SEO

How Google's Semantic Search Will Change SEO
Whatever way you slice it, keywords are everywhere in SEO. Even among Google's most recent algorithm updates — Panda, Search Plus Your World and Venice, to name a few — keywords remained relatively unscathed. But the upcoming update to move Google to ...

Google customers sue company over privacy rules
San Francisco Chronicle
Google says the revised privacy policy will provide a simpler, more streamlined experience for users. A consumer's YouTube viewing history can be used to tailor results in Google Searchwhile an individual's search history will enable more relevant ads ...

Google Revamping Search to Filter Out 'Spam' Sites
That phrase — "level the playing field" — is one that could be music to the ears of small and medium sized Internet-based businesses, who have complained for years that an overemphasis on search engine optimization has made Google'sresults less ...

The Case Against Google
For the last two months, you've seen some version of the same story all over the Internet: Delete your search history before Google's new privacy settings take effect. A straightforward piece outlining a rudimentary technique, but also evidence that ...

Google imagines environment-aware mobile adverts
BBC News
If you have ever stood in the rain wondering where the nearest umbrella shop is, then the latest Google patent may interest you. The search giant has secured intellectual rights to a system that would serve ads based on environmental conditions.

BBC News

Google In Decline? Critics Protest Too Much
A Google executive, James Whittaker, recently left the company for his second tour at Microsoft, and in the aftermath he posted a blog on Microsoft's site explaining why he left the searchcompany. While promising "no drama" and "no tell-all," he ...

Will Google Big Query Transform Big Data Analysis?
Search giant unveils cloud-based analytics service that will speed advertising data analysis and help companies sidestep the big-data skills gap. By Doug Henschen InformationWeek Googleshared details Wednesday about Google Big Query, a cloud-based ...

IT'S OFFICIAL: Google Is NOT About Search Anymore (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
It's official: Google is not about search anymore. It's about finding answers to anything having to do with your life. An unnamed Googler authorized to speak for the company told Gizmodo's Mat Honan that "Google isn't primarily about search anymore.

Google Problems? BrandYourself Helps You Control Search Results Of Your Name
Huffington Post
The company, BrandYourself, aims to help people control what shows up when others Googletheir name. On BrandYourself's website, users can submit three web pages that they would like to appear in the top spots of their name's Google search results, ...

Google faces class action lawsuits against new privacy policy
Network World
By John Ribeiro, IDG News Service TechBriefcase is a new, free service where IT Professionals can Search, Store and Share IT white papers and content like this. Learn more Speed up your research efforts with content across the web.

Firefox To Use Google Secure Search By Default; Expect More “Not Provided ...
Search Engine Land
A loophole in Google Secure Search continues to provide them with this data. “We are currently testing the change to use SSL for built-in Google searches in our Firefox nightly channel. If no issues are uncovered, it will move through our Aurora and ...

Search Engine Land

Google Faces Class-Action Lawsuits Over New Privacy Policy
By John Ribeiro, IDG News Google faces consumer complaints in federal courts in New York and California that claim that its new privacy policy violates the company's earlier policies which promised that information provided by a user for one service ...

Are The Privacy Nuts Being Unfair To Google? Here's A Test (GOOG, FB)
San Francisco Chronicle
All because Google basically decided to stop collecting information from its sites (search, Gmail, YouTube, and so on) separately and start consolidating it. Like every other Web portal already does. Google says it didn't change the type of information ...

Google Users Sue Over Alleged Privacy Issue
Investor's Business Daily
By KEVIN SHALVEY, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 04:02 PM ET A lawsuit filed in New York is calling for a class action against Google (GOOG), with three plaintiffs accusing the company of over-sharing their information.

Dr. Murray Feingold: Has Google replaced Mom and Dad?
Rockford Register Star
Is this intrusion into parental territory Google's fault? Not really. Realistically, Google and similar Internet search engines are a tremendous source of knowledge and information, certainly more than what parents possess. A reasonable compromise is ...

Data Mining and Kids Part 2: The Google Echo Chamber
Wired News
All major internet search providers, including Google, individualize search results based upon data collected regarding our online behavior. Google, in particular, has made some changes recently. In case you were sleeping under a rock while Google ...

FastShip, Live Nation, Google, VW, CA: Intellectual Property
Google, based in Mountain View, California, is under growing pressure from global antitrust agencies probing whether the company is thwarting competition in the market for Websearches. While Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and partner Yahoo!

Google Wave Still Shutting Down April 30
The real-time collaboration tool, designed to merge email, wikis and other forms of communication into a single “wave,” never enjoyed the consumer traction of other Googleproducts such as Gmail; the search-engine giant subsequently released a ...

Google Referrals To Get Even More Mysterious
WebProNews talked to several SEO professionals about the changes last fall, who expressed their discontent: Christopher Soghoian at the blog Slight Paranoia figured this out, then Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land received a statement from Johnathan ...

Are The Privacy Nuts Being Unfair To Google? Here's A Test
Business Insider
Google made some changes to its privacy policy last month, and from the outrage one would think they'd announced they were conducting warrantless wiretaps. The changes have drawn the attention of state attorneys general, French privacy regulators ...

Business Insider

Google dumps keys, passwords; secures services with standards, certs
ZDNet (blog)
By John Fontana | March 22, 2012, 11:31am PDT Summary: Google is improving security for Web applications connecting to its server-based platforms by dropping keys and passwords and turning to certificates and an emerging protocol called OAuth 2.0.

Google Plans SEO Over-Optimization Penalty
Practical Ecommerce
with Google's and Bing's webmaster and web spam representatives. Google'sgoal for the penalty is to give sites that have produced great content a better chance to rank and drive organic search traffic and conversions. Pretty much all site owners can ...

Practical Ecommerce

ResultFirst Tops TOPSEO's List of 'Best Pay for Performance SEO Companies ...
MarketWatch (press release)
ResultFirst Inc., the industry-leading provider for Pay For Performance-based Search Engine Optimization services, announced today that it has been named TopSEOs' "Best Pay for Performance SEO" for March 2012. Recognized as an independent authority on ...

Mozilla testing default Google search encryption in Firefox
Help Net Security
Firefox users should soon have encryption turned on by default when searching for things online via the built-in Google search engine, Mozilla confirmed. The change has been introduced on Sunday into the Firefox nightly channel, ...

Help Net Security

Google Ties Display More Closely to Keywords
Google has unveiled changes to AdWords designed to make it easier to buy and track display advertising on its network. The new AdWords interface, which will roll out gradually over the next few weeks, will include a new Display Network Tab that lets ...

Not Provided To Spike When Firefox Adds Google SSL As Default
Search Engine Roundtable
Christopher Soghoian noticed that the developer trunk of Firefox added as a default to use Google's HTTPS search. Danny Sullivan did some information seeking and confirmed Firefox has intentions to release this as the default Google search behavior in ...

Search Engine Roundtable

IT'S OFFICIAL: Google Is NOT About Search Anymore
Business Insider
An unnamed Googler authorized to speak for the company told Gizmodo's Mat Honan that "Google isn't primarily about search anymore. Sure, search is still a core product, but it's no longer the core product. The core product ... is simplyGoogle.

Business Insider

Google Introduces New Spell Check Update in Google Docs
By Saqib Khan You may have noticed that when a query is misspelled in Google search, Googledisplays “Did you mean” suggestions. These suggestions are mostly what we meant to searchbut by mistake we have typed the search term with wrong spelling.

How To Handle Google Search Partners? |
By John Rampton
Ever wondered if Google Search Partners option is worth it or not? Most marketers likely turn it ...The Search Partners doesn't affect your Quality Score with Google if anything it has an effect on the Search Partners Quality Score. Does Google ...
PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click...

Highlight Text To Search On Google, YouTube, Wikipedia & More ...
By Zainab
Select Search, a Chrome extension, provides you with quick search options on popular engines, and can save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can search Google, Wikipedia, Twitter with ...

Will Google's adaptive spell check be implemented across services ...
By Andrew Kameka
The desktop version of Google Docs now provides spelling suggestions similar to what's offered in Google Search. More may be coming.

Google Panda 3.3 - Is SEO Dead? | Douglas Lim
By Douglas Lim
Is search engine optimization dead with the changes made by the Google Panda 3.3 updates?... Most of the SEO specialists I've spoken to and confirmed with have also suggested thatGoogle are now penalizing sites for bad back links.
Douglas Lim

How Google Missed With Voice Actions | Android.AppStorm
By Joe Casabona
When Google launched Voice Actions a couple of years ago, I was really excited. I could do aGoogle search by voice, send a text, call someone, play music, or even email memos to myself. It was both fast and accurate – and why wouldn't it ...

Google Problems? BrandYourself Helps You Control Search ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Peter Kistler used to have a Google problem. ... BrandYourself analyzes each piece of content and provides tools and tactics to increase or reduce its visibility on Google, all at no cost to the user. ... Do some basic search engine optimization.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Digitization 101: CIL2012: Google Plus or Minus
By Jill Hurst-Wahl
You can do public and private messages. A Google search will include Google+ results. Julie Strange (@strnglibrarian) - who talked about Circles If you have an active community on Facebook, good for you! She believes in playing with new ...
Digitization 101

what is the latest version of google panda?
By PaulRigby
what is the latest version of google panda? how to avoid google panda affect ? if my site affected by google panda how can i come out of this? ... google panda new version. By olakh in forumSearch Engine Optimization. Replies: 0. Last Post: ...
Webmaster Forum

Not Provided - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
By Nick Stamoulis
Back in October Google rocked the world of SEO with their announcement that they intended to make search more secure by encrypting search data. When someone who was logged into their Gmail account searched in Google, their search ...
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Journal

Smart Spell Checker in Google Docs
By Alex Chitu
Google's search engine has a great spell checker because it doesn't rely on dictionaries and because it's context-sensitive. The smart ... Just like Gmail's spam filter is better than the spam filter of a desktop mail client and Google's online speech- to-text engine is better than any offline speech recognition software, the smart spell checker from Google Search and Google Docs (originally available in Google Wave) is better than any .... Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!) ...
Google Operating System

Anatomy of a news story: How Bing and Google performed when ...
The study found that both Bing and Google made major changes to the search engine results pages when the news broke in each of the instances, quickly ...

Online Insider » Google's Search Refresh
This morning's Wall Street Journal reports on Google's gradual incorporation of semanticsearch techniques, in an article titled “Google Gives Search a Refresh” ...

Here's How Much Google Is Paying Apple To Be The Search Engine ...
Apple made $1 billion off Google last year by having it as the default search engine in Safari, says Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter in a note this morning.

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