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Google Search: Change is Good

Notwithstanding the complaints and angst, the announced changes in Google Search are a good thing.  A good thing at least for the public and quality content providers.  For those who are used to manipulating search results by black hat methods, or other questionable tactics (see next story)--too bad! Change is good.

Google: No SEO boost from vanity top-level domain grab
By Kevin Murphy • Google has denied that companies will be able to get a search engine ranking boost by obtaining new vanity top-level domain names from ICANN. The company's webspam guru, Matt Cutts, said this week that ... 

Google Asked by French Regulator to Clarify New Privacy Rules
Google Inc. (GOOG), the world's largest Web-search provider, was sent a list of 69 questions regarding its new privacy rules by France's data protection authority. The National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties, known by its French acronym ...

Google Quizzed by France on Privacy Rules for Android, Cookies
By Heather Smith on March 19, 2012 Google Inc. (GOOG), the world's largest Web-searchprovider, was questioned by France's data protection authority to determine whether policies for mobile devices running its Android operating system and information ...

Bing, Not Google, Favors Wikipedia More Often in Search Results [Study]
Search Engine Watch
by Danny Goodwin, March 19, 2012 Comments While Google is often criticized for having a Wikipedia bias, it isn't the only search engine that has one. When you conduct searches onBing, you're actually more likely to see Wikipedia prominently in your ...

Let Me Google That For You
Do you often feel like your name should be "Google?" On April 1, send the lazy Web searcher a link to LMGTFY; perhaps he or she will learn a thing or two. To use LMGTFY, visit the site, type in a search query, and click on either search button.

Google making search smarter
Mother Nature Network
The search giant aims to make itself better at understanding human phrasing ofsearch terms by increasing its 'semantic' abilities. By Agence France-PresseMon, Mar 19 2012 at 11:09 AM EST SAN FRANCISCO — Google says it is retooling itssearch machine ...

Mother Nature Network

Yandex Search Share Gains as Google's,'s Portions Shrink
By Halia Pavliva on March 19, 2012 Yandex NV (YNDX), Russia's most popular Internet search engine, saw its weekly search-market share rise to the highest in eight weeks, while GoogleInc.'s portion decreased, data compiled by show.

Control Your Privacy on Google
CIO Today
By Anick Jesdanun A new privacy policy from Google is stirring debate and worry. With the new data Google is collecting, Google gets can tailor ads that align more precisely with your interests, and those personalized ads are among the most lucrative ...

CIO Today

Why Google's search revamp is a big deal
by Emma Barnett This week the engineers behind Google search announced that the engine is to undergo its most radical makeover to date. And the overhaul could be transformational, both for users and businesses. Google is now going to start fusing ...

Google Plans to Punish Sites "Overoptimized" for SEO
Windows IT Pro (blog)
Yet search engine optimization (SEO) has been employed by some website operators to game Google's search algorithm and increase search results artificially. According to Google's Matt Cutts in a speech at SXSW transcribed bySearch Engine Land's Barry ...

Windows IT Pro (blog)

How to Divorce Google
When I sit at home, Google (unless I consciously prevent it) knows where I sit, on what machine, and what time of day I'm there. Data is collected not only from the search engine site, but sites that I visit that have Google maps, and so forth.

Google's Flight Search adds 500 airports outside the US
Eye For Travel
Google has strengthened its Flight Search offering by including more than 500 airports outside the US. The company, which has been focusing on expanding its global coverage and adding more routes, shared that now its users can find flights,...

Eye For Travel

How Semantic Search Impacts Ad Targeting
MediaPost Communications
by Laurie Sullivan, 6 minutes ago Paid-search marketers should see far better ad targeting once Google and Bing build out semantic technology in their respectivesearch engines. Colin Jeavons, CEO of Vertical Search Works, said targeting falters today ...

MediaPost Communications

Google adopts semantic search
By Staff writer, ITWeb Google is reportedly looking to return actual answers tosearch queries, rather than just a list of Web sites. The world's most popularsearch engine, Google, is reportedly set to rollout a significant overhaul of itssearch ...


Google To Get Tough On Overly Optimized Sites
Matt Cutts spoke to a panel at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival aboutsearch engine optimization, revealing the new plan could send fear into the hearts of website managers. An audio clip from the panel discussion is available at ...


New Google Changes: Really A Matter Of Mom And Pop?
Panda is just one of many. Google just doesn't name each one (and of course, not all of them are as impactful).” She notes, as she hinted at in her own post, that Cutts may have been simplifying things for a non-search audience (SXSW isn'ta search ...

Google Plus Pages Replace PPC Ads
Search Newz
Google search results are now showing Latest Posts from Google+ pages/profiles where one usually saw the PPC ads. The top half of the search page has Google+ pages and profiles alongside its regular results. As per Google, this change is an experiment ...

Google search to answer queries now
India Today
Internet giant Google 's "search" will now not only hunt down typed-in words but also answer questions like an encyclopaedia. In a drastic makeover for the search engine , the option will no longer show only a list of blue links to varous websites, ...

India Today

Google Webmaster Central Creator Talks Google's “New” Google Changes
But whether or not you should depends on what you mean by search engine optimization.” Interestingly, she compares Google's approach to what the company has been doing with thePanda update, in that it's about “separating high-quality, useful pages ...

How to Prep Your SEO for Google's New Algorithm
by Michael del Castillo Mar 19 2012 Three simple steps to ensure the new Google algorithm doesn't throw a wrench in your company's search engine results. A day after the only startup at startup lab Milk is shut down, the company's founder and his ...

FTC Has 'Slam Dunk' Case Against Google, Privacy Researcher Says
The Stanford privacy researcher who first uncovered Google evading the default privacy settings for all users of Apple's Safari web browser believes that the Federal Trade Commission has a “slam dunk” case that Google violated its privacy agreement ...


Google to demote SEO-heavy sites
PC Pro
By Nicole Kobie Google is tweaking its search engine to stop favouring sites that go overboard on SEO. Google's head of search Matt Cutts, speaking at the end of SXSW, said the change was designed to drive more traffic to sites with good content, ...

PC Pro

Google Search update will provide more answers and facts
The biggest improvement will be with semantic search, which helps Googleunderstand the actual meaning of words. This lets you can ask the search enginequestions in a human language, similar to how Wolfram Alpha has done for some time.

Small Time Blogger Responds to Google's Penalty
Houston Chronicle
Most website owners are familiar with Google's Webmaster Guidelines, which lists both acceptable site promotion methods (termed “white hat” and including such thing as promoting valuable content and seeking links from high quality sites) and techniques ...

Guy Kawasaki On The Wonders Of Google+
MediaPost Communications
by Derek Gordon, 9 seconds ago When I was at SXSWi, I got to see Guy Kawasaki interviewGoogle's Vic Gundotra, who's responsible for Google+ -- Google's comprehensive new social layer that integrates all of Google's disparate services.

Google gives us some insight on the inner workings of Google Translate
By Michael Gorman posted Mar 19th 2012 1:56PM Google may have started out as a search engine, but the scope of its services has grown considerably in the 20-plus years since its origin. Of the many products in its grand stable, Google Translate has ...

Google Grows Up: A Necessary Evil? (blog)
Facebook knew that this was the kind of information that Google lacked and threw up a wall around it, denying Google access. It was possible Facebook could flip a switch, team with say,Bing, and become a more relevant search engine.

Google doodles is one artist's fascinating job
Minneapolis Star Tribune
These images reflect the step-by-step process artist Jennifer Hom used to create a digitalGoogle Doodle, complete with Celtic knots, for St. Patrick's Day. At least every few weeks, artist Jennifer Hom is granted a small canvas in one of the most ...

Google Places Ranking Factors – The PhD Version
Search Engine Land
Bizible's team is made up of former Bing AdCenter guys and counts a PhD and a stats expert on their staff, so their study is a more scientific attempt to figure out what's going on with Google Places than your typical “here's what some SEOs think” kind ...

Search Engine Land

Google and the Enterprise: The Point? Money : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
Google pumped quite a bit of time, effort, money, and Google mouse pads into its enterprise initiative. In the salad days, Google could not learn enough about the companies dominating the enterprise search space. As I researched my Google ...
Beyond Search

How Google's Semantic Search Will Affect the Web - semanticweb ...
By Angela Guess
Jon Mitchell recently looked into the implications of Google's decision to start incorporating semantic search into its keyword search system. ... He writes, “This is bound to shake up the way today's keyword-driven search engine optimization works. The essence of the SEO game is tailoring page titles, URLs, topic tags and body text to the words and phrases people ... He goes on, “This doesn't just have implications for SEO, though. Much of Google's existing business – its search ads ...

More improvements coming for Google search | Rivermile
By H Burke
As someone who has often though of many pure SEO players as parasites, I'd call this a welcome change. After all, the site that does best on search engine results pages (SERPs) should be the site that has the most relevant content, not ...

Video: Google Engineers Share Unprecedented Access to Search ...
By SearchNews
These meeting are typically held each Thursday where members of Google's search quality team review all the proposed changes and discuss all aspects of each change to ensure it provides the best quality search experience for Google ...

Getting Ready For the New Google Algorithm Change - SEO Positive
By Ben Austin
This could be seen from the effect to the search engine rankings of some websites when thePanda algorithm by Google was introduced. Both large and small scale online companies were affected by the Google panda algorithm change, ...
SEO Positive

Five website tips relating to Google | WestHost Official Blog
By Clint Reeves
Yes, maybe! Installing Google Plus may indirectly increase search engine rankings. How fast or how high is unclear, but since Google owns this owns this technology it's worth trying! SaidGoogle: “+1's from friends and contacts can be a useful ...
WestHost Official Blog

Is Google Preparing To Make A Hard Move To Semantic Search?
By Lance Haun
Amit Singhal, a top Google search executive, said in a recent interview that the search engine will better match search queries with a database containing hundreds of millions of “entities”—people, places and things—which the company has ...

Page Load Times Impact Your Google Search Rankings |
By John Rampton
It might not seem that important, but how fast a site loads can make a huge difference in yoursearch engine rankings for Google. If your site loads faster, you will get better rankings, and thereby you will get more visitors to your site. It seems so ...
PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click...

Google have announced plans for the biggest search engine ...
By Google Fourm
Google have announced plans for the biggest search engine overhauls in the company's history that aims to not only provide web links to enquiries, but genuinely understand customer questions and give intelligent 'answers.' As Google face ...
Google Forum

Top 5 UK search engines: Google continues to rise - Digital ...
There were 2.2 billion visits to search engines in January 2012 in the UK, with Googleaccounting for 9 in 10 searches, according to new data. The study, from Experian Hitwise, indicates that visits to search engines were up 174 million ... Google further increased its dominance within the UK search market in February as rival search engines bing and Yahoo! both lost market share. In total, Google Sites accounted for 91.57 per cent of all searchesconducted in the UK in February 2012, ...
Digital Knowledge Centre - Digital...

Useful Tools for Google's Reverse Image Search
By Ann Smarty
Browser-based tools to access Search by Image feature by Google: search images from context menu, on hover-over as well as search for image sources on Pinterest!
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

Google Grows Up: A Necessary Evil? | DoubeleThought Web
By Joshua Gans
Facebook knew that this was the kind of information that Google lacked and threw up a wall around it, denying Google access. It was possible Facebook could flip a switch, team with say,Bing, and become a more relevant search engine.
DoubeleThought Web

Google's Pending Algorithm Update to Penalize Over-Optimized ...
By Corey Eridon
Learn about the implications of the newest Google algorithm update that will penalize websites that are too optimized for SEO. ... Last week during a SXSW panel, Matt Cutts, head of Google's search spam team, announced that Google has been working on a new tweak to its algorithm that will punish sites that are too optimized for SEO -- what he called "over-optimized" or "overlySEO'd," according to the recording of the announcement posted on Search Engine Land. Here's what you ...
HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing...

Adding International Flights to Its Airfare Search Engine, Google is ...
That's because the mighty Google has just added international destinations -- some 500 of them -- to the airfares listed on Google's own new search engine, ...

Google's planning to punish any website that is “overly optimized ...
Head of Google's Web Spam team Matt Cutts spoke on a panel at SXSW about search engine optimization and revealed a new strategy from Google that could ...

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