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China's biggest search engine Baidu enters mobile browser fight

China's biggest search engine Baidu enters mobile browser fight
The Baidu Mobile Browser, which will compete with UCWeb Inc's UC Browser, Google Inc's Chrome and default Android browser, and Apple Inc's Safari, is about 20 percent faster than its rivals based on internal tests, Li Mingyuan, Baidu's general manager ...

Apple vs. Google Maps Battle Revs Up Local Search Options
In a move meant to compete directly with Google Maps, Apple is expected to come out with its own mobile maps application this fall. This means big changes are in store for how customers will find and learn about your business. Tech giants are turning ...

Top Tory gets into trouble with Google over content-scraping software
Summary: Conservative housing minister Grant Shapps set up a company that sold software to set up web pages populated with other sites' content in order to make money from Google ads — a breach of the search giant's rules. Ben Woods. By Ben Woods ...


Find Prior Art Added to Google Patent Search
Google has extended its Patent Search facility to include European patents and has added a Prior Art facility. With the patent war over Android going on one has to wonder whether this was to meet an in-house need. Google's Patent Search isn't new, its ...

Google Tracks Trending Searches at Political Conventions
And the world's largest search engine carved quite a space in Tampa. But Google's presence at the RNC and ... Like the speeches by Ann Romney and Paul Ryan where certain lines saw certain spikes in Google activity. "That was 42 years ago. I've survived.

The journey of a Google search: What happens in the blink of an eye?
Manila Standard Today
To find results relevant to users' queries, Google's search engine is literally combing through billions of pages and websites on the internet through a complex set of algorithms - a set of instructions that a computer will carry out according to a set ...

Google's biggest mobile enemy has been itself
CBS Moneywatch
You might argue that if Apple is successful in its battles with Samsung -- and it increasingly looks as though it might be -- the maker of the iPhone would officially be Google's biggest enemy. But if you look at how and where Google has run into ...
CBS Moneywatch

Google Insights: internet users search for truth behind Cosby/Murphy rumors
Yahoo! Philippines News
Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy occupy the top four positions in this week's GoogleInsights table of the top ten fastest rising searches over the past ten days, following rumors of the stars' demise. Rumors of the death of Bill Cosby began after an "R.I.P ...

Yahoo! Philippines News

Google Extends Patent Search To Prior Art - Slashdot
mikejuk writes "As well as buying up patents to defend itself against the coming Apple attack on Android, Google is also readying its own technology.

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