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SEO Quick Start Guide to Customer Retention Marketing

The SEO's Quick Start Guide to Customer Retention Marketing
Business Insider
Do you value and retain your customers? Purna Virji, Online Marketing Manager at Stroll, shares five quick steps to customer retention marketing success. Purna wears many marketing hats, speaks a half a dozen languages, and when she isn't driving sales ...

Bing Beats Google, If You're Looking to Kill Yourself
Oh well, all of that is beside the point, except to frame the background for this: Bing totally bestsGoogle's search results, if your search queries involve suicide. Check out this comparison of Google and Bing results for the search “how to commit ...

#SocialChat Discusses the Synergy of Search and Social
Search Engine Journal
Jim has been involved in the online marketing industry since 1998 and a SEO since 1999. ... Social feels conversational, while SEO is about achievement As a marketer, social is about attraction while search is about visibility. Social helps me do my job.

SEO Ranking Forecast: 74 and Sunny
Practical Ecommerce
One of the hardest aspects of search engine optimization is determining whether changes in your site's organic search results are based on changes to your own site or external influences like algorithm changes. SEOmoz created MozCast weather report to ...
Practical Ecommerce

"SEO is Rocky Balboa."
Direct Marketing News
Gaining customers' attention online can sometimes feel like an underdog trying to win a prize fight. “Rocky Balboa is SEO. SEO is Rocky Balboa,” Jeff Herbst, director of organic search for 2tor, said during his presentation at the C3 conference in New ...

Direct Marketing News

Microsoft Tells Apple Users To Use Bing Over Google Due To Privacy Concerns
Search Engine Roundtable
Microsoft is targeting Google is a marketing campaign for Apple Safari users and others to switch to Bing from Google because of privacy reasons. The campaign can be found at and it

Search Engine Roundtable

Bing Ads Simplifies Geotargeting (Because You Can't Mail Weapons To New York)
Marketing Vox News
"Will it play in Peoria?" is an old saw meaning, how will an ad, song, politician appeal to mainstream America? (Peoria, by the way, is in central Illinois.) Chances are, ads for a Manhattan pizzeria would play poorly there, hence, geographic targeting ...

12 Perspectives on How B2B SEO Can Better Support PR ...
By Derek Edmond
Social media has a greater impact on search engine optimization (SEO) as well, both on the website and pointing to the website. SEO professionals need to identify and network with key influencer's in their client's target markets, to develop ...
Search Engine Watch

Microsoft Confirms Bing Push Using Google's Safari Privacy Fiasco
By Emil Protalinski
Last night I wrote a post titled “Microsoft to Safari users: Hey, try Bing (because Google is evil and breached your privacy). If you're just tuning in now, a new landing page suggested that Microsoft was using Google's record FTC $22.5 million ...
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Google Can Read Dynamic FAQs - SEO Chat
So from a human usability perspective, dynamic FAQs are a great idea. But what about from a search engine and SEO perspective? Does Google understand and appreciate this kind of page? Will it see the answers, or just the questions?
SEO Chat - Search Engine Optimization...

SPONSOR MESSAGE: 10 Great Mobile ... - Search Engine Land
By Search Engine Land
About The Author: Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search enginemarketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. Special site announcements and occasional sponsor messages are posted by Search ...
Search Engine Land: News & Info...

Microsoft Urging Safari Users To Use Bing - Slashdot
more privacy oriented Bing search engine (Score:5, Insightful) .... done on GOOGLE to Microsoft, and results chosen from the GOOGLE search to Microsoft.

Microsoft to Safari Users: Google Breached Your Privacy, Use Bing
If you're a Safari user, Microsoft is urging you to use Bing because Google doesn' t take your privacy seriously. No, I'm not joking, take a look at this webpage, ...

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