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Microsoft's Bing is now the default search engine on all Kindle Fire models

Microsoft's Bing is now the default search engine on all Kindle Fire models
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Noticed first by UberGizmo at Amazon's press conference in Santa Monica this week, the default search engine used in the search box of the Web browser was Microsoft'sBing. According to confirmations from Microsoft and Amazon, all Kindle Fire tablets ...

Digital Trends

Amazon Kindle Fire HD ships with Bing as default search engine
The price point and specs of the new Kindle Fire HD line are sure to be a hit with consumers. One thing that seems to have slipped under the radar though, is Amazon's choice to use Bing as the default search engine across all of its new Kindle Fire models.

Amazon chooses Bing over Google for new Kindle Fire
For all the hoopla, there is something a little odd about the new Kindle Fires: the tablets may run on Google's Android operating system… yet the default search engine on the device will be Microsoft'sBing, instead of Google. While no official ...

Google Snaps Up Security Firm VirusTotal
Search engine giant Google continued its efforts to bolster security credentials with the acquisition of VirusTotal, which provides a free service analyzing suspicious files and URLs and helps detect viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware.

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Some writers ( SEO experts ) populate a site with keyword sprinkled garble and these people should NOT be involved. Be brief, to the ... Everyone gets emails from people offering to get any business on the first page of Google search results. They ...

Kindle Fire 2 (Fire HD) of Amazon ships with Bing as default search engine
According to Ars Technica and other tech blogs, Bing is the search engine of the new Kindle Fire because the company ”is getting some money from Microsoft.” Apart from the Google search, Amazon's new device also includes Nokia Maps and not Google ...

Microsoft's Bing to power the search capabilities of Amazon's new Kindle Fires
Amazon have confirmed to AllThingsD that Bing will indeed power the Fires as the new default search engine, pushing Google out of the Fires' spotlight that it sat pretty with on the first-gen Fire. This is a pretty big win for Microsoft, as Amazon are ...


Amazon and Google no longer friends? Kindle Fire HD integrates Bing instead ...
Android Authority
Eliane Fiolet of Ubergizmo was able to get a hands-on experience with a Kindle Fire HD, and were quite surprised to find that the tablet's Silk mobile browser had Bing as the default search engine. “Bing comes as the default for Silk, Amazon says, but ...

Android Authority

Kindle Fire Using Microsoft Bing as Default Search Engine | MyFDL
By Jane Hamsher
Microsoft has apparently forked over big cash to Amazon to have its Bing search engine installed as the default on the new Kindle Fire HD. Ars Technica: “All text you enter in Amazon Silk' s address bar is sent to a default search engine,” ...
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