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How to Launch an Ad Campaign on YouTube

How to Launch an Ad Campaign on YouTube for the Holidays ...
By Greg Jarboe
And according to Google Campaign Insights, YouTube video ads, on average, drive a 20 percent increase in traffic to a company's website and a 5 percent increase in searches for that business. So,YouTube video ads get results. Even small businesses are discovering that ad ... a YouTubeAdvertising Campaign. For starters, marketers need to make a video. They can shoot some videothemselves and use My Business Story's channel to add their clips and give them style for free.
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SEO Demystified: SEO Doesn't Confuse People – People Confuse People
Business 2 Community
What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of maximizing a web page's chance of being found and highly ranked for specific keywords by the search engines (i.e. Google and Bing).

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12 Questions to Ask Before Taking on SEO Clients
Search Engine Journal
In too many cases, SEO consultants get lumped into a single group: “Those guys who do Google stuff to improve your website.” In fact, there's a wide range of different SEO solutions out there, from one-man shops to large agencies, all of which have ...

iPhone 5 Won't Change Mobile Search, But Can Nokia?
Search Engine Land
Of course, as with any phone, you can install the search engine of your choice when you activate and configure your new phone. But with Bing's tight integration in the device, and the fact that Bing holds its own against Google for ... With Bing's new ...

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The Stratosphere View: 4 Musts for Defining Successful SEO
One of the challenges of managing a search engine optimization (SEO) program effectively is convincing colleagues across your organization to understand, at the highest level, what the outcomes of a well-executed SEO campaign are. What defines success ...


Using Share Of Voice To Measure SEO Results
Search Engine Land
We talk about rankings, but we know rankings mean diddley squat. We point at ROI, but no one believes us. We try to lobby for changes like text-based navigation, but we're told “We can't risk the brand!” There's a better way, particularly for any SEO ...

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Pass Options for SMX East; Sessions, Networking and More – Starts Next Tuesday!
Search Engine Land
Participate in a smorgasbord of cutting-edge sessions and keynotes covering SEO, paid search advertising, social media marketing and other internet marketing topics, presented by an expert faculty of over 120 speakers. Attend the networking ... Getting ...

Conductor upgrades Searchlight SEO solution
BtoB Magazine
New York—Search engine optimization technology company Conductor Inc. has released a new version of its SEO platform that includes upgraded data analytics capabilities, reporting and business intelligence tools. Among the new features in Conductor ...

The Big App Cleanup: 5 Tools I Really Need as a Blogger
Search Engine Journal (blog)
Google and Bing news, Google Insights, trending tweets, the most popular and recent Diggs, YouTube top rated videos, blog posts, and more—isn't that awesome? And don't even try to persuade me that the properly customized Google Alerts would bring the ...

How to Quickly Identify Duplicate Content With a Site Crawl - Search ...
By Ben Goodsell
This article is a simple breakdown of how to go about using an SEO site crawler to quickly identify duplicate content. There are many tools out there, but Screaming Frog is definitely one of the most popular/powerful scrapers and it is the spider ...
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Five Simple And Actionable Local SEO Tools | Small Business Trends
By Tom Demers
Tracking Google Local, Bing Local and Yahoo Local, the BrightLocal's Local Search Rank Checker provides you with a comprehensive report analyzing your business' local rankings, showing you your previous ranking for both the local and standard search engines. Additionally, this tool tracks ... Tom Demers is a co-founder and managing partner with Measured SEM, a search engine marketing consulting firm specializing in paid and organic search marketing. Learn more about Tom ...
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Would You Like Facebook As a Search Engine?
By Frank Reed
Would You Like Facebook As a Search Engine? posted on September 24, 2012. Facebook is saving your searches in your activity log. It was announced by Facebook on Friday. Starting today, in addition to your other activity, you'll be able to ...
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