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Microsoft Bing to Google: Our Search Is Better Than Your Searc

Microsoft Bing to Google: Our Search Is Better Than Your Search
Microsoft is asking millions of Web searchers to break their longtime Google search habits and give the software giant's Bing search engine a new try in a catchy "Bing It On Challenge" that is aimed at growing Bing's market share in the search wars ...

Bing takes on Google with a 'Pepsi Challenge'
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Microsoft's Bing search engine may be stuck in a distant second place, but Microsoft thinks it can prove its search results are better than Google's. In a nod to another famous runner-up, Microsoft launched a "Pepsi Challenge ... 

Microsoft to Google: Bing it on — Cloud Computing News
By Barb Darrow
Microsoft has long struggled to convince users that its Bing search engine delivers better, more focused results than Google's market-leading search. Now it's challenging users to put the twosearches through their paces in a “side by side ...

A "Pepsi Challenge" For Bing & Google
By Dave Copeland
Microsoft is so confident that its search engine Bing outperforms Google that is has created theBing It On Challenge. But an academic study released earlier this year suggests that the best engine for you depends on the terms you're ...

The quest for the best search engine: Bing It On
By Martin Brinkmann
It is almost certain that Google would make the list, and that some Internet users may have trouble naming more than one or two as they rely solely on a single search engine for all of theirsearches. Bing may be on that list, although it is less ...

Was That A Google Update Or Wasn't It?
Search Engine Land
google-g-logo-2012 Over the past week or so, I've been hearing reports via the forums thatGoogle's search results have been in a state of flux. Typically when I see such a level of discussion about fluctuations in Google, I expect Google to announce a ...

Adlucent Launches Precision Product Targeting for Google Product Listing Ads ...
"Google PLAs are not simply a replacement for Google Product Search or just another comparison shopping opportunity," said Michael Griffin, CTO and founder of Adlucent. "Successfully managing the paid search media requires much more than feed ...

Google Drops Its Veil At Times, Reveals Ecommerce Ambitions
Search Engine Land
Google has been dropping lots of hints lately about their desire to become not just a leader in advertising, but a leader in ecommerce as well. A recent Forrester report claims that 30% of all online shoppers start their product research at

Search Engine Land

Pinterest Now Sending More Traffic Than Yahoo Search, Shareaholic Says
Search Engine Land
If some of the sites aren't optimized well for natural search, or were hit by various Google (or Bing) algorithm changes, natural search traffic would decline as it has. Likewise, if many of the sites are social-friendly — particularly with visuals ...

Search Engine Land

Google Chromebooks Now Available as $30-a-Month Rentals for Businesses
Google is making businesses a deal they might not be able to refuse: The search giant is now renting out Chromebooks for $30 a month for short-term users. Google is getting into the Chromebook rental business by offering the devices to businesses on a ...

Google Expands Knowledge Graph Carousel
The design of the Knowledge Graph Carousel (and the Knowledge Graph itself, for that matter) have made the Google search experience much more visual, lending to much more on the SERP. It's definitely a move away from the classically simplistic Google ... Google & Bing “Weather Report” Tool
Search Engine Land has quietly launched a SERPs Volatility Index, which aims to work like the MozCast tool to track search results fluctuations and help webmasters know if there was an algorithm update at Google and Bing. While MozCast only tracksGoogle, ...

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Google to Apple: Get off our lawn!
Motorola "built the technology that underpins the entire cellphone," Woodside said, in a blatant warning to Apple to keep its legal battle away from Google. The search giant completed its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola in May, gaining the rights to ...

Google Updates Currency Converter in Search Results
By Emil Protalinski
There's also an option to change the monetary amounts you inputted into Google to refine your query (of course you can do this in the search box, but now there's an additional way). If you click the “View more conversions” link, you can also ...
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Library Mistress: Google Books Search Blog aufgelassen
By Library Mistress
"Thanks to everyone who's been a loyal reader of the Google Books Search blog over the years. As part of an effort to simplify our communications channels, we're retiring this blog and moving on over to the official Google Inside Search Blog.
Library Mistress

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