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SEO is not dead, long live SEO!

SEO is not dead, long live SEO!
The Guardian (blog)
It is a mathematical relationship that goes: if search query equals A then return B. The mistake many make is that they think search engine optimisation is a practice limited to websites and search portals such as Google. It isn't. Search engine ...

The Guardian (blog)

In-House SEO Interview: The Hidden Heroes of Search
Search Engine Watch
So I thought it was time to chat with a couple in-house SEOs and get their take on SEO from their perspective. Robin Aguilar Francis is the Senior Manager, Search & Social, for Autodesk 3D design software, and John Cole is the Director of Search ...

US Senate Committee Asks Google, Yahoo & Bing To Fight Bait-And-Switch ...
Search Engine Land
The timing is important, because Google's Penguin Update launched in late April was a change Google introduced to its search engine designed precisely to prevent sites using some of the spam tactics described in the Senate report from ranking well.

.xxx to Launch Porn Search Engine
IDG News Service (Washington, D.C., Bureau) — The company behind the .xxx top-level domain plans to launch a search engine in an effort to drive more traffic to .xxx websites and give pornography fans a more satisfying search experience. ... "You may ...

Search Engine Optimization is NOT a One-Time Thing
Business 2 Community
I know what you're thinking – search engine optimization (SEO) is just another thing to add to my list – who has the time to do this? Most people do not realize they should be following up on their online marketing strategy. They assume SEO is a ...

Business 2 Community

Happy Birthday, DuckDuckGo: Homegrown Search Engine Turns 4
Search Engine Watch
Why the media interest in a search engine that, by all commonly used metrics, lives in the shadows of Goliaths like Google and Bing? DuckDuckGo's founder is on a mission; it speaks to his experience that he foresaw privacy as a growing concern among ...

Iran blocks Google search, email
"Google search website is accessible, but is not functioning properly," the BBC's Persian service reported. "Google services which need a secure SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] connection are out of reach in Iran." The unsecured version of the search engine ...

JM Internet Announces Small Business SEO Course With Free Intro Webinar
Daily Markets
That's what Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” is all about. The company's online SEOcourses offer hands-on, step-by-step instructions on how to get to the top of Google for businesses and marketers. Most companies do not realize the basic steps to ...

Social Media Is The New SEO - Deal With It!
Business 2 Community
Last week, a person looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for his new business left a post asking for advice on Google+. He mentioned that he was looking for someone to help him create backlinks as quickly as possible. He also mentioned ...

Google Search Goes Down -- For Some
By Lance Ulanoff
Update 5:22 PM ET: Google search and services appear to be 100% back online. We also ... Web surfers got an unpleasant surprise Tuesday as many of them found their favorite search engine, Google, offline or nearly un-responsive. Others ...
Mashable » Tech

What A Facebook Social Search Engine May Look Like
By Dave Copeland
But it could be an entirely different search engine than that of Google and the myriad copycat competitors that have tried to dent Mountain View's massive market share. While Google crawls the Web and combines what it finds with your search ...

Bing Targets iPhone Users
By Alex Wilhelm
That opening, combined with the fact that Bing is hungry for mobile market share – its own platform, Windows Phone, controls around 2% of the smartphone market – made for what felt like a beautiful opportunity for the search engine and its ...
The Next Web

Cool Infographics - Blog - How Much Does SEO Cost?
By Randy
How much does SEO cost? How much time do you have to discuss the various models and prices out there! However, a new survey sheds some light on the subject. Over 500 people and companies who offer search engine optimization ...
Cool Infographics

Google Search: Video game sales predicted from queries
By Raymond Wong
What do Google (GOOG) searches and video games sales have in common? More than we thought. According to a report called "Understanding the Modern Gamer,
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