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Google API allows any search engine on Chrome new tabs

The Google Homepage Is Now Built into Chrome – Screenshots - Softpedia: "Google is making it official, search engines are coming to the new tab page. The only surprise is that it's not just Google, the team devised a new API which should enable any search engine to integrate with the Chrome new tab page to any degree it wants."We’re going to begin testing variations of Chrome’s New Tab page (NTP) in which a user’s default search provider will be able to add a search box or otherwise customize the NTP," Google explained. . . .

Mona Elesseily: How to Keep Your Website Traffic Healthy: " Although the search algorithms aren't able to perfectly reward high value sites yet, they're working on it -- and when they do get their ranking factors in order, your site will be at the front of the line. Priority #3 -- Diversify Your Traffic Sources As you focus on building up your content, put some effort into diversifying your traffic sources as well. One method in particular that all webmasters could stand to invest more heavily in is social networking traffic. By building a presence on these sites, you establish streams of inbound traffic that continue to exist even if your site takes a hit in the natural search results due to algorithm changes. Email marketing lists are also a good hedge against a hit in natural search results. Lists can be used to sell products and services directly to email subscribers. Priority #4 -- Look "Natural" In the past, SEOs could get away with following a specific list of on-page optimization best practices that were designed to give sites the best possible chances of ranking well in the natural search results."

Google+ Communities for Merchants - 'Net Features - Website Magazine: "Merchants tend to put the majority of their social resources into sites like Facebook or Twitter, but it might be time to shift some of that social focus to Google+. This is because having a profile on Google’s emerging social network makes a brand more visible in the search results. In fact, a study from digital marketing and analytics provider Fathom reveals that only 24 percent of the brands on Millward Brown's 2012 BrandZ list actually triggered a Knowledge Graph entry when searched for on Google, and the information for 92 percent of those entries came directly from Google+."

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