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Microsoft Hires Political Brawler Mark Penn to Bash Google

Microsoft apparently is getting desperate--willing to stoop to anything--in other words, if you can't compete then hire a "brawler"--

Microsoft Battles Google by Hiring Political Brawler Mark Penn - " . . . “Google should be prepared for everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them,” said a former colleague who worked closely with Mr. Penn in politics and spoke on condition of anonymity. “Actually, they should be prepared for the kitchen sink to be thrown at them, too.” Hiring Mr. Penn demonstrates how seriously Microsoft is taking this fight, said Michael A. Cusumano, a business professor at M.I.T. who co-wrote a book about Microsoft’s browser war. “They’re pulling out all the stops to do whatever they can to halt Google’s advance, just as their competition did to them,” Professor Cusumano said. “I suppose that if Microsoft can actually put a doubt in people’s mind that Google isn’t unbiased and has become some kind of evil empire, they might very well get results.”. . . "

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