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Google-FTC settlement may be in the works

Google-FTC settlement may be in the works
Washington Post
Google and federal officials are discussing a deal that would end nearly two years of investigation into claims of monopolistic behavior by the company without addressing the most serious charge — that it intentionally manipulates search results to ...

Biz Break: Google besieged by attacks from all sides, but keeps making moves
San Jose Mercury News
Google continued to play the whipping boy for regulators worldwide and competitors Wednesday, but the Mountain View search giant went about its business anyway, making an acquisition that didn't turn out to be a hoax. Government officials on both sides ...

Microsoft: Don't Get 'Scroogled' By Google Search Results
Share on: Microsoft: Don't Get 'Scroogled' By Google Search Results. On Wednesday, Microsoft began running a national ad campaign warning users to avoid being “Scroogled” by Google search results that have been influenced.


Google opposes German push for search engines to pay newspapers
Los Angeles Times
Google has come out swinging against German legislation that would require searchengines to pay for using snippets of newspaper articles, photographs and other media content. German lawmakers are slated to debate the legislation Thursday, one in a ...

Microsoft ads deride Google as bad place to shop
The Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft is trying to skewer Google as a lousy holiday shopping guide in its latest attempt to divert more traffic to its Bing search engine. The attack started Wednesday with a marketing campaign focused on a recent change in ...

News Summary: Microsoft ads lambaste Google search
The Associated Press
GOING AFTER GOOGLE: Microsoft has launched a holiday marketing campaign that lambastes Google's recently introduced requirement that merchants pay to have their products listing in the shopping-only section of Google's ubiquitous search engine.

Search Trends Hint Google's (GOOG) Nexus 4 Is A Threat To Apple's (AAPL ...
(By Rich Bieglmeier) Android Central says the Nexus 4 smartphone from Google is in stock, again, and finally ready for shipment. The website announced that Google(GOOG) sent out e-mails proclaiming sales will resume in the U.S. today at noon PST.

Casey Anthony movie to debut in January
... on the day she was last seen alive. The Florida sheriff's office that investigated the disappearance of Casey Anthony's 2-year-old daughter overlooked evidence that someone in their home did a Google search for "fool-proof" suffocation methods on the.

Google to create job search community for veterans
Stars and Stripes (blog)
WASHINGTON - With high unemployment among veterans and a million servicemembers expected to leave the military in the next five years, efforts abound to help them make the transition to civilian life. So many efforts, in fact, it's a muddy mess of ...

Kim Kardashian is not number one in Google search
Film Industry Network (blog)
Bing have revealed that Kim Kardashian was the most searched celebrity of 2012 but Justin Bieber still ranks ahead of her in Google search. Google accounts for a majority of searches on the web each day, although Bing have innovated their search engine ...

Google Voice Search For iPhone Commercial: How Accurate Is It ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Back in August, when Google announced improvements to its voice search capabilities on Android and iOS, it released a slick little commercial showing all of the answers iPhone users could now expect its Google search app to return to them with a simple touch of a button and a few vibrations of the old vocal chords: ... Google Voice Searchand Google Instant | SEO Consulting | Learn SEO | SEO Outsourcing | Internet Marketing ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Google's SEM Software Platform Is Mediocre - Bill Wise - Voices ...
By Bill Wise
In case you missed it before Thanksgiving, Forrester research ranked Google'sDoubleClick Search last in its Wave Report of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) providers. The research firm dubbed Google's DoubleClick search a “risky bet” for ...

Curtain Rises On Act 3 Of Google Antitrust Drama As Larry Page ...
By Greg Sterling
One issue that appears to have faded somewhat is the notion of “search bias”: Google favoring its “own results” over third party services. This is the principal claim of many Google .... seo-2012-featured. 2012 Year In Review: Important Shifts In Google Report: FTC Likely To Abandon “Vertical Search” Antitrust Claims Against Google. facebook-yahoo-search-featured. A Yahoo-Facebook SearchPartnership? Reality Check Time! Show Previous Story Show ...
Search Engine Land: News & Info...

Google Fights Possible German Search Engine Fees « CBS San ...
By Andre Torrez
Google is fighting back against a proposal German legislators are considering that would impose a tax on search engines each time they link to media content, including news articles and photographs.
CBS San Francisco

How to delete my personal names on the google search engine ...
By Test8
Dear Sir / Madam, Long ago I got my Spiceworks account deleted, but I can still see my personal names on the google sear... | Spiceworks Support.
Spiceworks Community

Casey Anthony detectives overlooked Google search
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The Florida sheriff's office that investigated the disappearance of Casey Anthony's 2-year-old daughter overlooked evidence that ...

Google search outside the US - Google Product Forums
Google search outside the US, James Eustace, 11/24/12 1:35 PM, Why can't I set -upGoogle to focus it's search area in the country I live in (UK) rather than ...

2012 Year In Review: Important & Critical Shifts In Google SEO
Tom Schmitz takes a look back at some of the changes Google made in 2012 that affected SEO. The article links to lots of articles you'll want to read.

Google Type uses image search to generate fonts | Crave - CNET: "Despite the name, Google Type isn't a real Google product. The site generates fonts based on Google image search, hence the name. You type in words, the site digs through image search and regenerates your text using image versions of each letter. This is all based on an interesting quirk of Google's image search. If you type in a single letter and search images, Google gives you a lovely collection of image representations for that letter. For example, plug in "Y," and you may see the "Y" from "Yahoo," an illustration of a guy with his arms up in a "Y" shape, and a hand making the hang-loose sign. Any of these could pop up in Google Type. . . "

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