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Google-Facebook Road to Search-Social Synergy

Follow the Google-Facebook Road to Search-Social Synergy | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology - Advertising Age: ". . . For marketers, the most obvious place to begin to integrate the power of search and social media is with content strategy and management. No one will share bad content; it must be compelling to stand out and resonate with consumers. But we also want content to be easily searchable. This requires strong search-engine optimization (SEO) -- for both paid and organic search. Selecting the right keywords in the title of the media, positioning those keywords in the first sentence and performing appropriate tagging are minimal requirements. Google's "Search Plus Your World" attempts to personalize search results by applying a user's Google+ social data to the search function whenever he is she is signed into a Google account. The standard Google search algorithms are trumped by users' Google Circles' references relevant to their search topic. On the social-media side, Facebook is making its searches influenced by the posted content and interactions of users' friends. . . . "

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