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Google Panda Refresh (video)

Google Panda Refresh #21 & PageRank Update, New Google Navigation & Link ...
There was a Panda update, this would be the 21st release. Google also updated their ... Google: Search Engine Submission Services Can Be Harmful : Make Sure Your Google ...

Harvard Student Tracks Mexican Drug Gangs Thru Google
Fox News
A Mexican working on her PhD at Harvard University's Department of Government has developed an algorithm that uses Google's search engine to track the activity, movement and "modus operandi" of drug cartels in her homeland. Viridiana Rios, who was ...

'Google Free Zone' is how Google will gain its next billion users
Search engine giant Google unveiled a new project that will give free access to its services to people in developing countries, the company announced today. The project, called Google Free Zone (not to be confused with a ... This means any link found ...


Google Spiffs Up Its Search-Results Page
CIO Today
With the new design for Google's search engine, there's more breathing room on the search-results page, and supposedly more focus on the answers you're hoping to find.Google says its redesign is intended to make the search-results page more consistent...

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