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Skirmish That Could Threaten Google News

The Skirmish That Could Threaten Google News
The Atlantic
Many of the media companies that provide content to the main Google search engine-- not just the ones whose content also goes to Google News -- could conceivably have a stake in getting paid for their links. What would happen, say, if the New York ...

The Atlantic

Is Google too powerful? - FRANCE 24: "Is Google too powerful?--On the old continent taking on old media, Eric Schmidt meets the French president in a bid to thwart plans to tax links to media websites. Fran├žois Picard’s panel argues over whether the IT giant is stealing money or making it for an ailing French press." 
Jeff JARVIS. Author of "What Would Google Do?" - from New York;
Philippe MOREAU-CHEVROLET. Columnist, Nouvel Observateur;
Olivia PHELIP. Editor-in-Chief, JOL Press;
Waddick DOYLE. Professor, AUP School of Communications.
Produced by Anelise Borges, Fran├žois Picard, Shamira Muhammad, Mary Colombel.
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Win Under the Google AuthorRank System
Business 2 Community
Google AuthorRank is going to shake up inbound marketing and SEO in a big way. The concept of AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of ... Instead, AuthorRank data will be utilized to make search engine ...

Business 2 Community

Google's Matt Cutts Hints at Release of Quality Raters Guidelines
Business 2 Community
Matt Cutts heads up Google's web spam team and is the de facto conduit between the Big G and the SEO industry. Cutts recently responded to a question submitted by a user to Google'sWebmaster Help team about the impact of human beings on the search ...

Google Simplifies Enterprise Search
Technology Guide
Since its launch as a search engine in 1998, Google has branched out of the cyber world and taken some bold steps into the physical one. But long before Google's foray into Nexus hardware had begun, there was the GSA (Google Search Appliance).

FTC Ready to Barbecue Google in Antitrust Suit
Everything PR
They also warned that Universal Search transforms Google's ostensibly neutral search engine into an immensely powerful marketing channel for Google's other services. And more an more business owners, who depend on Google listings for ROI, feel this to ...

Everything PR

Google AdWords gets stronger, but travel keywords struggle with conversion
SEO marketer Wordstream recently analysed the economics of AdWords, Google's pay-per-click advertising platform. While Google's recent financial results disappointed Wall Street, AdWords overall impressions and clicks increased in the third quarter ...

Windows 8 Upgrade : Bing Makes Google Nervous
CrazyEngineers VoiCE
Google got nervous and has launched the 'Get Your Google Back' website to inform people how they can get the Google experience back on Windows 8. The website points you to two apps – theGoogle Search App and Google Chrome. It asks you to put ...

Avail Free Quality Design and SEO Analysis with Infolink IT
In the advent of Google Panda and Penguin updates, the Company has proved its reputation in combating the drastic effects of these updates and bringing its clients to the top page results. TheSEO service team of Infolink IT is well-equipped with the ...

SEO: 3 Ways to Grow Links to Your Ecommerce Site
Practical Ecommerce
Search engine optimization relies in large part on relevant content and authoritative links from other sites. As the search ... Fortunately, your business is likely already doing some things that can be tweaked to encourage sites to link to your site ...

Google plus: heaven of SEO for webmasters in 2013 | The Techno ...
But Google Plus was not just a social media website, they had some big plans for it to make it popular by providing help in SEO for webmasters and Blogger.

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