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Foursquare's SEO Strategy

What Is Foursquare's SEO Strategy?: " . . . Foursquare’s onsite SEO relies on XML sitemaps for accessibility. The location of these sitemaps can be found at If you look at the sitemaps, you’ll see they are feeding several million URLs to the search engines. Foursquare’s offsite SEO relies on everybody and his brother writing articles about Foursquare, other sites displaying tips from Foursquare’s API and linking to them and local businesses linking to their Foursquare page. So what’s the big deal about Foursquare’s SEO strategy? For me, the big deal is that Foursquare’s site architecture is contrary to traditional local directory SEO. Look at the homepage of any big local site and you’ll see links-a-plenty. The separation of Foursquare’s home page from rest of the site link-wise is kind of unprecedented, and yet it works. So, what’s Foursquare’s real SEO strategy? Have a brand that people talk about Get users to create a lot of unique content Don’t worry about optimizing the site to the nth degree If you want to get lot of organic traffic for a local directory site, it’s that simple."

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