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Google+ Shows How your Website is Performing in Google Search Results

Google+ Shows How your Website is Performing in Google Search Results: "If you have previously linked your website(s) to your Google+ profile using authorship tags (or through rel=author), you can now see some important stats about your incoming Google search traffic right inside Google Plus itself." Go to and it will show you Impressions (number of times your articles appeared in Google search results) as well as Clicks (number of times your articles were clicked in Google results) for the last 30 days. The report also carries similar stats for individual pages on your website(s). . . .  The reports in Google+ do not display your site’s exact ranking in Google Search but if the “impression” count is 100K or greater, your site is performing quite well and you probably need to work on factors that will further improve the click-through rate (or clicks). Update: It looks like these reports in Google+ aren’t available to all publishers yet and hence the above link could be returning a 404."

Bing Reveals Webmasters Guidelines. Focus on Content, Links and Social
Search Engine Journal
Bing didn't have a set of Webmaster Guidelines before, but since Friday, the main rival to Google search decided to let site owners know just what to expect, in terms of SEO, technical and social, when it comes to Bing search engine rules. The Bing ...

New business specializes in Google panoramas
Longtime friends Sergio Bennett, 27, and Ross English, 22, started a business contracting with global search engine giant Google shooting panoramic images of local businesses. ... It's then put online, so a simple Google search can pull up the tour ...

Understanding Google's Algorithms
Business 2 Community
To understand the changing tactics of Google, it is first important to know how these steps work. When a term is entered into Google's search engine, Google scans through the web to find pages that contain information specific to the term. The relevant ...

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