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Google Voice Search faster than Siri

Google Search vs. Siri: Voice search speed test (video)
What Google Search does have access to is the most-used search engine in the world, and with the upgraded Voice Search, it seems it also has the fastest voice results available. I performed a number of tests by asking both Siri and Google Search the ...

5 Google Algorithm Changes I'd Like to See
Search Engine Journal
Perhaps one of the engine's most obvious missteps was a situation that occurred immediately after the roll out of the Penguin algorithm update (a change that was implemented explicitly to weed Web spam out of the results) in which a Blogger site with ...

Google search results defamed Melbourne man
Sydney Morning Herald
A MELBOURNE man has won a defamation case against search engine giantGoogle over images of him alongside a well-known underworld figure that appeared in its search results. A six-person Supreme Court jury found Michael Trkulja had been defamed ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Google offers up secret sauce on new voice search
Google's new voice search technology app, which looks to be directly competing with Apple's Siri, launched yesterday. The software went out as part of an update to Google's search application for iOS and provides contextual, spoken results for voice ...

Google search led to arrest
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Reed was arrested last Thursday when Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones drove to Longview after receiving a call from Bess after she put Reed's name into a search engine. Longview authorities put surveillance on her apartment until Jones could get there.

Google unveils free Siri rival for iPhone, iPad
Knowledge Graph, which was introduced this past May, first appeared as an extra column on theGoogle search results pages. It was designed to help the search engine dig deeper into search requests by asking users to be more specific about what they're ...

Going batty with Google's Halloween horror Easter egg
Los Angeles Times
Today, in addition to a spooky sweet Google Doodle complete with haunted house sound effects and scary cartoon characters, the search engine giant also released one of its classic Easter Eggs. And this one is batty. To play, type the name of a horror ...

Internet Search and the Nature of Competition
The American
Since 2010, U.S. and EU antitrust agencies have been investigating Google's searchpractices. We've written a ... Notably, Google's critics, consisting mainly of its competitors, have alleged that Google is making it more difficult for them to compete...

The American

What does Google know about me?
Amber Davisson knew Google collected information about its users. But not until she examined search results for a U.S. presidential candidate did she learn how the data was used. A year later, the Willamette University rhetoric and media studies ...

How to get Google Search and Google Chrome on Windows 8
google search icon Microsoft has tightened control over its products' ecosystems by integrating all of their different services. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are tightly integrated and want you to use the services that Microsoft provides like Bing and ...

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