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How will Google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag? (video)

How will Google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag?

Using Windows RT but hate Bing? Google finally has a fix
In an effort to counter the Bing threat, Google is rolling out its own search app for Windows RT. Similar to its counterparts on other platforms, the Google Search app for Windows RT offers voice search, instant results, and perhaps, best of all ...

How to Measure SEO Performance
Practical Ecommerce
Search engine optimization may be a mix of art and science, but it's as measurable and accountable as other online marketing channels. ... Track the monthly indexation levels in Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and any other engines you care deeply about.

Google reports surge in government surveillance
More. Nov. 13--Requests from governments around the globe to remove content from Google searchresults and its other services spiked more than 70% in the first half of the year, the Internet search giant said. Google said there were 1,791 requests to ...

Giving up Google in Favor of an Anonymous Search Engine
The Takeaway
In response to international scrutiny into Google's search practices, which have been criticized for unfairly elbowing out competitors' content and results in favor of its own, and in a response to allegations that it was acting monopolistically ...

Google doodles Amadeo de Souza Cardoso – Portugal
Portuguese American Journal (blog)
Portugal-based Google search engine users were pleased Wednesday to find a “doodle” featuring Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza Cardoso on the 125th anniversary of his birth. Born in 1887, he studied architecture at Superior School of Fine Arts of ...

New Google Search Results Page to Rollout Worldwide
Search Engine Marketing (blog)
All navigation for Google is now across the top. Like most things Google does, this change in layout design, has created some controversy with some of their users. Google asked individuals in their blog to comment on the new design on their Google+ ...

Why Android Is Winning The Battles But Google Is Losing The War: Part 3
Google's plan was to transport their highly successful desktop search strategy to the phone. This only made sense. Search worked on the desktop. Mobile was the future. .... The future of mobile advertising doesn't look any brighter for Google either ...

Dan Petrović Talks More About His “Hijacking” Of Google Results
Dan Petrović from Dejan SEO recently ran some interesting experiments, “hijacking” search results inGoogle with pages he copied from original sources (with the consent of the original sources). Last week, he posted an article about his findings, and ...

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